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  1. Ozymandias

    Performance MAMA 2019 best performance

    The only 1 minute and 50 seconds you need to watch from the whole show. You're welcome :sj_weary: Tags: @raja @Baechu @Tir @perhapz @AnotherKpopTrash @Walnutt @dooh @blueberries @Kiseki
  2. Darth_Felflame

    Appreciation MAMA mia... Mingi in the house

    Only had time for 1 gif The only important one Here Enjoy (I will hopefully have time to gif the other performances of MAMA that i liked) ATEEZ: @Mangoey @Izz @Kelly @Neckologist @potato @SugaRush @SeonghwaChangbin @TaShye @MashiroQueen @Yangi
  3. blueberries

    Performance MAMA is on air- anybody watching?

    Since it's quite easy to watch via youtube, why not share it. Currently has Mamamoo performing.
  4. Gogije

    News Mamamoo & JYP stage at MAMA

    The stage to end all stages :queen:
  5. maruberry

    News WayV is going to be at MAMA

    Bitch did SM really pull a move like that! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I mean fuck MAMA and fuck Mnet, but fucking hell good for WayV!
  6. maruberry

    Performance I need this version of MAMA to be released fully!

    EXO's concert version of songs are always superior, but I need this one to be released as official audio for the whole song! If mama got released like this these days, it would slay me and kill me and do many things to me!
  7. kingtae

    Photo Taeyeon throwback MAMA 2016

  8. maruberry

    Discussion Who is the better mother, Kun or Taeyong?

    Which one of these 2 is the better mother? The Korean one or the Chinese one? In my imagination Kun has all the chinese members + Ten, Taeyong has the rest and the dreamies are shared custody! The Dreamies (Minus Renle) all used to Be only Taeyong's, but then Drippin' happened and Kun stepped...
  9. maruberry

    Discussion Kai is so bad at dancing...

    to Mama! He legit forgot the moves!
  10. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance I'm just gonna leave this here...

    You're welcome, bitches! 😘
  11. NeoSquare

    News MAMA: Janet Jackson wins the Janet Jackson Inspiration Award

    I wish this was a joke..... . . . . . . . . . but it isn't. Not even I can come up with that
  12. blueberries

    Performance MAMA 2018- Main Day- Red Carpet and Award Show!

    Red Carpet show here: Award Show Stream DAESANGS: Song of the Year: Twice (What is love) Artist of the Year: BTS Album of the Year: BTS Other awards (might miss some): Best Unit: Wanna One Triple Position Best vocal performance solo: Heize Best OST- Seventeen A-Teen New Asian Artist...
  13. Skinnny

    Performance Twice at MAMA 2018

    I actually like their performance. Camera work was bad as usual but the girls did good. And jihyo oh my god. I really loved her prince charming outfit. She really shined in this performance. How did you like this performance? Where would you rank it in your MAMA performances list?
  14. blueberries

    Performance MAMA Japan is live!

    For some reason I continuously forget that MAMA is on so I missed entirely of Korea's leg and just tuned in for Japanese leg. So to prevent other people here missing it who wanted to watch it, here you go: ^^
  15. WhiteWadeWilson

    Performance (MAMA POLL) TOP 3 Stages @MAMA in KOREA?!

    I just put stages only from the local artists...excluding foreigner stages...feel free if you think some of em are good or great though 1. Rookie Challenge stages 2. LOONA - 3/1/ODD EYE CIRCLE/yyxy_Love&Live/Girl Front/love4eva/Hi High 3. fromis_9 - Intro+Love Bomb+Collab 4...
  16. la_mort_pour_vous

    Discussion LOONA On MAMA 2018.

    Posting a thread so even non-Orbits are informed. Honestly, it wasn't a wise choice to do sections of all the debut tracks of the sub-units & of the full group together. Felt bothersome, unnecessarily cluttered, & not cohesive at all, given the time constraint. Plus, MNET being evil as usual...
  17. Ashla_K

    TV Are you watching MAMA?

    The title and why.