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  1. seoriverse

    Appreciation what's your fav group/soloist best performance?

    bts is sooo hard to choose but black swan has a special place in my heart
  2. Jewel

    New MV ATEEZ - HALAZIA @Inkigayo 20230115

  3. seoriverse

    Performance Lapillus on CNN Philippines

  4. whatever

    Performance ONEUS - Music Bank performance - Bring it on and Intro : Who got the Joker

    WHO GOT THE JOKER GOT A PERFORMANCE ?! AND I KNOW IT ! BRING IT ON SHINES ON STAGE AND ON LIVE !!!! Fancams in the spoiler...Seoho is eye-catching...well Oneus is eye-catching...but bad boy Seoho is another matter.
  5. badcrookshanks

    Performance TXT performs 'Magic' on The Late Late Show

  6. maruberry

    BoA better be the last performer at MAMA

    Just so ARMY can rage at a "nobody" getting to perform after them! THE QUEEN DESERVES IT!!!!! BOA BETTER HAVE THE LAST PERFORMANCE OF THE SHOW!!! It's the queens 20th anniversary!
  7. raymondchouku

    Appreciation Love in the Ice

    There are no words:
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance BTS: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

    I didn't see anyone post this yet so here you go @ARMY
  9. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance TREASURE - ‘사랑해 (I LOVE YOU)’ 0920 SBS Inkigayo

    @Treasure Maker
  10. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Amanda discovers BTS! *HILARIOUS*

    Amanda is one of my favourite YouTubers at the minute so I was watching her VMAs review and about half way through she starts talking about BTS! Apparently she only just discovered them because of Dynamite and as always her description of how she discovered them and what she thinks of them is...
  11. eclipsoul

    Performance [Special Stage] CLC - Hobgoblin

  12. whatever

    Performance LEVEL UP Performance

    So they have performed Level up ! What do you think ? :sanathink:
  13. whatever

    Performance A messy performance...

    Our main dancer can do that...llama_twerk or that...:llama_squish: BUT ALSO THAT...:irenecrazy:
  14. maruberry

    Performance Lay Boss performance at Grandline concert [Official video]

    He's got the balance and the skill + is singing live all throughout it! WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR IN A MAN!
  15. Haolat

    Dance Practice Vs Dance MV/Performance Version

    Dance practice: It is typically performed in a dance practice room. It can be filmed with a stationary camera or a moving one Dance MV/ performance Version: is usually filmed with a moving camera and sometimes with different locations. Which one do you prefer? and Why? ❓
  16. GloriousHavoc

    Performance They deserve every dance award... and some more!

    This is the most exhausting kpop choreo I've ever seen. But it's not just difficult for the sake of being difficult, it's madness and FUN! :queen: 4K, static cam version I honestly don't care if Seventeen will never be on top when it comes to popularity. Their music is a hit or miss for...
  17. maruberry

    Performance OT3 F(x) performance at SMtown concert

    Lachata and Electric shock This is what everybody's reaction should be. Fanchants while crying.
  18. Mayday

    Performance Day6 "The Time of Our Life" Live Performance

    Honestly, the live version really hites different. It gives you a different view of the song, as they aren't allowed to play live on music shows, due to the hassle of unplugging and plugging in the instruments. Vote for Day6 on Idol Champ! You can vote 3 times. They need their first win~