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  1. LeeHoseok

    Audio MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 'NO LIMIT' Full Album

    @Monbebe Alright, fave tracks?
  2. maruberry

    When you have spotify premium...

    Moving to anything else will be a downgrade as far as experience goes :reallysadcat: I'm stayin' I still have the exos and the neos there FUCK KAKAO M
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation I adore sad songs

    Well these aren't all sad songs... but they all have quite a sad or nostalgic vibe. this be my most played playlist. It's amazing. You should all check it out!
  4. maruberry

    Tell me a number from 1-100 and I will give you a song from...

    ...A song from my spotify 2019 playlist made of the songs I have listened to the most in 2019! There are a few non-kpop songs in there, but they are few and far between! PS: It goes that 1 is my most listened to song and then it goes down to like what I have listened to less.
  5. Myco

    Announcement [Spotify] Hype your K-HipHop | Sexylegant K-Pop

    It's been a while since any announcement were made but since last time two new additional K-Pop Playlists were added, both pretty different as well! First off we got "Hype your K-HipHop" which as you can tell from the name has a lot of great HipHop tracks on it! and secondly "Sexylegant...
  6. dnb

    Appreciation Shortcuts for playlists (Spotify on Android)

    On Android phones, a long press on an app will show shortcuts for the app. You can then long press on one of the shortcuts and add it as an icon to the home screen. A long press on the Spotify icon will show a list of playlists/artists/albums (one of the options is a search for more...
  7. Myco

    Announcement [Spotify] Feel the Summer with K-Pop

    Hello everyone, a new playlist, a new theme. This time around it's "Feel the Summer"! We hope that you will enjoy the songs and different artists on it. With the variety it delivers you can play it while sunbathing, picnicking, maybe even while swimming and many more activities. Have fun!
  8. Myco

    Announcement Official KPopSource Spotify Playlist(s)

    Hello everyone! A few days ago we decided to start creating KPopSource Playlists with songs chosen by our staff. I want to introduce you to our very first Playlist "Coffee Shop Vibes" The playlist(s) won't necessarily only have K-Pop songs on it, rather K-Music in general, we will try to...
  9. maruberry

    Appreciation Comment a number 1-86 and I'll give you a song from my spotify playlist!

    Like the title says! I'll give it you from my "kinda sad" playlist! It ain't all sad songs, but they are all... Kinda sad!
  10. kuro

    @Mangoey was so so so right omg

    I SO DO MATCH WITH THE SPOTIFY BUTTON! @Mangoey :queen: look how perfect though :nekolove: :nekoshy: :nekolove:
  11. Baechu

    The user with the best taste in this forum

    Whoever is listening to Suzy You have the best taste on this forum and I love you I've never done two threads in one day How did it come so far... :maheart:
  12. kuro

    whoever is playing troublemaker now...

    ILY SO MUCH <3
  13. Yseki

    News Spotify Entering The Korean Market

    More Articles on this:
  14. MochiFace

    WHO ARE YOU !!!

    Young person who listen to indila on spotify ????? :llama_blush::llama_squish::llama_blush::llama_squish:
  15. taemkitten

    ♫ The [SPOTIFY] Thread ♫

    Ever have that burning question of "Who is having that Justin Bieber marathon?" or "Really? All of you are listening to Squidward Nose?" or even "OMG who is listening to that song, I have to give them the biggest hug!" Well, here you can ask it and (hopefully) receive your answer! Haven't...
  16. NeoSquare


    WHO SHOW YOURSELF :pandamad:
  17. zodiark

    Sales BLACKPINK Charts & Sales Thread

  18. Yseki

    Spotify Wrapped Stats

  19. WhiteWadeWilson

    News (G)I-DLE 2M Spotify monthly listener!!! (5th most in Kpop)

    Only below BLACKPINK, BTS, TWICE, and EXO...after 6 months debuting... If there's an award for promo or collab of the year it has to goes down to K/DA PopStars tbh, that song really shot their views/listeners/fans to the unknown territory (aka gamers land) Now just hoping CUBE be wise in...