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  1. seoriverse

    Appreciation heejin #1 most beautiful face in kpop

    they're so right with that one, her visuals are amazing congrats heejin 🥰 you have the most stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, attractive, lovely, pretty, good-looking, splendid, charming, cute, alluring, pleasing delicious, exquisite, magnificient, heavenly, awesome, wonderful, enchanting, hot...
  2. seoriverse

    Appreciation GOWON BANGS

    look at her, pretty gowon @Orbit
  3. seoriverse

    Photo Hyunjin in the bathroom

    Her name is Hyunjin and she is in the bathroom. Why is she in the bathroom? Well, why not? She is in the bathroom and that's just how it is. Stan Loona. It's a present for @Orbit.
  4. seoriverse

    ranking loona title tracks

    *including only group songs it was very hard 😥 6 = least favorite, 1 = favorite, 6 ≠ bad 6. Butterfly 5. Why Not? 4. PTT (Paint the town) 3. Hi High 2. So What 1. favOriTe i'm honestly not too sure about this ranking, i guess that's what happens when your favs only release good music 🤕 +...
  5. seoriverse

    Video [달의 일기 #20] Flip That MV BEHIND💐

  6. seoriverse

    Photo vivi from loona

    i just had to share these pictures with everyone. she is my favorite vivi. @Orbit
  7. seoriverse

    kim lip solo album unboxing!

    i'm back with another album unboxing 😋 if you did not read the title, it's kim lip's self-titled solo album version A *if you are planning to buy this album for yourself and want to keep the content inside a surprise, click off this thread before reading further. my grandma suddenly passed by...
  8. seoriverse

    Intro very late intro

    i've been here for a week but i'll still introduce myself hi. my name is sarah 😋 pronouns she/her and i am about to tell you the most shocking thing ever. be careful before revealing the spoiler, it is something you've never seen before. there i said it, please don't hate me too much for it. i...
  9. litc

    So Loona's Shake It cover is trending

    At least for me, so I guess in the US?:wimwim: Only other kpop vid on trending atm is Jessi's now at 24 sorry mods if this should be in the charts section:ilovebread:
  10. Chaeee

    Only Orbits can reply to this thread

    With their bias, favourite solo and group songs:pepeheart:
  11. Chaeee

    Appreciation 🌙A new group have entered my ults!🗞

    💖LOONA🌙 >I’ve been obsessed with them recently, and have become a bigger Orbit so I think it’s time that they return to my ultimate groups list😊~ >My current bias ranking is: JinSoul💖 HeeJin Kim Lip Yves Yeojin Olivia Haseul HyunJin Choerry Chuu GoWon ViVi💖 >But really I love them...
  12. Chaeee

    Information Ranking different groups eras Pt.2

    Second group I’m doing: Loona :sanapray: (tbh none of their eras are the “worst” I’ll just rank them imo) Ranking 1. Why Not 2.Hi High 3. Butterfly/PTT (I can’t choose T^T 4. So what (Not bad, just the others are better) @Orbit :jenniesmug:
  13. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser More LOONA 12:00 Teasers!!!

  14. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser LOONA - Heejin, Choerry & Hyunjin Individual Teasers

  15. Taesthetic

    Intro Hello I'm Taesthetic.

    Good day everyone! I came from OneHallyu (Well I got banned there...) I promise I'm not a bad person, I stan EXO, LOONA and Taehyung from BTS along with Yeonjun from TXT. Please be nice to me😳
  16. JakeyWantsCakey

    Intro Hey guys! <3

    Hello, My name is Jake and I joined today thanks to @infire707. I'm a daily user of AKP but decided to join here after I saw a lot of the users that I love leaving (I wanna know the FULL tea on why if anyone is interested in spilling). I'm a 95 liner which makes me 23 going on 24 this year 😭...