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  1. litc

    Audio Album that SVT Vernon featured on released

  2. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Mingyu being too perfect

    How to survive @Carat ?:maheart: Post your fav picture about him.
  3. Soogi

    Variety -ˋˏ GOING SEVENTEEN ˎˊ- Discussion Thread | New Ep. Every Wednesday 9PM KST

    GOING SEVENTEEN is a popular variety show starring SEVENTEEN. You can watch the show for free on SEVENTEEN's Youtube, VLive & Weverse channels. New episodes drop every Wednesday 9PM KST. The show premiered in 2017 and originally followed a vlog / behind-the-scenes format, but transitioned to...
  4. Soogi

    Appreciation I still haven't recovered from the whiplash this performance gave me

    svt performing adore u with their boobs half out after they just finished performing one of their thottiest songs
  5. Hakunama_Tata

    Chart Seventeen's 'Darl+ing' ranks #1 on iTunes 'Top Song' charts in 34 different countries

    Seventeen's English digital single "Darl+ing" topped iTunes 'Top Song' charts in 34 different countries, including Singapore, the Philippines, Egypt, Indonesia, and more. Also, ranked in the top 10 in 46 different countries, and topped real-time charts in Japan. "Darl+ing" is a pre-release...
  6. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation A Seventeen a week keeps the doctor away pt. 1

    As I said before, there is not enough Seventeen here, so sometimes I will post incoherent and unnecessary pics/gifs/videos about Seventeen. :mork: Enjoy! :plushielove: @Carat @Mingchuu
  7. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Prince of smiles aka SVT Joshua :D

    @Carat Do you love his smile? :maheart: :nekolove:
  8. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation SVT Mingyu being all smiley

    Since it's Mingyu's birtday, let's celebrate it. :felixdance: @Carat
  9. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Seventeen The8 and the faces he made (Happy April Fools' Day!)

    Inspired by today's "funny face" Card Challenge. :mgblush: Enjoy the perfection of my bias! :mork: I just realized how similar we look, especially on the last one. :yedone: @badcrookshanks @Exi @Carat @Mingchuu
  10. Hakunama_Tata

    MV Seventeen The8 - '海城(Hai Cheng) MV

    The8 has released his 4th solo single, "海城(Hai Cheng)". The track was co-composed by The8 and fellow member Woozi, lyrics written by The8 and ALFa. The song represents the feelings of a man who hopes for a fated love. :maheart: @Carat
  11. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation The8 and glasses

    Minghao and glasses together are a killer combo, look at the perfection! :kittylove: @Soogi @Mingchuu
  12. litc

    Appreciation Rap Dinosaur

    Rap Dinosaur in the house! I feel like Dino's rap is unappreciated because he's in Performance Team in Seventeen. But he's a pretty good rapper in addition to an amazing main dancer! Ofc he killed his part in Boom Boom And in performance team songs he gets to show his skills a bit more...
  13. Soogi

    Solo SEVENTEEN DINO Official Thread ✧ Nine to ZERO ! Future of Kpop

    ✧ ABOUT DINO ✧ stage name: dino ( 디노 ) real name: lee chan (lee joongchan) birthday: february 11, 1999 zodiac sign: aquarius mbti type: enfj position: main dancer, sub vocal, sub rapper, maknae seventeen subunit: performance unit - he was a trainee for 3 years - he was recruited by pledis in...
  14. Hakunama_Tata

    Solo Seventeen The8 🐸 Xu Minghao Official Thread

    Stage Name: THE8 (디에잇) Birth Name: Xu Minghao (徐明浩) Korean Name: Seo Myung Ho (서명호) Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper Nationality: Chinese Hometown: Anshan, Liaoning, China Birthday: 07 November 1997 Zodiac sign: Scorpio Blood Type: O Height: 179 cm (5’10.5″) SVT Sub-Unit...
  15. maruberry

    SM should adopt Seventeen

    Seventeen is just an SM group in disguise! I pray every day for SM to adopt them, or even better.... Label SJ! The whole groups is really close to Super Junior JunHao are really close to NCT's China-line Hoshi is a SHINee fanboy and close with Key Mingyu is friends with Jaehyun and I am sure...
  16. maruberry

    Appreciation Seventeen's Happy Birthday is free to use

    This is such a beautiful present to carats! Not only is it a stunning song with beautiful lyrics, but it is free to use for us! They also credit us for the lyrics and producing along with Woozi! Maybe that is also why they made it free to use, We helped make it, so we should be able to use...
  17. Soogi

    Appreciation He's out here hitting crazy high notes

    AND HES DOING IT FOR FUN ???:jisoosmh::jisoosmh: stan main vocal and acclaimed musical actor dokyeom :sj_weary::sanapray:
  18. LoveYooShaSha

    News SEVENTEEN To Perform “HOME;RUN” On “The Late Late Show With James Corden” 2021.01.06

    SEVENTEEN To Perform “HOME;RUN” On “The Late Late Show With James Corden” 2021.01.06 SEVENTEEN's episode on "The Late Late...
  19. maruberry

    SVT being Bighit is ironic, considering the members are closer with SM idols

    I mean... it's kinda funny! Minghao & Jun are really close with NCT's China-line (Apparently Chenle is learning meditation from Minghao) Woozi & Chanyeol are friends Hoshi is a SHINee fanboy Super Junior and SVT overall seem to be close (too many instances to mention) It's so ironic that SVT...