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  1. Moguri

    Appreciation JYP's comment on Twice Mexico concert

    He wrote: "Wow what a spectacular scene.... So proud of Twice and Mexico's Once♡ Hope you had a beautiful time together! I wish I was there too :)" The sky shots really look incredible :pandalove: @Once
  2. Moguri

    News JYP to debut 3 new Boy Groups this year

    I was not aware so many new groups are coming up this year, VCHA will also have their offical debut in a few days, so they also got counted in the article I guess LOUD is kinda like the male VCHA? The other 2 japanese and chinese, to cover all the markets :passcodea...
  3. Moguri

    Appreciation JYP posing with many of his artists

    He wrote: "Thank you for coming out and enjoying my show! Force multiplied!!♡" Seems like he did a show, I don't know who everyone is, but I can see Dahyun, Chaeryeong and Yuna :llama_squish: So I assume the rest are current or former JYP artists too :llama_blush: He posted more pictures...
  4. Moguri

    Who wore it better: JYP vs NMIXX Haewon

    :soob: whats up with her @NSWER
  5. Moguri

    Appreciation J.Y Park (JYP) joins DearU Bubble on December 19 at 11AM KST

    the day we all waited for! :soob::haylul: @oikallii @Moguri @YouChan @UselessPandaJoke @naevis @As_Good_As_Dead @HaLilithEunnie @MK3AMisSleepy
  6. Moguri

    Appreciation JYP reacting to his own "legendary" performance and repeats it!

    :lisalaugh: wow, so he did it again! He also always seems to be able to laugh about him self, I think thats one of his best qualities :slaywhypee:
  7. Moguri

    Video JYP will never stop to rave about Twice

    Rightfully so! :thumbsupcat: @Once
  8. Moguri

    Video JYP & Jihyo - “Changed Man” Dance Challenge

    Tiny god :llama_blush: @Once
  9. Moguri

    Appreciation JYP congratulating Twice on their anniversary with a sweet message

    :pandaangel::pandaangel::pandaangel: @Once
  10. Moguri

    Video A2K ep.10 "Star Quality Evaluation Rankings"

    Everyone did so well again, I really liked all the performances today :bigcatclap: Kaylee is so funny how she took that yellow gum after JYP could not handle it :kokorohappy: It seems like there will be a test for the 4th stone after all, seemed like a interview situation where the girls are...
  11. RandAlThor

    Chart Billboard top 20 of 2010-20 hey they know about Rv maybe SM could promote em.

    congrats to all Solid list. ladies code is i think my biggest surprise. aside from primary ...i have no idea who that is.
  12. Moguri

    Video JYP SHOP 🎉1st Anniversary - Twice Congratulations Message

    Oscars for best acting go to Sana & Nayeon, consolation prize to Momo for her happy seal clap :bigcatclap: @Once
  13. RockyGoose

    Yeosang and JYP dancing together in my badges lol

    I felt like the JYP badge would suit with my Eternal Sunshine Yeosang badge.
  14. Moguri

    News Foreign investors turn to JYP amid intensifying battle over SM
  15. Jewel

    Has anyone heard about...

    The Boys Planet contestant that slapped JYP???!!! More about it here
  16. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Jyp is on a roll now Yooa and firmies.

    anti fragile ...
  17. RandAlThor

    Appreciation lol save the girls from JYP

  18. RockyGoose

    That sounds so beautiful, I'm swooning

    Marry me, JYP :nekolove:
  19. Yerichu

    News JYP Plans for 2022