1. Mayday

    GFX 🐙【◈⫸Mayday's Signature Shop⫷◈】🐙

    🌺 My last shop blew up but I eventually closed it when I deactivated my account about a year ago. Back then, I was unable to manipulate gifs and only did picture sigs, but now I've started adding animations and gifs into my signature as well! So request away. I'm very busy irl so you probably...
  2. marublade

    Appreciation i'm feeling good with a new signature!

    I'm SO HAPPY WITH MY NEW SIGNATURE! This is the best I've ever managed to edit smbdy into another picture! (Kira wasn't originally in that field!) I'm FINALLY getting a bit more used to photoshop and I'm just happy with the results!
  3. marublade

    GFX I'm bored, so Maru's signature shop (charity) is open once again!

    Anybody want a new signature? I just made mu current one yesterday and am in love with it, but I am in the mood to do some more editing..... sooooooo request away! Ideally tell me the idol you want and the vibe/colour scheme you want If you want you can also pick the style of edit you want from...
  4. P

    Appreciation I am starting to insert more meaningful quotes and/or words in my signatures and dp now

    So I feel inspired to live a better, more fulfilling life. My life has been rather negative as of late and I just need something as a pick me up. The detail is still there. Just the type is more relatable to myself and others. I think it's helping me so far. No ill thoughts, unless I am...
  5. marublade

    Appreciation My new signature is a few months early, but I'm in love

    Dunno why, but I had the urge to make a horror themed signature! I think it turned out quite well!
  6. marublade

    Appreciation New DP and sig.... I'm in love

    I've had this gif as a DP before but I decided to bring it back! But the Sig is new, I just made it! I'm so happy with both of them!
  7. marublade

    Can't wait for this event to be over so I can get a new sig

    I'm SO TIRED OF THIS SIG I want a new one In fact I'm gonna go and make a new one RIGHT NOW! Y'all can't stop me!
  8. marublade

    Appreciation My aesthetic is non-existant once again!

    For a while... dare I say... My DP, sig and badges were... MATCHING! DUN DUN DUN! I KNOW! THE HORROR! HOW could I have let THAT happen! (it was on accident lmao!) But now everything is right in the world again and nothing matches! :lovelycooky::lovelycooky:
  9. marublade

    Appreciation I'm in love with what I did to my signature!

  10. P

    GFX Qri from T-ARA (edit by me)

    I was working in photoshop and yeah. Was bored so I decided to make this set here. originals and edits as follows I usually work with smudging and other such techniques like blurring and all that. I used to render, but I got lazy with that lol feel free to critique or like or whatever's...
  11. marublade

    Appreciation I have a new sig so I wanna show it off!

    I'm proud of myself for making this! These forum signatures are really good for my editing skills XD, I am getting a BIT better each time!
  12. marublade

    Appreciation Woozi has the best signature in kpop

    He don't give a SINGLE fuck! This was his signature when they debuted This be it now... PS: Here be the middle steps on how he got here!
  13. marublade

    Appreciation I am addicted to making signatures... Somebody help

    Making signatures is so fun... Why can't I use them all... at the same time.... but how do you all like my current one?
  14. marublade

    Does anybody want a new sig?

    I'm bored and want to edit something! just holla if you want a new sig!
  15. marublade

    Anybody want anything edited?

    Do you want a new sig? See what your idol looks like in a dress? I'm bored and want to edit something, not sure how many I will do, but maybe like 2-3!
  16. marublade

    Does anybody want a new sig?

    Does anybody want themselves a new sig from yours truly? I'm bored and feel like making some, but I made my current one only yesterday.... I'll prolly make lik 1 or 2... maybe 3 max... here be some samples of my work!
  17. InTooManyFandoms

    [Already found some] Someone help me find like 3 cute momo gifs

    for my signature.
  18. Mayday

    Should I change my aesthetic?

    I've had this one for (not that long?) but I'm not really sure. Should I change it? It'll be another nugu if I do.
  19. marublade

    Does anybody want a sig?

    I'm bored and want to make sigs... only I really like my current one so I thought I would make some for others! If you want one just tell me which idol you want and preferably give me the picture aswell! First come first serve though... Here be some examples of my work!
  20. marublade

    Appreciation Rate my sig and DP

    Do y'all like 'em? Kinda proud of the sig, even though it's not that complicated!