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  1. Abeamus

    News Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021 Winners

    Artist of the Year: BTS Song of the Year: BTS (“Butter”) Album of the Year: BTS (“BE”) Worldwide Icon of the Year: BTS Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10: Stray Kids, NCT DREAM, NCT 127, ENHYPEN, TXT, BTS, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, SEVENTEEN, TREASURE, TWICE Best New Artist (Female): aespa Best New Artist...
  2. OnlyCalB

    News MAMA 2021 Nominations

    Best Female Artist 1. IU 2. BLACKPINK‘s Lisa 3. BLACKPINK’s Rosé 4. Taeyeon 5. Heize Best Male Artist 1. EXO’s Baekhyun 2. EXO’s D.O 3. EXO’s Kai 4. Kang Daniel 5. Lee Mu Jin Best New Male Artist 1. DRIPPIN 2. ENHYPEN 3. EPEX 4. MIRAE 5. P1Harmony Best New Female Artist 1. Aespa 2. Jo...
  3. RandAlThor

    News We need a mama nominations thread .

    so this is in lame progress until a good one shows up ) i was happy that Yuri and Eunbi were nominated.
  4. Abeamus

    News Mnet responds to reports of 2021 MAMA being held in Hong Kong

    On July 20, Ilgan Sports reported that Mnet is discussing the possibility of holding the 2021 MAMA in Hong Kong this December. Mnet has reportedly mentioned this possibility to some agencies and asked them to keep it a secret for now as it is not confirmed yet. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic...
  5. Darkseid

    Appreciation Twice MAMA performances doing really well on YouTube

    More & More/ICSM has 4.4 million views. Cry For Me has surpassed 5 million views :sj_weary: For comparison, BTS On is at 5.4 million views but Dynamite and Life Goes On are less than both Twice stages :nakypog: This doesn't usually happen lol but yess deserved :pepeheart: Btw Jihyo in More...
  6. Darkseid

    News Dispatch doing an exposé on MAMA 2020

    Basically, all idols had to wait in their cars/the parking lot for hours. Waiting rooms were only provided to actors and 2 idol groups (not named who). Catering was set up outside actors' waiting rooms and idols were told to use the shared cafeteria inside the building. Most ended up having to...
  7. OnlyCalB

    Performance MAMA 2020 All Performances (20.12.06)

    Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2020 20.12.06 All Performances (Collaboration stages are towards the end of the OP) ----- ATEEZ BoA BTS CRAVITY ENHYPEN (G)I-DLE GOT7 Hwasa IZ*ONE Jessi JO1 MAMAMOO MONSTA X NCT NCT 127 NCT Dream NCT U...
  8. maruberry

    BoA better be the last performer at MAMA

    Just so ARMY can rage at a "nobody" getting to perform after them! THE QUEEN DESERVES IT!!!!! BOA BETTER HAVE THE LAST PERFORMANCE OF THE SHOW!!! It's the queens 20th anniversary!
  9. LoveYooShaSha

    Korea should stop now from holding Awards Shows an Year End Music shows in December cos of the relative big no of ppl who tested positive for covid-19

    ....N were in close contact with idols/stars who are set to appear on not yet recorded/held, I think Korean tv broadcasters should stop or postpone holding their Music Awards n Year End Music shows becos of the rising number of Covid-19 postive cases directly related to the staff and contact...
  10. Darkseid

    Performance MAMA 2019 best performance

    The only 1 minute and 50 seconds you need to watch from the whole show. You're welcome :sj_weary: Tags: @raja @Baechu @Tir @perhapz @AnotherKpopTrash @Walnutt @dooh @blueberries @Kiseki
  11. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation MAMA mia... Mingi in the house

    Only had time for 1 gif The only important one Here Enjoy (I will hopefully have time to gif the other performances of MAMA that i liked) ATEEZ: @Mangoey @Izz @Kelly @Neckologist @potato @SugaRush @SeonghwaChangbin @TaShye @MashiroQueen @Yangi
  12. blueberries

    Performance MAMA is on air- anybody watching?

    Since it's quite easy to watch via youtube, why not share it. Currently has Mamamoo performing.
  13. Abeamus

    News Mamamoo & JYP stage at MAMA

    The stage to end all stages :queen:
  14. maruberry

    News WayV is going to be at MAMA

    Bitch did SM really pull a move like that! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I mean fuck MAMA and fuck Mnet, but fucking hell good for WayV!
  15. maruberry

    Performance I need this version of MAMA to be released fully!

    EXO's concert version of songs are always superior, but I need this one to be released as official audio for the whole song! If mama got released like this these days, it would slay me and kill me and do many things to me!
  16. kingtae

    Photo Taeyeon throwback MAMA 2016

  17. maruberry

    Who is the better mother, Kun or Taeyong?

    Which one of these 2 is the better mother? The Korean one or the Chinese one? In my imagination Kun has all the chinese members + Ten, Taeyong has the rest and the dreamies are shared custody! The Dreamies (Minus Renle) all used to Be only Taeyong's, but then Drippin' happened and Kun stepped...
  18. maruberry

    Kai is so bad at dancing...

    to Mama! He legit forgot the moves!
  19. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance I'm just gonna leave this here...

    You're welcome, bitches! 😘