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  1. RainbowDevil

    Why are you on KSource

    I'm genuinely curious, what makes you come to the site, what excites you and makes you want to spend time here? I know that mine has always been the interactions I have with people, the laughs I share over extremely stupid things for example. Like this, this is my favorite gif ever. Enjoy! At...
  2. maruberry

    Being a "notable member" is kinda exhausting

    Ngl, this is just me... being me and my brain going... NO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS. But atm I am user on this site with the second most threads. (and the gap is slowly but surely closing in) And while I love making threads, don't get me wrong.... It's exhausting. Every day I don't make threads I...
  3. FaceMcShooty

    Which KPS emoji makes you...

    Which KPS emoji makes you trust the user more? Whenever I see this one: :pepeslippy:, I get the feeling that the person who posted it can be trusted somehow!
  4. maruberry

    Using KPS on phone

    Does anybody do it when they have a choice between computer or phone? I'm on my phone right now and i have only one thing to say. EW.
  5. maruberry

    a reminder for everybody

    This site has fancy fonts.... We should use them more! They are pretty! And awesome! And make threads a lot more unique and stand-out!
  6. wayvoutsold

    My first anniversary on KPS

    It has been exactly a year since I first joined this wonderful forum, and I could not be happier. I look forward to visiting every day because of all the great users here.
  7. FaceMcShooty

    A sad breakup

    For a few minutes or so there were hearts floating everywhere on the forum, but now they are gone. I feel as if KPS seduced me, and then broke up with me, after a wholesome 2-minute relationship. This is sad :sadcat:
  8. kuro

    Appreciation my 200th thread

    I've barely been back for a week, and already achieved 13K posts and 200 threads :sanapray: best forum ever :maheart: @Mirae I'm obviously queen :pandatea:
  9. potato

    Appreciation So many threads :jisoosmh:

    :jisoosmh: :jisoosmh: :jisoosmh: Thank you, this is the most active this place has been in a while :sanapray:
  10. Soleski

    What do you like about this forum?

    everything :pepeheart: okay: my 2 main reason - nice users (even I made some friends, and I have a wifey love u @baekk) - the ANIME section (its the best, I love it, thanks for everyone who is keeping it alive :pepeheart:) What do you like about this forum? What makes you stay here?:pikahappy:
  11. E

    Top KPS threads?

    What are some threads that are considered iconic on KPS? :irenecrazy:
  12. maruberry

    Who are the most popular bg stans and gg stans on this site?

    Just curious :joysip: PS: No saying yourself... Narcissists...
  13. maruberry

    Appreciation To the ARMYs on this site

    I love you all! I'm not a BTS fan anymore and I haven't considered myself an ARMY for years now, but you all REALLY make me consider re-stanning at times! You are some of the most amazing people and every time I have a bad encounter with ARMY somewhere else, I think about how lucky I and KPS is...
  14. maruberry

    Appreciation The Tree of the ruling family of KPS!

    The tree is finally finished! WITH ANIMATED DPs The family is starting to make some sense, but I am sure in an hour it will be a big mess again! Thank you to all of you, close relatives and far!
  15. Sana

    Anyone interested in a KPS Minecraft server?

    Since I'm busy with my essay atm as some of you might know, I would like to host an event-server (If people continue to play I wouldn't mind hosting it for a non-specific time) made for KPS users only as soon as I have time again! The event-server would be up for 3months with weekly challenges...
  16. kuro

    damn this forum dies without me

    :sippinthetea: kps would be a VERY different place without me, that's for sure :llama_tea: more tea, just because also :rosesmug: :jenniesmug: :rosesmug: yeah that's it :llama_squish:
  17. kuro

    why the heck to people call it ks?

    I have a bone to pick with those tasteless hoes @Son Na Eun ITS KPS NOT KS WHERE DID KS COME FROM? ks sounds so incomplete I cringe
  18. Darkseid

    Ranking Top 5 new KPS emojis

    Since we had an emoji overhaul recently, here's the top 5 and totally legit reasons why: 5. :nayeonisdone: Me @ 90% of @Ireneisbaee and @JungYoda 's posts. 4. :pikadab: What's better than a dab aka the coolest human invention of all time? Add a Pikachu to it, uwu!! 3. :sakUwu: Me after I...
  19. kuro

    who's your kps family?

    m i n e married to @Jimimis @princesspeach 's potato eomma @crybaby 's main hoe the cutest child of @goyo @BLACKPINK 's (maybe) sister @Yolks 's cutest uwu friend @ThiccDicc 's mama duck the flop sister of @wayvoutsold @NogaNono 's CLC sister - what's your kps family tree? @deadstar @lexusuwu...
  20. maruberry

    What is your goal and mission on KPS?

    I have 2 missions that I hope to achieve during my time on this site! Convert all KPS users into Hard stans! The word of thirst must be spread! Convert all KPS users into YunYong stans! I will do my best to spread the word about the one true ship YunYong! This mission shall be difficult and...