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  1. Boyo

    Appreciation Lord, save me…

    … because I’m a helpless, miserable Mingyu fan.:pepedaddy::pepecry2:
  2. Boyo

    Appreciation Mingyu is cute and handsome 🐶

    As always. :pikahappy:
  3. Boyo

    Appreciation Mingyu, please…

    … don’t be this perfect because I need to cry! :cri::uwu:
  4. Boyo

    Appreciation Someone save me please…

    … from the hotness Mingyu has. :flirtyjae:
  5. Boyo

    Video ‘Maestro’ challenge with Mingyu

    Mingyu, you are so cute. :sakUwu:
  6. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #13

    Your face is always perfect, Mingyu. :pikahappy:
  7. Boyo

    Appreciation When Mingyu ended deluluness

    That time when Mingyu said no delulu fans in this house… :lisalaugh:
  8. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #12

    Just another day when I watched at least 10 videos about Mingyu and I feel the urge to share one. :not_impurressed:
  9. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #11

    Perfect as always. :jenniecry: The best combination of sexy and cute. :plushielove:
  10. Boyo

    Appreciation HBD you perfect human!

    :nekolove: Happy birthday to the love of my life aka Kim Mingyu! You sexy big puppy! 🐶
  11. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #10

    OP says they look like wedding pictures, so I need to reveal this was our wedding. :Sunwoo wtf why: Mingyu looked fine as always.:sanapray: @Carat sorry that I didn’t invite you guys! :uwu:
  12. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #9

    He is so whiny cute when he is “angry”.🥺:uwu:
  13. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #8

    My sweet boy :pepecry1: You are full of love. :taeilsob:
  14. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #7

    He just wanted to have some fun, but almost ended up without a shirt. :shock: Nice moves, btw. :rosesmug:
  15. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #6 (the people magnet)

    Mingyu loves to talk to people and he gets friends everywhere. :sakUwu: I'm into the right man. :sanapray: @Carat
  16. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #5

    Noo, me when? :pepecry1: He is the cutest big lil bubu. :nekolove:
  17. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #4

    I’m a fan of a cute kid :blownyoungbae: Please, stay this happy, playful and cute forever!:pikahappy:
  18. Boyo

    Appreciation Mingyu and Minghao's precious friendship

    I love them both and their friendship is so cutee. :pikahappy:
  19. Boyo

    Appreciation Just Mingyu #3

    His little smile at the end :pepecry1: