1. Suzy

    While on topic of Star Wars

    Listen to this masterpiece. Its only crime is that it ends so quickly! It's been a million years since I last listened to this so I literally had to pause as soon as I heard Lay's voice. It was shocking lol. Also, on topic of lightsabers, watch this epic performance which utilises...
  2. Yseki

    Appreciation The Kings Are Returning This Year

    Every member will be returning from the military this year :pikagun: They gave us hits like: Also they have this man:
  3. marublade

    News EXO is the most listened to kpop artist in china, 34,9% of all streams

    And some hoes REALLY be tryna tell us EXO aren't THAT popular in china...
  4. Yseki

    Performance Still Mad At Korea For Sleeping

    That the fact that this is not a top 2nd gen kpop group. Tho thanks Japan for making them a popular, successful Jpop group, they are total kings, own their agency etc.
  5. Marianthi

    Appreciation Can't truly appreciate 2nd gen groups without this

    I don't know whether we had a more epic (or hilarious) collaboration but this is GOLD!! Ain't no group doing stuff the way 2PM & 2AM did! STAN 2PM AND 2AM!!:pandahappy::pandahappy: Eng subs cause that parody without subs ain't nothing XD
  6. marublade

    Who are your 1st and 2nd gen kings and queens?

    Who are your kings and queens from the times gone past? My no.1 Queen is BoA. She is a legend who went from dropping out of school to being one of the directors at SM! Her albums sold millions, her popularity in Japan was amazing! She was like a soldier who was trained by SM and then sent to...
  7. Mayday

    Your opinions on Let's Shut Up and Dance with NCT 127 and Lay?

    Honestly, I really didn't like it. Now, if you know me from AKP, you know how much I love NCT. Period. No question about it. Honestly, this song in my opinion was just messy. Of course, no bashing those who made the song, props to them, honestly, but...?? The song was very repetitive, and the...
  8. Yolks

    Appreciation uGH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 10 characters achieved

    I've been listening to this nonstop after it came out Stan :maheart:
  9. bulletproof

    Performance Best performance of the century

    I'm sorry, there's no way to dissagree. I'm a kpop fan since 2011, I've seen so many good performances, but holy shit, I don't have words to describe this masterpiece. It's absolutely amazing! That's art, not performance. And haters say BTS is western now? Here they are with traditional dances...