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  1. Kamistar

    Photo Jessica is looking SO beautiful (idol jung is back)

    SHE'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN EVER OMG The ice princess + visual aura never left her :sakUwu:
  2. daesuki

    Appreciation Appreciate GOT7: Visuals

    This week, we're focusing on GOT7's visuals! First up, we have the official visuals of the group, Mark and Jinyoung! Then we have our hyung line, Jaebeom and Jackson! Finally, we have our maknaes, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. In conclusion, stan GOT7 :dab:
  3. maruberry

    If you could stan one already debuted group pre-debut.... which one?

    People often have regrets like "I wish I stanned them sooner" "I wish I followed them from the start" So if you get the chance to go back in time and stan ONE group you didn't stan pre-debut before they debuted.... which one?? For me it's EXO without any doubt. I joined them quite early on...
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation 8 reasons all you GG stans should stan Sakurazaka46

    My girls Sakurazaka46 are amazing, perfection and overall the best thing to ever happen SO here is why YOU should stan them! 1) They have a lot of members, but not TOOOOOO many members (26) so there will be somebody for everybody! 2) They can pull of incredibly powerful, angsty, deep concepts...
  5. maruberry

    I'm so out of the loop with current boygroups

    I realized this when I tried to name recently debuted boy groups and failed miserably I don't even know the group names, never mind the songs..... I think I've reached a point in my kpop stan career where I'm just vibing. I don't feel like... I need to know everything going on I don't feel like...
  6. maruberry

    Do you remember how your bias became your bias?

    bcs I do! At least for both Kai & Woozi! With Kun it was more of a.... progress than an instant thing, but still! With Kai it was his part in Overdose where he had that foot move etc... I was a GONER and I haven't strayed from him since! For Woozi? It was his solo dance in Don't Wanna Cry! He...
  7. kyuhyun

    wholesome thread! your favourite things about being a stan?

    hi <3 what are your favourite things about being an asian pop stan??? :nekolove: here are mine!! 1. being able to connect with other fans this is my favourite thing about being a stan!!! omg i love being able to connect with others and make friends. some of my closest friends i met through...
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation Yves is coming for my butt

    So recently I made friends with this girl (online ofc, who even meets ppl irl these days?) who is a massive Yves fan.... And I have to admit... I couldn't give a single fuck about Loona. But Yves is amazing. Like NEVER before has this happened to me! Usually even if I am friends with ppl who...
  9. potato

    Appreciation I've become Loona trash

    Not even 2 weeks ago, I wasn't into LOONA at all. I had heard only a few songs which I had liked but not enough to stan. The only thing I pretty much knew about LOONA was their fandom. I'm not sure quite what happened (I think it was mainly @la_mort_pour_vous and @Skinnny's fault) but I've...
  10. FaceMcShooty

    Would yout bias stan you?

    Would your bias stan you if you were an idol and he/she was a commoner? :jenniesmug:
  11. maruberry

    Appreciation ...Woozi...

    Love him... Stan him... Appreciate him... He is literal perfection... From his feet to his fingers, from his voice to his dance... Perfect...
  12. maruberry

    Apply to be my fellow Woozi stan today!

    SO! :nekopout: Things can't continue on like they have before! We have quite a few SVT stans on this site, which is good! BUT I'm the only Woozi stan here! We have 6 DK stans! SIX! I know this might largely be due to me agressively claiming Woozi to be mine and mine only... but that's beside...
  13. maruberry

    Appreciation if you don't stan Woozi, this will convince you otherwise!

    It is impossible to watch this fancam of Woozi dancing to abracadabra and NOT fall in love! He is perfect and his hips don't lie! PS: The video will start when he will dance... before it is just him being shy!
  14. maruberry

    Appreciation if anyone ever asks me why I love Kai this much

    I will show them this video! This video really sums up why I love Kai! Look how elegantly he moves, how he the choreo look so stunning, delicate and intricate! How his face lights up with wonder looking at the butterfly made of his hands! The way he smiles with pure undiluted joy and how he...
  15. maruberry

    Some old, but gold words from Lay. Buying albums doesn't make you a bigger fan!

    This is so true and anybody who disagrees really needs to set their priorities straight!
  16. kuro

    what does stanning a group mean to you?

    what does stanning a group mean to you? liking their music? spending money? investing time? for me, it's spending time on them. I don't usually(very rarely/sometimes) like the music of groups I stan, and never spend a lot of money if they aren't BTS, so it's definitely time. @Jiminish @twinkle...
  17. maruberry

    What does it take for you to stan a group

    I personally don't stan easily. For me to stan a group, the music is the most importnant. If I don't love most of their music, I am not stanning. Simple as that. Then in some cases I don't stan even if I like the music... For example Infinite and B.A.P! Those are usually old(er) groups and...
  18. maruberry

    ex-ARMYs, do you miss stanning BTS?

    I sometimes do. Especially when one of their old songs comes on in a playlist on spotify... Or when I see an old video I have seen and loved... Or when I see a picture of one of the boys where they look like they did years ago... I Sometimes miss those times. I miss that feeling of love and...
  19. maruberry

    Songs you love from groups you don't stan

    I have quite a few songs like that! Innocent love/first love - Astro Why me - Infinite (I really like so many of their songs... or like most of their discography... But I don't want to start to stan an old group... There is so much to catch up on and I am not sure if I am ready for that.)...