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  1. Jewel

    News EXO’s Sehun DENIES pregnancy & dating rumors! fromis_9 are disbanding?! Taemin is coming back!

    Idk if this is rumor or news but whut :pandarolleyes: the title alone is mind blowing @Exo-L @Shawol @Flover
  2. LeeHoseok

    News UNIVERSE to end service after two years, will transfer to Bubble

    @Monbebe @Dive @Luvity @Aroha @Kep1ians @Atiny @Ujung @Danity Idk who else to tag. Not like we didn't see this coming, but I do wonder if all of the content will transfer. That app was such a disaster, though.
  3. Heesoo

    News Olivia Newton-John dies at age 73

    Olivia Newton-John has passed away due to Breast Cancer. She passed away peacefully in her home. Articles: x x x May she Rest In Peace.
  4. E

    I have news…

    I got approved for Lasik and am going to get it done this Friday. The sad thing is that I’m going to be MIA for most if not all of this weekend to recover. Btw I know I said I was going to be MIA today but luckily I didn’t get my eyes dilated for my consultation (I’m not as blind as I think I...
  5. Heesoo

    News Former Japan PM Has Died

    Shinzo Abe has succumbed to his gunshot wounds at 4:49 am EST. He was shot twice in the back. Shinzo Abe was shot 11:30 JST whilst delivering a speech in Nara. Suspect Yamagami Tetsuya was arrested, and said he was “dissatisfied“ with Abe. My thoughts are with his family and friends. May he...
  6. Starlight4370

    Sensitive A guy I used to know passed away a few days ago

    He went to the same art group and we used to talk a bit here and there. His medication was substantial and he also drank a lot. Last time I saw him was at some traffic lights. I was told he died in his sleep and a big funeral was held for him. he was 33 years old when he passed on RIP Byron...
  7. baejin

    News 'THE ORIGIN' Trainees appearing in poor condition - will postpone the schedule to March 19th

    THE ORIGIN - A, B, Or What? (IST's new boy group survival show) makes an announcement that some trainees are having poor conditions and needed to get some rest. The first episode will be changed to March 19th (February 26th was the og schedule). Hope that the trainees are resting well...
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    News Former Classmate of Karina Speaks Out

    This is a post that Karina's former classmate wrote about her after seeing all of the mean comments she was getting: He wrote, "I was weak in middle school. I was bullied by the boys and slapped in the face under the pretext of homework. I was whispered about and ridiculed during every meal...
  9. JakeyWantsCakey

    Cardi B & Offset are getting a divorce...

    Guess he ain't getting that WAP anymore...
  10. QueenB

    News John Lewis has passed away

    AP Article His health has been deteriorating so this is not surprising but it is sad to see the passing of such an amazing person. His work has literally changed America if not the world and he has done so much for millions of people. Rest in power, John Lewis.
  11. maruberry

    News Pink Fantasy's Yubeen has left the group

    This is better for her, but STILL :sadcat: :pandasad::pandasad::pandasad: This was posted on their fan café, this is the translation of the announcement. Thank you to Pink Fantasy's discord for the translations Hello. This is MyDoll Entertainment. First of all, we apologise for this...
  12. JakeyWantsCakey

    News Disney Accused Of Repeatedly STEALING Star Wars Fan Art.

    What do you guys think? The evidence in this is pretty damning from the top trump cards to the stolen spaceship designs and I didn't even notice that drill thing from Avatar when I watched The Last Jedi LOL It's frustrating to think of these people getting their art stolen but at the end of...
  13. JakeyWantsCakey

    News Star Wars Writer FIRED Over Rose Tico?! The High Republic Delayed To 2021!

    Today in Star Wars news: A freelancer for was fired for tweeting out support for the character Rose Tico in The Rise of Skywalker. Upcoming Star Wars comic, The High Republic has been delayed to January 2021.
  14. maruberry

    @Carats , somebody please take the job of posting updates on Seventeen... I'm lazy...

    So much is going on with Seventeen, but nobody is posting updates on them... I know that I technically could, by I am already doing my best with WayV and EXO, so PLEASE somebody... ANYBODY! Well, while we are at it, they played Seventeen's next japanese single on radio in japan and it sounds...
  15. Wonder_530948

    News 'Kill This Love' M/V by BLACKPINK Hits 200M Views in Record Time

    It hit 200M views in record time with a total of 200M views in 11 days (18,181,818/day on average) surpassing 'DDU-DU DDU-DU' M/V's record of 34 days.
  16. GoldenBunny

    News Reviewing BTS’ music: ‘BTS was not made in a day’

    Sharing this wide because I think it's a really interesting article discussing the BTS phenomenon and Kpop in general; he's one of the few critics who understands both the US and the Korean perspective and industries equally well, and has an excellent knowledge and understanding of their music...
  17. A

    MV Dongwoo of INFINITE debuts solo with MVs for "Party Girl" and "News"

    He worked so hard, I'm proud! :pandalove: