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  1. Hakunama_Tata

    Photo So tell me honestly…

    … do you like Jeonghan’s hair style or not? :hmmm: @Carat
  2. Jewel

    News Jeonghan and Jun for Elle Korea @Carat
  3. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Love this friendship

    Stan them and Seventeen for good luck in your life! :sanapray:
  4. Jewel

    Appreciation Whut. Junghan please

    Are they trying to KILL ME?! @Carat
  5. Jewel

    Appreciation Hyungwon & Jeonghan

    Are friends apparently? Makes sense. @Monbebe @Carat
  6. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Jeonghan is so cute

    Just look at him… :sakUwu: @Carat
  7. Jewel

    Appreciation A thank you to youtuber Caitlin Benson

    For posting these amazing post When I saw them together, I lost my mind. @WayZenNi @NCTzen @Carat
  8. litc

    Photo Jeonghan for ViVi

  9. litc

    Photo Jeonghan for SPUR October

    Sequel to this ig lol
  10. litc

    Appreciation Happy Jeonghan Day

  11. Soogi

    Appreciation Dokyeom's son turned one today <33

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DODOL they grow up so fast don't they, i remember the day dokyeom introduced him to us like it was yesterday here's jeonghan posing next to him on dokyeom's shelf, soon after his birth unboxing <3 speaking of jeonghan, his son doljjong who is a few days older than dodol also...
  12. Soogi

    Appreciation Battle of the Jeonghans

    long hair, short hair or mid length which one do you prefer @Carat gendered jokes not welcome
  13. Soogi

    Appreciation When it comes to free goodies

    are you joshua politely asking how many he can take, or are you jeonghan stuffing everything he can get his hands on in his little tote bag and leaving u gotta appreciate how real he is tho
  14. maruberry

    Appreciation Nobody trusts Jeonghan

    LITERALLY nobody trusts Jeonghan He is a liar and a cheat SVT members don't trust him, carats don't trust him He has revealed who the mafia's are in their current game of mafia going on in Going Seventeen and nobody is trusting what he is saying NOBODY SVT members go through extra precautions...
  15. maruberry

    My Carat ass just realised that Jeonghan has no lines in Adore U [Studio Version]

    I was rewatching the Adore U dance practice and at one point I just realised.... While Jeonghan has quite a few center moments.... he has no lines and not no lines in the way that he got like 5 secs or even 2 secs.... he just.... got no lines at all All of his center times that you would assume...
  16. maruberry

    18+ Jeonghan must be a fallen angel

    I've talked about this before.... BUT.... Jeonghan is STUNNING! Beautiful! Magnificent! I'd even go as far as to say, he is one of my ideal types (along with EXO's Kyungsoo) visually. He looks so delicate and almost royal Anf oh god the things that I want to do to him for that. There are very...
  17. Saythename17

    Jeonghan : Long hair vs Short hair

    I really miss his long hair! 😭😭😭😭😭
  18. maruberry

    18+ Why are chains so pretty?

    This is like a serious question! Some people really prefer rope but for me.... Rope is for when there are no chains available. But why are chains so pretty? Like... they are shiny and they can look both delicate and dainty, but they can look rough and heavy as well. THEY GIVE SO MANY...
  19. maruberry

    Appreciation Proof that Yoon Jeonghan is the prettiest idol alive

    Jeonghan is simply the prettiest idol. There are some who look more feminine than him There are some who look more masculine than him But NONE of them are as pretty as he is! I take no criticism