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  1. suki

    Intro intro attempt???? (new user :DD)

    hi everyone! my name is suki, i just joined this community/forum and um my birthday is september 16. (help i have no idea what im doing T^T) kpop history: :catsip: so i have been into kpop for about 3-4 years now. my favorite/ult groups are BTS, Blackpink, Stray Kids, and NCT. i own 3 BTS...
  2. shreky

    Intro late intro

    hi !! my name is ur mom /j just call me froggychan and I go by they/she :pikadab: I've been on here for like a month or more I don't know tbh but im on kprofiles 2, im pretty active im a Taurus :D stz kinda got me into K-pop ig I stan twice, stz, and itzy (that's mainly it i think) I like...
  3. jjyunyu

    Intro It's just jjyubi ◡̈

    HA! I erased everything.
  4. brekker

    Intro Newbie here :)

    Hello everyone! I´m V, it has been a while since I have joined a forum, so I´m sorry for any mess-ups "heh". I´ve thought that I really need a place to vent my adoration for kpop/krap and since there are no folks interested in that stuff around me, I might as well find some :). I hope I´ll...
  5. twice_dailee

    Intro ~~~Hi high!!~~~

    Hello everyone!! My name is twice_daileee but you may call me Amy!(not my real name) I have been on other forums before, but I left them. I have been a kpop stan since 2016 and I got introduced to kpop by Twice's Like Ooh Ahh and Cheer up. I'm an ONCE, DAILEEE, SONE, ORBIT, REVELUV and...
  6. izcream

    Intro iz on me :>

    hello its me, your fav wiz*one. i was forced to join this forum because i have nothing to do during this period of time and probably because all the other forums aren't working for me. im bad at introductions but all you have to know is that my ult bias is the talented and all-rounded ahn yujin...
  7. Azukiiro

    Intro Most anticipated introduction of 2020

    HELLO EVERYBODY, Nice to meet everyone on this forum, I want to get to know all of you :)) About Me: 2010 was when I realised that my life had been missing some good music. From then I've been into Kpop for the last 10 years but sadly I missed out on the years 2018-2019 so if someone could...
  8. SONEReveluv

    Intro HI Im New looking for friends

    Hi this is SONEReveluv. I am a girl and from the US. I enjoy watching anime, drawing, writing fanfiction, listening to vocaloid music and listening to kpop music of course. At the moment my favorite groups are Red Velvet, Girls Generation, Gfriend. But I'll listen to any group! I'm looking for...
  9. maruberry

    Appreciation Proof that EXO has the best concerts

    Just their concert intro is enough to prove to y'all that they are just on another level!
  10. somewhatclueless

    Intro Hey, itsa me

    This is gonna be a train wreck so bear with me. I’m somewhatclueless (in a literal and figurative context) and I’ve never been on this site so... -I’m a female (she/her) -I’m a Libra -I’m queer (don’t know what I am specifically but I like girls so...) Uhhh and the groups I stan are: -BTS...
  11. koolkrab

    Intro just another allkpop refugee

    tired of that forum's trolls and i heard this forum is peaceful and nice and troll-free (i saw the banner and it better be true!!) other allkpop refugees may know who i am but im here for a fresh start! my ultest ult group is Bigbang but I like twicepinkvelvet, Dean, Jay Park, IU too. I hope...
  12. Soleski

    Appreciation Saying goodbye to love yourself series (part 2)

    So I am back with part 2 :pepeheart: Thanks for the answers everyone for part 1, I loved reading them as for part two the question is: Which intro is your favorite? for me its: Serendipity > Epiphany > Singularity > Euphoria This was a hard choice tbh, cause I love all of them...
  13. Taesthetic

    Intro Hello I'm Taesthetic.

    Good day everyone! I came from OneHallyu (Well I got banned there...) I promise I'm not a bad person, I stan EXO, LOONA and Taehyung from BTS along with Yeonjun from TXT. Please be nice to me😳
  14. NeoSquare

    Intro To our new members

    First of all: WELCOMEEEEEEE I hope you have a great stay here!!! Second: I don't wanna be seen as the wrong user again so Third: Hi! I'm your community manager!!! Basically I will be the first point of speaking if you have any kind of problems. I'm the bridge between staff and users so in...

    Intro KPOPPER from CT

    Hello. I was told to make an introductory however I am bad with words heh ^_^; I am from Connecticut and NYC is my hub. I am a Army, Monbebe, Starlight, Shawol, Aroha, Universe. I love music of all genres, groups and I am open to everything. PLEASE DONT BE DISCOURAGED I LOVE ALL GROUPS, SO LETS...
  16. Soleski

    Intro Hello new user here

    Hi everyone! I am new here :llama_squish: I am a little bit confused but this site looks nice. :pandalove: Feel free to talk with me.