1. marublade

    Shotaro & Sunchan on NCT Daily Sun & Moon

    Oh GOD there is another Aegyo monster! ANOTHER ONE! WHY DOES NCT HAVE SO MANY MEMBERS WHO ARE SCARY WITH AEGYO! WHY WHY WHY! It's like when everybody else defines Aegyo as cute, NCT defines it as "We will make you puke" Sungchan REALLY is an NCT member, from bad animal impressions to...
  2. NeoSquare

    Teaser NCT 127 - Non Stop member teasers

  3. NeoSquare

    Teaser NCT 127 Punch member teasers

  4. NeoSquare

    Teaser Neo Zone Discovery #2 Teasers

  5. NeoSquare

    Appreciation OMG noooooo I'm cryingggg

    Did Taeil just poke Taeyong's nipples???
  6. mirella

    THE best collabs this year

    It's been months but I'm still in love with Hwasa X Loco. The pair have perfect chemistry and made a great song together (with the help of Woogie, of course). Their live performances are just :llama_squish: But this is the opportunity to promote Wheesung X Taeil X Chungha-- who knew I needed...