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  1. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation Chae Hyungwon Love era is just...

    This is just...Yes please and thank you. @Monbebe :kittylove:
  2. yminsane

    Sensitive I WANT A GF: The Sequel

    Hi Guys, it's me again my search to find a gf hasn't ended yet. i'm still in deep thoughts regarding love. however this time im serious. I shall have a girlfriend, girls of this community come forth to my dm (guys too, but no helicopter thoo)
  3. Haiku

    Have you ever had a crush on someone you met online?

    Have you? :taemsip:
  4. Lucky

    What is the first thing you want to do when COVID is controlled?

    Hello, Hai, Hai I’m on isolation till the 9th, and after catching Covid and being along with my thoughts so much. What are your plans when it becomes more controlled? When we can go back to a semi normal environment considering masks will possibly always be a thing. I think the first thing I...
  5. FaceMcShooty

    Have you ever been a part of a love triangle?

    Alright folks, I hope you're winning the love game these days :sanapray:
  6. milk

    Are you currently in a relationship?

    nope :joshmeh:
  7. milk

    Have you ever had your heart broken?

    Well ?
  8. milk

    Do you currently have a crush?

    I do :joshmeh: they are extremely charismatic. I hate the feeling though. Having butterflies in your stomach is not enjoyable.
  9. RainbowDevil

    I had this feeling

    T'was a few weeks ago, it happened right after I had read a love manga for the first time in my life. My stomach hurt like 10 people had broken up with me at the same time. And I can't describe it properly since it's not pain as much as it is an unnerving feeling that just stays there even when...
  10. perhapz

    Relationship goals

    Hyehul best ship ever
  11. FaceMcShooty

    Could you fall in love with...

    Could you fall in love with a (sentient) robot or android? :pepesmug:
  12. maruberry

    Appreciation I love introducing new kpop fans to the wonderous history of kpop

    This is one of the things I LOVE to do (and highkey the biggest reason I go on Omegle) is to tell newer kpop fans about history of kpop! I love telling 'em about what a way paving QUEEN BoA is. I love telling 'em about H.O.T and Sechs Kies duking it out in the late 90s. Explain to them why SM...
  13. dumbcore

    I think I might Stan

  14. P

    A Personal Map (To Belong or Not)

    when the choir ends, I feel isolation when the hour ends, I feel interrogation To belong is what we all want sometimes we don't get there sometimes we do I'll return to you as soon as possible my life was a mistake, without you in it without you to embrace and let out that endless passion...
  15. maruberry

    Appreciation I love him so much it hurts sometimes

    Woozi loves seventeen I love him for that I love the infinite amount of love and appreciation he has for the members. How he will look at them with such pride and adoration in his eyes. The way he smiles at them makes my heart soar with happiness Seventeen are Woozi's quarencia They are his...
  16. FaceMcShooty

    Have you ever fallen in love with...

    Have you ever fallen in love with someone super similar to yourself? :dubuthink:
  17. maruberry

    Appreciation Kai details I adore

    I adore Kai and I adore every little thing about him. Here are some details I love! 1. He gets flustered over how dirty his own mind is. His mind very fast jumps to very dirty conclusions... Which will make him blush... and shy... and giggle... and all kinda of flustered. 2. When he is...
  18. Tickita

    Group ~all the best tO Our lOvely leader~ | OnlyOneOf (온리원오브) Official thread

    OnlyOneOf (온리원오브) OnlyOneOf (온리원오브) is originally a seven member group on 8D Creative (RSVP). They are the first boy group on the label and are considered by fans to be LOOΠΔ's "cousin group." OnlyOneOf debuted on May 28, 2019 with the songs "time leap" and "savanna." History (Predebut)...
  19. RainbowDevil

    Let's not be mean

    Let's love songs instead of hating on them Let's smile together cause of how many things some of us have in common Nobody would get left out like that, we are all here cause we love kpop, so there must be someone else that enjoys something like you Everyone has something they like so let's talk...
  20. maruberry

    Appreciation I love Kai and I love Woozi

    I love Woozi and Kai both with my whole heart and my whole soul and I love them both equally With every little part of my being I adore them I cherish their very existence I revere Woozi's voice It is angelic, like a sirens call No sound prettier than his voice exists in this world Kai...