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  1. Darkseid

    News WayV physical album release delayed due to costume errors.

    I wasn't aware their clothing/accessories had anything controversial, guess they gotta redo the jacket shooting or something :jisoosmh: Atleast album will still be released online lol. If only they figured this out sooner to avoid last minute delay :nayeonisdone: @Darth_17 @Darth_berries...
  2. FaceMcShooty

    Appreciation He's only making it worse

    I mean, the global warming problem. He ain't helping :llama_BLEED:
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Hendery cursed while Kun was doing a livestream!

    And look at the way Kun reacted! This man is raising his sons to be respectable people god damn it!
  4. GloriousHavoc

    Photo Hendery vs frog

    :pepeslippy: @JakeyWantsCakey @maruif
  5. sandwich

    Appreciation WayV Hendery as Prince Eric

    Fans want Hendery to play as Prince Eric in the little mermaid! Prince Hendery! So do you see it? (also, i didn't know where to put this thread at) :)
  6. Yili

    Solo [OFFICIAL] WayV/NCT Hendery Thread

  7. maruberry

    18+ Hendery is such a twink!

    He is running around wiggling that ass and seducing all the members of NCT, but you just KNOW that he gets shy the moment things get real! he isn't quite on the mark levels of panic, but he is REALLY damn close! I just know he is flirting and doing all that but when somebody actually invites...
  8. maruberry

    18+ I have figured out which members of NCT Ten has F***ed!

    IT'S THE ONES WITH THE RINGS! AJOFIHEHSFUESK! How TF did I not figure this out earlier? I y'all didn't know, Ten has given black rings to some members of NCT I assume he is close to! Hendery just recently got one... Hendery is also his latest conquest in the area of ships! So what if Ten gives...
  9. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation He's too beautiful

    x Why why WHY :pepecry1:
  10. maruberry

    Appreciation Arm-wrestling is NOT supposed to be this sexy... [18+]

    So umm... this is some really sexy armwrestling! I am listening to this and if I didn't know I would be concerned for what those boys are doing! Not to mention the way they are moving on the ground is so sexy and then Hendery raises his hips up into the air and after a BIG moan slams back down...
  11. maruberry

    Cover Lucas, Yangyang and Hendery Rainbow V project

    Not gonna lie, I am still kinda confused about what this is supposed to be... It looks cool though!
  12. NeoSquare

    Debut WayV - Regular MV