1. Han_Chin

    News "You love songwriting and Kpop" - Here is NEWS FOR YOU!! D-18

    As many may or not know JYPENT is currently looking for a songwriter... D-18. The audition is set-up started 2021/05/24 - 2021/06/27. head to link at: 2021 JYP Publishing Songwriter Audition 2021-05-24 ~2021-06-27 How to apply Total of 2songs (Male and Female)...
  2. Abeamus

    Teaser Got7 Yugyeom Teaser

  3. SpringDae

    Information Final GOT7 Scores

    Y'all couldn't decide for 5th-8th place so they all tied :nayeonisdone: First Place: Second Place: Third Place: Fourth Place: Fifth Place: Sixth Place:
  4. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 3 GOT7 - Just Right vs Lullaby

    None of these songs got a win in the preliminaries, unfortunately. Just Right was swept by If You Do and Lullaby got 2:3 against Look. Which of these two will win 4th place? Just Right: Lullaby:
  5. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 3 GOT7 - Fly vs You Are

    Fly and You Are lost the preliminary round and round 2, so which of the two will win a 3rd place in this competition? Fly: You Are:
  6. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 3 GOT7 - Hard Carry vs Look

    Both Hard Carry and Look suffered one loss and got one win. Out of these two title tracks, which will snatch second place? Hard Carry: Look:
  7. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 3 GOT7 - If You Do vs Never Ever

    Both If You Do and Never Ever have won all the previous rounds. In round 2 If You Do won 3:2 and Never Ever swept the votes, 4:0. Which will become the reigning champ of this GOT7 tournament? If You Do: Never Ever:
  8. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 2 GOT7 - You Are vs Lullaby

    You Are lost by half the votes 2:4, and Lullaby lost by only one 3:4. Which of these two well-loved, peppy songs will win? Jay B-produced You Are or international Lullaby? You Are: Lullaby:
  9. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 2 GOT7 - Just Right vs Fly

    Just Right lost heavily with 0 votes the first round, while Fly also lost by a little less, 2:5. Will Just Right be redeemed this round or will Fly take its first win? Dollhouse or aviator? Just Right: Fly:
  10. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 2 GOT7 - Never Ever vs Look

    ok maybe its a bit unfair pitting look against never ever lmao but its winners against winners, Look 3:2 and Never ever 4:2 :yolk: which of the two titles will win? Look with the iconic jingyeom dance or never ever with the matrix dance move? Never Ever: Look:
  11. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 2 GOT7 - If You Do vs Hard Carry

    both of these songs got a first win in the first round. If You Do swept the votes, and Hard Carry won 5:2. Which of these two songs will beat another, or will it end in a tie? :susPepe: If You Do: Hard Carry:
  12. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 1 GOT7 - Look vs Lullaby

    For the title track of the Eyes On You EP, Look, member Jay B also cowrote and co-produced the song. It was released on March 12, 2018, and talks about how their lover should only "look" at them, there is no need for anything else. Lullaby is the title track on the album Present: You, and is...
  13. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 1 GOT7 - Never Ever vs You Are

    Never Ever is the last song in the Flight Log trilogy, in the album Flight Log: Arrival. It was released March 13, 2017. It is the most awarded song out of the trilogy and charted at #1 on both Gaon and US World Albums on Billboard. The song is about an apology from a lover, saying they will...
  14. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 1 GOT7 - Fly vs Hard Carry

    Fly is the first song in the Flight Log trilogy, in the album Flight Log: Departure. It was released March 21, 2016. It talks about how even if you're afraid, they will be right there with you through this journey. Hard Carry is the second song in the trilogy, in the album Flight Log...
  15. SpringDae

    Tourney Round 1 GOT7 - Just Right vs If You Do

    Just Right is arguably GOT7's most popular and well-known song. It's a cute song detailing how looks don't matter, you're perfect to your SO. It came out July 13, 2015. If You Do is also arguable GOT7's most popular and well-known song lmao. It was released September 29, 2015, and is about a...
  16. SpringDae

    Does anyone want to do a got7 tourney? :susPepe:

    I'm thinking 8 of their most popular titles. my choices so far are just right if you do hard carry Fly Never Ever Look You Are YCMN but I can change them too if u want, just comment. lmk below if u wanna be tagged.
  17. Abeamus

    News BamBam pauses activities after staff member tests positive for covid

    Hello, this is Abyss Company. One of the company’s employees went to the hospital after experiencing symptoms of a cold, and on the advice of the physician, was tested for COVID-19 on April 8. On the morning of April 9, the test was confirmed to be positive. We immediately informed everyone at...
  18. LeeHoseok

    The Twilight x GOT7 crossover you didn't know you needed

    Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale in the Twilight films) made this post and just... *Chef's kiss* The premise is, you enter your name into gif search and the third option is you while drunk. :lisalaugh:
  19. SpringDae

    Solo BamBam - แบมแบม | Artist Thread | Got7 - 갓세븐

    [Breath of Love: Last Piece concept photo, 2020] BamBam | แบมแบม [born: Kunpimook Bhuwakul | กันต์พิมุกต์ ภูวกุล] He was born May 2nd, 1997, in Bangkok, Thailand. He has three siblings, two older brothers and a younger sister. He has 4 cats (King, Pudding, Latte, Cupcake) He is 176 cm tall...
  20. NameX2Blue

    Rumor Proof dating, are Bambam and Mina Dating?

    VIDEOS TIME Mina (trainee, january 2014). GOT7 debut january 2014. MV upload youtube KNOCK KNOCK M/V 2017.02.19 Never Ever" M/V 2017.03.12 Stage is GFriend FanCam 161226 Bambam FHD 1920x1080 GFriend Bad Girl Good Girl 2016 SBS 가요대전 Gayo Daejun Photoshop or search ( Are Bambam and...