1. RainbowDevil

    What's your favorite TV show ever?

    I guess I don't even have 1 exactly. It changes over time honestly. I also tend to forget how much I liked a series until i rewatch it too So for me currently it's what I'm watching and that is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D There are plenty of others tho like Code Geass Star Wars: The Clone Wars The...
  2. marublade

    What is your favourite MV?

    Bcs I just got a new one in the form of Seventeen's Fallin' Flower! What's your favourite?
  3. Marzz

    What are your favorite boy group(s)?

    Mine are TXT, ATEEZ, BTS, Oneus, EXO, GOT7, AB6IX, Stray Kids, and MONSTA X. I think that's all?
  4. FaceMcShooty

    What's your favorite insect?

    Mine is the green rose chafer (cetonia aurata), it's beautiful: And it's friendly, it'll walk and tickle your hand and then fly away :pandahappy:
  5. Abeamus

    Stand out 2019 releases

    Which releases have stood out to you this year? Doesn't have to be your favourite ones can just be ones that surprised you in a good way which for me the comebacks that did that was
  6. sandwich

    Coke or Pepsi?

    Coke 😄 What’s yours?
  7. kuro

    fav. kpop soloist?

    again, no surprises from me xD
  8. SapphireBlueSea

    TV favorite kdrama

    what your favs kdrama of all time? i tried to do just top 5 but i can't help lol i ended up with top 20 🙈 still managed to cut it to top 15 :llama_cheer: my top 15 : The Bridal Mask King2Hearts Golden Empire kill me heal me The Master's Sun Hello Monster The Innocent Man Ugly Alert...
  9. onedaily

    What is your favorite Billie Eilish song(s)?

    Did you know her? Billie eilish is one of the youngest famous american artist rn My fav song is.. any recommedation(s)?
  10. marublade

    Post your favorite gif's!

    There are so many great ones, but these are my favorite!
  11. marublade

    Appreciation 1 simple reason my fave is better than your fave

    My fave Woozi is shorter than your fave! Surprised that I am arguing this as a good thing? Well bitch I am! Woozi's height is one of his biggest advatages! It makes him stand out massively! When you watch their performance you will remember they had "that short guy". He is much more memorable...
  12. Minuteman

    [POLL] favOriTe vs new - LOONA Tournament Round 3

    #3 FAVORITE VS #11 NEW LOONA TOURNAMENT ROUND 3 Welcome to the LOONA Tournament! Round 1 was very straightforward without any dramatic showdowns. But Round 2 got much more interesting. Eclipse staged an impressive comeback against Egoist to win by one vote, and for a while it looked like Girl...
  13. Minuteman

    [POLL] favOriTe vs Kiss Later - LOONA Tournament Round 2

    #3 FAVORITE VS #14 KISS LATER LOONA TOURNAMENT ROUND 2 Welcome to the LOONA Tournament! Round 1 was very straightforward without any dramatic showdowns. But now we'll see the more popular songs get involved, which should start to make things very interesting! Here are the results from Round 1...
  14. Mangoey

    Favorite song by Beast/Highlight?

    So Highlight's coming back in 2 days with Outro :pepecheer: I'm guessing this is gonna be their final release before the rest of the members enlist So... to celebrate the comeback and as sort of a goodbye thread, share your favorite songs from them!