lee hyori

  1. VergereSone

    News SSAK3 concept photo teasers-Rain, Hyori n Yoo Jaesuk co-ed group

    So SSAK3, the co-ed project group consisting of superstars Rain, Hyori n Yoo Jaesuk are getting closer to debuting. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/06/co-ed-project-group-ssak3s-concept-photos-are-giving-us-pure-90s-vibes I watched the latest episode of the show n its hilarious how...
  2. VergereSone

    Variety How do You Play/Hangout with Yoo(tv show)-mixed gender trio comprising Rain, Lee Hyori n Yoo Jae Suk created for this summer

    So Yoo Jae Suk, out of his many accomplishments/achievements/enterprises is on another tv show to add to his already many titled-library. Hangout with you/How do you play is about his activities (mostly created for this show, i think). But wat i wanna post is tat 2000s superstars Rain b Lee...
  3. Yseki

    Appreciation BoA Who????

    The real queen of the 2000s is Lee Hyori, obviously I like BoA as well but :sanapray:
  4. vogue

    Cover Yeeun (CLC) covering Lee Hyori's Bad Girls

    I am loving this cover. It's really good. There are not many people who could get Hyoris's vibe right and Yeeun did it. So pleased with it as a fan of Lee Hyori. The original: [why am I now itching to open a Hyori Idol Thread now lol]