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produce x 101

  1. LeeHoseok

    News Rain to debut boy group packed with former survival show trainees (Under19, YG Treasure Box, PDX101, No.Mercy)

    CHOI SEOKWON FINALLY DEBUTING!!!! :pikahappy: Group includes: 1THE9 Sungwon Produce X 101 Moon Hyunbin YG Treasure Box Keita and Dohwan No.Mercy Seokwon @Boy Group @Wonderland
  2. Poetry

    Group BUGVEL Thread | June 29th 'Heartbreaker' 2nd Single

    BUGVEL is a 5-member boygroup under Present Label/Dream Passport consisting of 4 Japanese members and one Taiwanese member with 3 members from Produce 101 Japan and 2 members who are former YG Entertainment trainees as well as Produce X 101 alumni. They have a former member named Hikaru who was...
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    X1 fans, Where are the members now?

    I gave up on Produce X 101 half way through but I'm curious to know what happened to the final lineup after they disbanded? Can any of you guys catch me up on what they're doing now, what their future debut plans are etc.?
  4. Darkseid

    News MNET says no more audition programs

    I guess this means the trend of survival shows, atleast the MNET ones could be over for the foreseeable future. Sure, there might be shows on other networks, but MNET shows were the biggest, most popular, and they had the most connections. You could have stuff like The Unit but hardly anybody...
  5. QueenB

    MV Teen Teen - It's On You M/V

    The Maroo contestants from Produce X 101 debuted (or debuted a project group) called Teen Teen~ Not crazy about the song but the mv is cute!
  6. QueenB

    Teaser Teen Teen 'Its On You' teaser

    Maroo boys are coming!
  7. QueenB

    News By9 reportedly not happening

    I'm guessing Woolim and Starship were the main hold-ups because they are already announcing plans for groups and projects. My hope is that Donghyun will be joining CIX. I feel like I'll have no choice to stan and I don't have a problem with that. :sanapray:
  8. lexus

    News Some netizens are not happy with the final lineup of Produce X 101 contestants

    1. [+590, -11] How can we end up with this member distribution Mnet-ah.. 2. [+422, -3] Lee Jinhyuk.........Ah my heart hurts so much right now 3. [+315, -0] So where did Lee Jinhyuk go afterall? > He's #11.... If he wasn't X, he was going to debut anyways... He was the X... 4. [+196, -25]...
  9. Rumi

    Reality What do you think the finale songs for PDX101 will sound like?

    For me I hope for songs like Super Hot, and Crush... NO SENSUAL SONGS PLEASE!! (Looking at you Hands On Me >___>) And for the final mixed stage... hmm... I dont want a super sad, mellow song? Something slow, like ''Beautiful'' by Wanna One? But with lyrics that actually suit. How about you...
  10. QueenB

    The most awkwardly adorable fancam

    So I've been watching Ziyue's and Mingyu's (Minkyu?) fancams a lot because they are so painfully awkward But they are so bad, they're good lmao Like just look at how awkwardly adorable they are and vote for which is the most awkward/cute Ziyue: Mingyu:
  11. Mayday

    Appreciation My pick for PDX101

    As he's been in the industry for about 5 years, Seungyeon is extremely well rounded. He's produced songs for popular artists as well, such as Suran, and has even produced songs for the previous Produce seasons and Idol Producer. He speaks Portuguese (He attended school in Brazil), Korean...