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  1. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Chaewon and Yujin among others have already heard Yena's Love War!

    lol the horror... hot pot group Yenssamjin
  2. RandAlThor

    Appreciation 3/4 of the IZ*one 01's met up before kcon.

    and they want the next cheat ing trip to be all 4 01's wee!!!
  3. Yerichu

    Teaser Lee ChaeYeon Solo Debut 22.10.12 "RUSH HUSH" Schedule Teaser

    Im still gonna tag WIZONE's despite IZONE no longer promoting but still @Wiz*one
  4. Yerichu

    Appreciation Jo Yuri takes 1st ever Win! The Show @Wiz*one
  5. Yerichu

    Appreciation My Top Kpop/J Songs! (1-10 ish) ATM

    1: Russian Roulette 2: I Dont Know 3: Rookie 4: Happiness 5: No No No 6: Power Up 7: Love & Girls 8: Suki To Iwasetai 9: Scientist 10: Feel My Rhythm
  6. Chaeee

    Wtf is up with IZ*ONE’s Google page?!

    This is probably unnecessary but I just can’t get over it 😳 Why is Yena is there twice, and where’s the Japanese line and Yuri??? :hayshook::coronawimwim:Who ducked this up badly omfg🫣🫣I swear it was perfect before 🤨
  7. Emanresu

    I've Come Back From My Allkpop Vacation To Tell You That Yena Is The Revolution

    I've Come Back From My Allkpop Vacation To Tell You That Yena Is The Revolution After upending PRODUCE and being the resident adorable dork and star in IZONE. Yena The Great has become new Monarch Of Kpop Solo-dom. This girl is a one girl army and her dynamic bad girl good girl dork pretty...
  8. RandAlThor

    NakHii Model press snipet

    so cute. lol are they doing the door pose :)
  9. RandAlThor

    More Yuri Teasers.

    She looks fantastic
  10. RandAlThor

    IZ*ONE OT 12 this week in insta... and assorted memes...

    the search is on for Chaewon..
  11. RandAlThor

    Both Nako and Hitomi for Krish

    Well they are all in with Hii Nako I really wonder what they are going to do to leverage their Korean popularity,
  12. RandAlThor

    IZ*ONE insta numbers.

    9 of 12 are over 1 million sub Chaewon is super close. 8 are finally official Wonyoung is on fire up to 1.5
  13. RandAlThor

    Eunbi had door prepared before "One the story".

    According to Sakura.
  14. RandAlThor

    Eunbi talking about IZ*ONE to the fans....

    ouch... this should be the whole chain. if not
  15. RandAlThor

    The person with the sick editing is back with ssots

    That change on the first ripple and into chaewon in the suit for example are just nuts.
  16. RandAlThor

    Minju drove the J line to the airport

    she was in a different dorm too . ahh my wiz*one heart... 3 kim must rise again.
  17. RandAlThor

    Knew Yujin would be sad.

    hopefully she is back before Eunbi stops promos.
  18. RandAlThor

    Eunbi mc of the showcase trans....

    Ahhh the members would come to the sites to visit her....