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  1. Abeamus

    Video Moonbyul "C.I.T.T" Behind #2

  2. sydsisco

    What Kpop songs are best played early in the morning?

    I think Answer by ATEEZ is a good song to start off my morning, what do y'all think? :dubuthink:
  3. sydsisco

    Write a terrible rap with me (Finish the lyrics) (No skill needed)

    Ayo check it You're bored af so you're on this thread Jay Why Pee makes me wish I was dead I'm chillin in school with all my peers My pile of work puts me in tears
  4. Abeamus

    Found Completed Mamamoos April Fools Set

    Another Mamamoo limited set that dropped the last card shortly before the event ended smh :pandatea: I'd like to thank the following people for helping me complete this stressful achievement :sanapray: @Goldenstar for Solars April Fools @babybloo for Moonbyuls April Fools @litc for Wheeins...
  5. Abeamus

    Searching Mamamoo Solar & Wheein April Fools

    Need these two to complete the set and I have these April Fools for trades currently but have plenty of other Limited cards in my trade center
  6. OnlyCalB

    Performance Solar - FACE | Live Performances

    These performances are so good! :pandahappy:
  7. Abeamus

    News Moonbyul preparing for April comeback

    On March 29, media outlet OSEN reported that Moonbyul is preparing for a comeback with the aim of releasing a new solo album in April. In response to the reports, her agency RBW stated, “Moonbyul is preparing a new album, with the goal of releasing it in April. We’ll let you know the specific...
  8. OnlyCalB

    Performance Solar 'HONEY' Performance Video

  9. Abeamus

    Teaser Solar "FACE" Spoiler #1

  10. Abeamus

    Teaser Solar "FACE" Comeback Schedule

  11. Abeamus

    News Mamamoo Solar tests positive for covid-19

    Hello, this is RBW. We are informing you that our agency artist MAMAMOO’s Solar has tested positive for COVID-19. After hearing that she was in close contact with a COVID-19 patient on February 23, she used a self-testing kit and tested positive. She immediately underwent PCR testing, and she...
  12. Abeamus

    Teaser Solar "容 : FACE" March Comeback

  13. Abeamus

    Teaser Moonbyul "6equence" Visual Film

  14. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Whee" Concept Photo #3

  15. Abeamus

    Teaser Wheein "Whee" Concept Photo

  16. bunnyviolet

    New MV Hwasa 'FOMO' visual video

    @Moo Moo
  17. bunnyviolet

    New MV Moonbyul 'Chemistry' MV

    @Moo Moo
  18. Abeamus

    Teaser Moonbyul "6equence" Pre-Release Single Teaser