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  1. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Minju Wonyoung Elle

    like wow
  2. Emanresu

    Appreciation Pretty Yujin Panorama

    Pretty Yujin Panorama I love this song! Still love Nako part. Pretty Yujin. Wish they weren't disbanding.
  3. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation IZ*ONE - Panorama *REVIEW*

    I used to do reviews all the time and since I want to get cards too why not bring it all back together. I'll mostly be doing quick reviews rather than really long ones like I did while i was Press Lead :maheart: So the beginning really sets you up for either liking or hating the song. If you...
  4. RandAlThor

    Performance IZ*ONE AAA awards Rococo and SSotS

    Weee many places at once. live Rococo @Wiz*one
  5. RandAlThor

    Performance IZ*ONE MBC Gayo

    Nice to see them at the year end shows. Fun dance /pose /mask Intro. Now if only GDA were not such jerks after giving them an award in year one. @Wiz*one
  6. RandAlThor

    Discussion Starship is playing with my heart.

    Giving me hope like this...... are they willing to let IZ*ONE continue?? @wizone
  7. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Enozi not sure how i will deal

    If That which shall not be named happens. But until then ill share
  8. Ozymandias

    Found NCT Yuta, IZ*ONE Chaeyeon and IZ*ONE Nako for trade

    Looking for any of these: LOONA- Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Olivia Hye Twice- Momo, Mina, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu Blackpink- Jennie SuperM- Anyone except Baekhyun/Taeyong
  9. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Woot IZ*ONE Arcade for Christmas

    NAko Nako Nako @Wiz*one
  10. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Panorama 5th win mcd again.

    Woot go girls such a weird promotion cycle with things getting shut down early. @Wiz*one
  11. uwuWinter

    Performance IZ*ONE 'Panorama' [Night ver.] Just before sleeping seems like to me, at night n quiet

    IZ*ONE 'Panorama' [Night ver.] Dance Practice, seems like to me but at night, seems very quiet HaHaHa n in their pajamas before sleeping. Iv seen costumed dance practices but nvr pajama wearing dance practices. LOL
  12. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Noisy ONE strikes again...

    Man i love this idea the k-pop has started Aespa gfriend and now this / Kiss @Wiz*one
  13. OnlyCalB

    Performance IZ*ONE 'Panorama' Genie Performance [Play Color]

    IZ*ONE - 'Panorama' Genie Performance @Wiz*one
  14. Emanresu

    Appreciation IZONE Believes In Aliens!!!

    IZONE Believes In Aliens!!! Chaeyeon gambles. Chaewon's plan backfires. And Wonyoung and Nako believe in little green men. Why do I suddenly get interested in a group 2 months before disband. FML. Anyway it's fun.
  15. RandAlThor

    Discussion Lol they continue to put IZONE in ASMR

    in the same sentence....... fyi they are NOISY.. lets see how well they do this time...... i predict failure.
  16. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Stan Chaos and noize

    lol Love them !!!!!!
  17. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Wee cd's did arrive after touring.

    The Ktown 4 u curse hit me again lol. i started with scene 2 8 scene 2 7 were exactly the same members cards. AR Minju(7), Yujin (1); not sure how to differentiate these Hyewon(1), Nako(7), Yuri(7) Yuji (1) The slides were a bit better as i got 3 members Sakura(2), Chaeyeon(5), Minju (1): inside...
  18. Emanresu

    Appreciation That Pana-Ramaaa Part Is The Best

    That Pana-Ramaaa Part Is The Best I have always been a sort of on the fence fan of IZONE. You know the type. All kinds of reasons to stan but for some reason never pulled the trigger. Well I still haven't stanned. But I can no longer deceive myself. I am a casual Izone Stan. Now I add...
  19. RandAlThor

    Comeback Izone 2 number 1's

    pretty impressive
  20. RandAlThor

    Performance Beware on FNS dec 2

    Shortened version :(