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  1. estrella

    TV kdramas with no romantic plot?

    yeah just the title. i'm not into kdramas at all but maybe if i found one without romantic interests in it, i could give it a shot! :passcode: also, sitcoms are very much accepted! im a sitcom lover
  2. Pbioilp

    TV Can someone recommend me something to watch?

    im looking for something to watch, it can be either a series/movie, and i prefer it would be kdrama/cdrama, or something similar to this basically just something entertaining
  3. Boyo

    TV New trailer of "A Good Day To Be A Dog"

  4. Boyo

    TV Kang Yooseok has been cast to lead "Wise Resident'ts Life One Day"

    @badcrookshanks your Light On Me sweetheart. :jenniesmug:
  5. J

    News Jung Hae In Meet & Greet LA

    Jung Hae In Meet & Greet in Los Angeles 11/19/2023 Saban Theatre
  6. Boyo

    TV I’m falling…

    They are so perfect, I wanna cry. :pepecry1: Also, this guy:pikahappy: Everything is @Nina ’s fault:nekopout:
  7. centen

    TV Netflix | Crash Course in Romance

    What the hell is this teaser? :lisalaugh: Has anyone started watching it? I came...
  8. Soleski

    TV Favorite k-drama of 2022?

    I didn’t watch a lot of kdramas this year, but there was a few I really loved. 1. Weak hero class 1 2. Business Proposal 3. Little women Share yours i just want some recs
  9. sydsisco

    Some of my K-drama crushes

    Brave Chief / Boss Yong played by Kim Hieora (Bad and Crazy) The official name of this character is confusing so I will go with what google calls her lol. She is the leader of a crime syndicate so um, #girlboss. I can't tell you what she does without spoiling the show (I know I can hide spoilers...
  10. yamaoka

    TV [netflix kdrama] business proposal

    has anyone else been watching business proposal? its on netflix and i think its my favorite kdrama in years!! i also didnt know who sejeong was (bc im a hermit) and im so in love with her :kittylove: episode 7 comes out on netflix tomorrow!
  11. tricky

    TV 'Best Mistake 3' Official Teaser

    Premiering on December 28th :excitedmarch:
  12. tricky

    make your own kdrama using your last saved photos

    ...In your camera roll Found this from Tumblr and I found it kind of fun Mine: My Lead character I end up with (Jerome from TO1) My other lead who never had a chance (A-Min from EPEX) My Best Friend (J.You from TO1) My Arch Nemesis (Sangwon from Trainee A) My ost: 😳😳 My recent meme...
  13. tricky

    TV 2021 New Kdrama "Best Mistake 3" official poster

    After 2 seasons of Best Mistake, they came back with a new season with releasing their first official poster The first episode will air on December 28th at 6pm kst
  14. tricky

    TV Ive watched idol: the coup

    It's really good there's a lot of tense scenes in it Just finished episode 2 now on episode 3
  15. LTMs_Sammi

    Current Kdrama You're Watching?

    In the past year I have started to Study Korean and I started watching kdramas to help me with learning it. I then got hooked on watching kdrama lol. I have seen a good bit so I am curious to what you all are watching now and any suggestions on good ones to watch. I am currently watching The...
  16. QueenB

    Performance Tea Party 'Show Me'

    So Tea Party is a fake group formed for a drama called 'Imitation' (based on a webtoon by the same name) but the song is actually pretty good so it has me looking forward to the drama and the other fake groups music. Members: Jeong Jiso (actress, Parasite) as Maha Nayoung (formerly Pristin)...
  17. xFuyume_LSHFanx

    Intro Greetings!

    Greetings! I am Fuyume... I mean that this is my nickname here, so you can call me like that or just Fuyu.✌ Actually I am not japanese, I am from Europe, but I like this name somehow. 😅 My age is 26 - yeah I am old. 😑 You also have to know about me that even though I use english for writing...
  18. Darkseid

    TV Lovestruck in the City (Kdrama)- Any viewers/fans??

    I caught a trailer of this on Youtube and it popped up on my Netflix home screen. I saw it had 2 of my favorite leads in Ji Chang Wook and Kim Jiwon, so I decided to watch, and so far it's been really refreshing. It's an ensemble cast of 3 couples, and at times it also uses the mockumentary...
  19. ddoing_65

    When does Binjin Couple come out together?

    I love Hyun bin and Son ye jin so much! When will they come out together? I wanna see them together :pepeheart: