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  1. Ozymandias

    Teaser SuperM- One (Monster & Infinity)- MV Teaser plus SuperM/Marvel collab

    Anticipate the mega bop :sj_weary: Official audio is already out for those who want to listen here. Also wtf is happening here? :jisoosmh: Idk what it is but I like it :nakypog::sj_weary: Rise up spermies^^ @SuperM
  2. Ozymandias

    Audio SuperM- One (Monster & Infinity)

    The audio is out ahead of their performance on the Ellen show. The official MV and album drops on the 25th :pepeheart: Obviously this is a combination of 2 separate tracks, Monster and Infinity, much like Shinee’s Sherlock was back in the day. You can feel the key change/transition when it...
  3. Ozymandias

    Sensitive Wtf SuperM?????

    Wtf is this lmaooooo I’m wheezing :lisalaugh: Ok but Taeyong and Lucas acting looks good, Kai and Baek look good too but I can’t with Mark and Taemin nooo :jisoosmh: Anticipate on the 25th I guess :wimwim: @Ahsoka @JakeyWantsCakey @maruberry @Suzy @Yolks @potato @Bookworm
  4. maruberry

    18+ Ten is such a god damn brat

    Honestly out of all the idols I know... Ten is the biggest god damn brat Out of all the idols I know, he is the one who KNOWS what he is doing the best. It's like he is looking to make ppl mad! He is looking or smbdy to take him to hand and make him STOP! There is very little I would like more...
  5. Ozymandias

    News WayV physical album release delayed due to costume errors.

    I wasn't aware their clothing/accessories had anything controversial, guess they gotta redo the jacket shooting or something :jisoosmh: Atleast album will still be released online lol. If only they figured this out sooner to avoid last minute delay :nayeonisdone: @Darth_17 @Darth_berries...
  6. maruberry

    18+ Ten has that one look....

    Ten has that one look. Icy cold. That just fucking OOOZES Bitch you FUCKED UP vibes. The look that confirms this bitch is a powerbottom. The look I aspire to have directed at me at one point in my life, even though I know I'm a girlie and I'm like 99% sure he is gay. THAT FUCKING LOOK. That...
  7. Ozymandias

    Teaser SuperM X Korean Air coming soon (Nov 4th)

    SuperM CF for Korean Air, coming soon on Nov 4th. Anticipate :sakUwu: Ngl, actually sounds like a bop :sj_weary: Anticipate the Avengers of Kpop :taesip: Tags:
  8. maruberry

    18+ What is Taeyong doing to Ten?

    Those noises... umm...
  9. Ozymandias

    Discussion Annyeong! Have you streamed SOTY today??

    Just a daily reminder to stream this best bop. COZ WHEN WE JUMPING IT'S POPPING, WE JOPPING :sakUwu: Now put your hands in the air, lemme see you bounce. Thanks :taesip: @mirella @Vikki @AnotherKpopTrash @Baechu @Tir @maruif @lexus @Mangoey @RainbowDevil
  10. maruberry

    Appreciation No Manners is THAT song

    This is SUCH a good song! IT's amazing! it is everything I like and want in a song!
  11. maruberry

    Discussion Taemin insta live with SuperM

    Baekhyun starts the introduction... so he is probably the leader! They also say the choreo is really amazing and like a dance break from start to finish! Well with this lineup... Who Could've guessed that! Also... Kai massaging Baekhyuns thigh... what is with EXO members and massaging thighs?
  12. maruberry

    18+ My top 3 sexiest male idols

    These are the idols who in my opinion are the sexiest! THIS BE MY OPINION ALRIGHT! Woozi - He knows what he looks like and how to use it to his advantage... I like that... He knows what he is doing to me and he is enjoying it! Not to mention the nipple ring instantly adds like +10 points! Ten -...
  13. maruberry

    News Ten ate some fruit! [I never thought this day would come!]

    I shall never forget this day happened!
  14. maruberry

    Discussion I'm scared

  15. maruberry

    18+ I have figured out which members of NCT Ten has F***ed!

    IT'S THE ONES WITH THE RINGS! AJOFIHEHSFUESK! How TF did I not figure this out earlier? I y'all didn't know, Ten has given black rings to some members of NCT I assume he is close to! Hendery just recently got one... Hendery is also his latest conquest in the area of ships! So what if Ten gives...
  16. maruberry

    18+ Who is kinkier Ten or Taeyong?

    Both are subs, both are kinky but 1 is a panicked gay, while the other is a confident one! But who do y'all think is kinkier? I see these 2 as almost the polar opposite subs! Ten is a really bratty sub in my opinion, who loves to push the boundaries! The kind of a sub who will break rules on...
  17. maruberry

    Discussion The confusing life of Ten!

    A Thai guy, in a Chinese group under a Korean brand... Shit gets confusing!
  18. maruberry

    Appreciation Ten is the cutest member of NCT!

    I will tolerate no arguments!
  19. maruberry

    Appreciation Ten learning mandarin... And Yangyang distubing him!

    Cute! I live for Ten calling Yangyang a baby, I am LIVING for it! Not to mention how Ten can and will drag you in any language, fluent or not. Label V is doing their job well, I love it! Good job SM for giving us Label V and good job Label V for giving us content! I love these short clips, they...
  20. maruberry

    Appreciation How to be Ten! [Not even kidding... An actual "official" guide]

    Here we have WayV telling you how to be Ten! It is a much needed guide, since some of y'all aren't Ten and it shows! PS: Damn Yangyang can dance aswell!