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  1. Sweettooth_Sails

    Gutted by my mothers 'opinion'

    She said Terrifier was stupid :( My heart broke like an intermission at a passcode concert. She doesn't know the legend of art at all :( clowns killing american teens. <3 Sell point!
  2. seoriverse


    i'm not too sure if it's the right place to say this but i have a suggestion to make the forum a better place 🎉 i noticed that when you look at artist official thread, you see tons of social media posts and, while they are pertinent, they really clog the thread. it makes it harder to find other...
  3. Tsukino

    Tell me what you think about me

    As it makes almost half a year I joined KPS, I decided to make a special thread :) It is based on @potato thread she made yesterday. It made me curious to know what image you have of me :susPepe: Tags @Skinnny @potato @LadyLoverSunmi @Kiseki @Hallybell @raja @blueberries @Hayabusa @kodoku...
  4. potato

    Potato tells you her opinion of you...

    I'm very bored so I came up with a totally original thread idea :wimwim: Comment below and I'll tell you my opinions of you! It was my first time making tags so I'm sorry if I missed anyone out >_<
  5. Taeyellow

    Top 10 most handsome and pretty idols for you

    Which idols are the best looking in your opinion? Mine are: Most Handsome -Kai (Exo) -Taehyung (BTS) -Mingyu (Seventeen) -Yugyeom (Got7) -Winwin (NCT) -Felix (Stray kids) -Jin (BTS) -Kyungsoo (EXO) -Mark (GOT7) -Taeyong (NCT) Prettiest -Irene (Red Velvet) -Taeyeon (SNSD) -Sana(Twice) -Tiffany...
  6. Taeyellow

    What is your opinion on plastic surgery?

    So I was thinking about this topic a while ago and i'm curious what are your thoughts on plastic surgery. What do you think about it? Do you like it when idols go through it? I personally don't care much about it and they can do whatever they want with their money and face. Plastic surgery...
  7. yminsane


    so this is an idea from someone , it is not original hahahah but i find it really fitting to post about. anyway , all of you that is interested , post an opinion about ANYTHING , literally ANYTHING , and i'll try to debate it i'm going to get a lot of hate hahahahahahahaha ill wait until all...
  8. Wonder_530948

    Zimzalabim sounds so weird

    It's one of the weirdest and most bland K-Pop songs I've heard tbh, especially the drop parts where they repeat the title name. Even the MV looked weird. Back then I used to find Twice songs worse than RV's but nowadays they're on par, there even are some Twice songs that I think beat this song...
  9. maruberry

    Comment a song/idol/group etc and I will say what I think of them!

    Comment literally any idol or group or song or anything like that and I will tell you what I think of them/it!
  10. maruberry

    non-carats what is your opinion on Woozi?

    How much do you know about him? Do you like him? What do you think of him? I am curious, he is my ult-bias and to me he is honestly perfection!
  11. Mayday

    Let's talk about Red Velvet's dancing~

    Red Velvet. A group known for their stage presence powerful vocals, diverse discography, and lovable personalities. However, many fans aren't a huge fan of their overall dancing, as a group. Here are my analogies on the dancing on every individual member-...
  12. maruberry

    Is Woozi a dom or a sub? [18+]

    In my fantasies he is a sub, but I think he also gives out strong dom vibes! I feel like he will fight and threathen and swear, but he wants to be tamed. He is the kind who will try to push away the man or woman trying to take him in hand, but will melt the moment he gets spanked and will want...
  13. maruberry

    What I think of Map of the soul: Persona

    MIKROKOSMOS: I loved the beginning, it sounded very promising, Then came the chorus and it became boring and just very avarage MAKE IT RIGHT: I became bored. It is a good song, but it is missing OOOMPH. It is like background music to me, not really there but something buzzing in my ears. I...
  14. kuro

    σριиισи σf υѕ αиσи

    ⓦⓗⓐⓣ'ⓢ ⓨⓞⓤⓡ ⓞⓟⓘⓝⓘⓞⓝ ⓞⓕ ⓤⓢ? this is an anon to find out! @Jiminish and I have put this together for fun, but it would be great if you'd participate lol so click on the beautiful fucking ugly ship below to spill your secrets about us!
  15. Mayday

    Do you prefer long or short hair?

    Of course, on yourself. I'm conflicted. I cut off about a foot of my hair yesterday, and I'm partially devastated, but also ecstatic. I know that I look much better with long hair, and more style options are available, but short hair is just the easiest to manage. It used to take me about 7...
  16. perhapz

    Captain Marvel, did you watch it? rate it plz

    So, I was just curious if someone watched it. I saw some "experts" saying it's not good, but some friends of my told it's really good. I'm debating about going or not to the theaters watch it in the next couple weeks, or wait to watch it at home in the future lol. @Ireneisbaee @Tir...
  17. Mayday

    Audio Your favorite ballad?

    What are some of your favorite ballads from your artists that you find underrated? Mine have to be- Hear the Sea- RV First Time- RV Depression- CLC Distance- CLC All of the other groups I stan happen to have well-known ballads, except for (G)-Idle. All of the BG ballads seem to be rather...
  18. Mayday

    Your opinions on Let's Shut Up and Dance with NCT 127 and Lay?

    Honestly, I really didn't like it. Now, if you know me from AKP, you know how much I love NCT. Period. No question about it. Honestly, this song in my opinion was just messy. Of course, no bashing those who made the song, props to them, honestly, but...?? The song was very repetitive, and the...

    TV Opinions: The Haunting of Hill House ( Series )

    My bestfriend and I recently just finished " The Haunting of Hill House " The Netflix series that is based off the book ( By Shirley Jackson ) and relates to the movie " The Haunting ". I thought maybe we could share our thoughts. Light on spoilers for those who have not seen the series MY...