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  1. RandAlThor

    KBS did an fx concert deal!! :)

    Woot !
  2. RandAlThor

    Throwback tuesday... fx last show.

    i was watching this last night. dang.... sm clearly dropped the ball in fandom name lightstick ect. i wish i knew why they never did concert's / toured at all. and the perils of a dysfunctional fanbase were clear with fx. and it seemed the GP liked em but music was secondary or...
  3. Abeamus

    Tourney Closer vs Red Light - R7 Champion

    The final match of the tournament has one of the songs tied for 4th place Closer going up against one of the songs tied for 6th place Red Light, which one of these songs will come out on top and have the chance to break away from their tied spot Other Round 7 Matches Peek-a-Boo vs Step Genie vs...
  4. Abeamus

    Tourney As If It's Your Last vs Red Light - R6 Champion

    This next match has As If It's Your Last pitted up against Red Light with both of them coming from a win in their previous matches which of these songs will be able to continue that momentum? Other Round 6 Matches Closer vs Genie Peek-a-Boo vs Rough Step vs TT
  5. Abeamus

    Tourney Red Light vs Step - R5 Champion

    Red Light and Step are both songs that have yet to pick up a win but only one of them will be able to in this match so will it be Step picking up their first win or will Red Light pick up its first win against Step? Other Round 5 Matches As If It's Your Last vs Rough Closer vs TT Genie vs...
  6. Abeamus

    Tourney Red Light vs TT - R4 Champion

    Starting off the 4th round is two of the unluckier matches in the tournament featuring Red Light going up against TT with both of these songs not having a win to their name, which one of these will be picking up their first win? Other Round 4 Matches Genie vs Step As If It's Your Last vs...
  7. Abeamus

    Tourney Peek-a-Boo vs Red Light - R3 Champion

    The last match of the round has another song yet to lose in Peek-a-Boo going up against a song that has yet to win in Red Light, will Red Light pick up a win against Peek-a-Boo orwill it suffer yet another loss? Other Round 3 Matches Rough vs Step As If It's Your Last vs Closer Genie vs TT
  8. Abeamus

    Tourney Red Light vs Rough - R2 Champion

    This match has Red Light coming off of a loss from its first match going up against Rough which came from a win in its first match, will Rough be giving Red Light another loss or will Red Light be able to defeat Rough? Other Round 2 Matches As If It's Your Last vs Genie Peek-a-Boo vs TT Closer...
  9. Abeamus

    Tourney Genie vs Red Light - R1 Champion

    The next matches features the winning f(x) song Red Light going up against the winner of the SNSD tournament in Genie, will Genie start off Red Lights tournament journey with a loss or will Red Light overcome Genie and manage to start off with a win? Other Round 1 Matches Closer vs Peek-a-Boo...
  10. Abeamus

    Information Champion Tournament

    The tournament will start monday with 4 matches a day going for the entire week as it is a round robin style tournament and the 8 participating songs as chosen like 10 years ago are the following Gfriend - Rough Oh My Girl - Closer Red Velvet - Peek-a-Boo f(x) - Red Light Kara - Step Twice - TT...
  11. Abeamus

    Searching My priority list for now

    So everyone knows exactly what I'm after I figured I'd make this thread as the simplest way :pandatea: High Priorities Loona Rares - Heejin Rare Momoland - Hyebin, Taeha & Ahin Weki Meki - Lua Medium Priorities 2PM - Wooyoung Iz*One Rares - Eunbi Rare Jay Park - 3 & 5 Low Priorities Apink...
  12. Abeamus

    Trading f(x) Victoria Rare

    Looking for EXID LE & Hyerin Rares as well as Oh My Girl YooAs Rare
  13. Abeamus

    Trading f(x) Sulli Rare

    Open to trading her for EXID excluding Hani, Yuju and Umji or Hyojung, YooA, Jiho and Arin Rares
  14. Abeamus

    Which of these would you say has the best bsides?

    Between Girls' Generation, f(x) and Red Velvet :susPepe:
  15. milk

    Which "Butterfly" do you prefer?

    f(x) - Butterfly VS LOONA - Butterfly VS BTS - Butterfly There are more but these are my favorites.
  16. VillageIdiot

    News Luna x Marvel???

  17. VillageIdiot


    Who had the best debut Hoard of Girls Math Geeks TTS Cake Girls Irene and Seulgi Pinterest Manifested @My @Reveluv @MeU @Sone
  18. Darkseid

    18+ f(x) Luna really been wildin' since leaving SM Entertainment!!

    I've known of Luna and f(x) for years although it's only been recently when I've started getting into their music big time. My bias is Krystal. Anyway, ever since Luna left SM Entertainment, she's been putting up some bold pics (by SK idol standards) on her SNS, and now her latest video is an...
  19. RandAlThor

    Appreciation One company put all these acts on stage.

    SM town 2011-14 gonna be hard to top that. love em or hate em that is a boat load of crazy stars 2014 is a pita since they are all fan cams thus specific focus and bad ones at that...