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the boyz

  1. litc

    Teaser More TBZ Sweet Highlights

    Changmin's smile is so cute @The B
  2. litc

    Teaser The Boyz Sweet Highlight (Another One)

    Dang, Kevin's dancing tho @The B
  3. litc

    Teaser The Boyz Sweet Highlight

    (mv only available on Universe rn) @The B
  4. litc

    Teaser The Boyz Sweet Page

    @The B
  5. litc

    Teaser The Boyz Sweet Previews Q, Kevin, Hyunjae

    @The B
  6. litc

    Video 1st Look Juyeon (The Boyz)

  7. Abeamus

    News The Boyz postpone remaining US tour stops after testing positive for Covid-19

    Hello, this is IST Entertainment. A few of our members of THE BOYZ (Juyeon, Kevin, Q) and some of the touring staff have tested positive for COVID-19 during “THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR : THE B-ZONE IN USA.” Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are deeply regretful to announce that the rest of the...
  8. litc

    Teaser The Boyz Sweet Concept Photos 1 & 2

    @The B
  9. litc

    Teaser The Boyz Sweet Schedule and Cover Image

    @The B
  10. litc

    Teaser The Boyz She's The Boss Japanese Mini Album Highlight Medley

    @The B Toxic Love is nice. The whispering parts sound so cool as well and the beat is nice. Groovy too. Oooh Why why why. Interesting and funky. She's the Boss I already don't like Don't Cry I might get bored by tbh Not feeling One Dance too much tbh, it sounds ok. Same with Always Together.
  11. litc

    MV The Boyz She's The Boss MV

    :susPepe: @The B
  12. litc

    Photo The Boyz for SPUR