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Information NCT Universe (kinda daily updates) - Sept. 18, 2023 (1 Viewer)


13 January 2022
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Neo City, EXO Planet
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NCT Universe
Sept. 18, 2023

A (mostly) daily round-up of everything happening in the NCT Universe.
What's included: tour news, appearances, cfs, performances, news.
What's not included: IG updates unless there's something highly pertinent, merch drops unless something highly pertinent like a new CF.

Something's up with Twt so may have missed some stuff from the 17th.
Let's enjoy Resonance, shall we?

Oh Baby, Comeback: NCT 127 - Fact Check
  • NEW TEASERS: Mystery in Seoul Jungwoo, Taeil and Jaehyun. The Taeil one is animated 🥹, thread here by @Yerichu
  • NEW TEASER: first look and listen, thread here by yerichu
  • Fact check sounds like...I think they mean afrobeats here

Oh, Baby Comeback: NCT - Golden Age

NCT Dream:
  • Mark for Esquire Korea
  • NCT Dream are the new model for Lotte Free
  • NEW VIDEO: Mark for Esquire Korea, thread here by @SUNSEEKER
  • NEW VIDEO: Mark for Esquire Korea Interview, thread here by sunseeker
  • NEW CLIP: promo for M Countdown with raw vocals

  • nEW CLIP: cute baby Chenle and Chewing Gum with Renjun and CHenle
  • NEW CF: Blancdiva

NCT 127:
  • Thom Browne specifically highlights Johnny's comeback teaser (he's wearing their suit) - brand ambassador status incoming? 👀

  • NEW CONTENT: Taeil and Haechan recording behind the scenes, thread here by yerichu
  • NEW PHOTOSHOOT: Jaehyun for arena

  • Taeil will have a new OST

  • NEW CLIP: TyTok
  • NEW CLIP: TY and Mark

  • Xiaojun's grandma passed. My deepest sympathy 💚
  • NEW CONTENT: new ep of unbelievable, thread here

  • NEW CLIP: raw vocals from Xiaojun with Kun on the piano

NCT DoJaeJung:
  • no new updates
NCT New Team (NCT Tokyo)
  • Still no news on Jungmin, who didn't appear in any of the NCT Nation shows, nor in the new promo vid for the showcase tour

  • NEW CLIP; predebut tour

  • That's a wrap on NCT Nation so far - 220,000 people went to the Japan shows.
  • Torrential rain didn't stop the Neos or Czennies!
  • We have our first photo of the entire group, including the new NEos (just missing Taeil and Jungmin)

  • Day 1 in Tokyo long thread
  • Day 2 in Tokyo
  • NEW CLIP: NCT U Yogurt SHake

Biggest Hit on This Stage (Charts, Awards, Milestones):
  • Golden Age received a Melon award for 1,470,800 streams in the first 24 hours. 🍾
  • Ten received an award from The Inspiration Award from Mint Magazine Thailand 🍾
  • Baggy Jeans is climbing the charts with no promo rn - it's up to #48 on melon! Keep in mind, it didn't even appear in the charts until a week after its debut! 🔥
  • it's also in Spotify's Viral Global chart for songs going wild on TikTok.
  • Hanteo Weekly:
    • albums #8 Golden Age, #10 ISTJ, #81 Perfume, #100 candy
    • Digital #64 Baggy Jeans, #87 Candy
  • Melon Weekly: #57 Baggy Jeans (up 22 spots!), #71 Candy, #78 ISTJ, #86 Yogurt Shake
  • Golden Age is nearly a million seller on the Circle charts - it debuted at #1 on Circle & Hanteo. 🍾
  • NCT is #3 in boy ground brand reputation, up 6 spots
  • Golden Age won't appear in Billboard for a few more weeks with US release but ISTJ remains in the BB 200 and several other charts.
  • Billboard Japan - Golden Age reached a new peak of #10
  • ROAD TO 100M 🏃‍♂️ no songs above 90M right now

Neo's Got My Fact:
DYK Mark is top of the Neos for a second month in the bg brand reputation list?
Jaehyun, Doyoung, Taeyong, Jaemin, Jisung, Taeil (up a whopping 47 spots), Haechan, Jeno, Jungwoo, Renjun, Chenle and Ten are also in the list.

Music, Dance:
Your daily dip into NCT

@NCTzen @NCT Dream @NCT 127 @WayZenNi

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