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  1. the101

    Comeback EXO - Exist - 7th Album - 23.07.10

    EXO is finally back with all the active members (although Kai, of course won't be at appearances) The new album drops July 10. There is a prerelease song that was released, Let Me In. You can find all the latest updates in this thread.
  2. the101

    Appreciation Kpop Idols Covering Kai's Rover - a thread

    We know Kai is iconic and highly respected in the industry. When he debuts a new song, idols rush to cover it! This thread will highlight the different idol covers. Many are buzzing to do it and catch his attention too. The choreo is by the queen, Bada Lee (most WayV and Ten choreo + NCT 127...
  3. the101

    News New EXO album + minis for Baekhyun, Kai, Suho, Chen and D.O.

    EXO-Ls stay winning! No tour tho, but happy we're getting back to back Suho and Chen albums. I thought Suho's last album was great. I was disappointed with DO's mini so will be interested to see what he does this time. I can't believe they're still not giving Baek a full album. (Kai's not on the...
  4. Hakunama_Tata

    Video Tag yourself and your friends - EXO version

    So, the rule is obvious: tag yourself and your friends/other users as EXO members who you can see in this video.:scree: (You don’t need to tag all members if you don’t want.)
  5. Kamistar

    Video SUHO Call me a Freak Live clip

    Nailed it :sanapray:
  6. Kamistar

    Audio Suho's collab with Mew Suppasit "Turn Off The Alarm" has been released
  7. RandAlThor

    Trading Suho 5

    looking for Le Sserafim: Sakura, Chaewon , Yujin, Kazuha, Garam, Eunchae Lightsum: Sangah, Chowon, Nayoung, , Juhyeon, Yujeong, Huiyeon, Jian Rocket Punch: Juri, , Suhyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee, Medium Sistar: Bora, Hyolyn, Soyou, Dasom Woo!ah: Nana, Wooyeon, Sora, Lucy, , Songye
  8. RandAlThor

    Traded Suho 5

    Looking for these group members Prioirity Le Sserafim: Sakura, Chaewon , Yujin, Kazuha, Garam, Eunchae Lightsum: Sangah, Chowon, Nayoung, Hina, Juhyeon, Yujeong, Huiyeon, Jian Rocket Punch: Juri, Yeonhee, Suhyun, Yunkyoung, Sohee Medium Sistar: Bora, Hyolyn, Soyou, Dasom Woo!ah: Nana...
  9. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Suho calls Seulgi and Wendy SM angels.

    I agree!!
  10. litc

    Video Suho in Dubai Pt. 2

  11. RandAlThor

    News Time table for the festival in London

    RV is closing it down :) I really hope this happens Will mean a lot to Billlie, Cherry bullet and Viviz especially on the girls side.
  12. Kamistar

    Performance Suho performing Hurdle (Dubai)

    Posting now because I just found a good fancam that was recently uploaded :sanapray:
  13. litc

    Appreciation Happy 31st birthday Suho

    Happy 31st birthday to the cutest 31 year old man in the world aka suho, aka kim junmyeon:pandahappy: he's a great leader with great music and so kind and funny:sanapray: enjoy the cutest suho fancam @Exo-L
  14. Kamistar

    Information Grey Suit by SUHO has now 32 regions with No.1s on iTunes Album Chart

    It also debuted at #2 on on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart :pepeheart:
  15. litc

    Information SUHO COMEBACK In the world of K-pop, an artist’s most precious commodity isn’t necessarily their angelic voice or tight double pirouette — it’s time. That’s because for the majority of male K-pop idols, looming in the distance is...
  16. litc

    Appreciation Bunny biases?

    Do you have any bunny biases? I have four. My Exo bias, Suho: My iKon bias Bobby: My BTS bias Jungkook: My Loona bias Heejin: So I guess bunnies are buff lol:pandatea:
  17. QueenieLime

    Appreciation Suho's vocals are beautiful and criminally underrated

    :pikahappy: Hello everyone and welcome back to another Exo appreciation thread! While there is a lot of wonderful things that could be said about him personally, his voice is always a bit underappreciated. There are many great vocalists in Exo, and Suho is definitely one of them. In any other...
  18. litc

    Exo Badge Revamp 2021

    Hi exols! Welcome to the llama_twerkOfficial Exo 2021 Badge Revamp Threadllama_twerk Suggestion Period: November 11, 2021 to November 25, 2021 Voting Period: November 26, 2021 to December 10, 2021 Rules Badge size must be 77x77 Please use rounded corners [50] Use official photos Covered...