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the boyz

  1. litc

    Video 리얼로망스 더보이즈의 연애편지 (THE BOYZ's Love Letter) | EP.2

    Juhaknyeon is still upset I didn’t get his April fools :runaway: :runaway: :runaway:
  2. litc

    Dance Practice THE BOYZ 미공개 안무 연습 영상 모음집 (by. Eric)

    Omg Eric almost 50 min …:dying: I’m saving this to my watch later tho I definitely wanna see it @The B google translate says the title is the boyz collection of unreleased choreography videos NO WONDER I SEE HWALL WAIT TY ERIC OT12 IN MY HEART FOREVER:bulbasip::pandalove: I’ve been a fan...
  3. Abeamus

    New MV The Boyz "Honey" MV

  4. Boyo

    Video Felix had a lost buddy

    So, Felix wasn’t the only one who got lost during 2023 SBS Gayo Daejeon. :taemsip: Welcome Lost Puppy 2., The Boyz’ Younghoon!:bigcatclap: @The B @Stay
  5. Boyo

    Performance THE BOYZ - Intro + WATCH IT♬

    @The B
  6. Abeamus

    New MV The Boyz "We Are" Castaway Diva OST Part. 5

  7. Abeamus

    New MV The Boyz "Delicious"

  8. Yuzuru

    Appreciation Happy Birthday Jacob!

    @The B Happy Birthday Jacob!🎉
  9. Yuzuru

    Appreciation THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo On His Tastes In Alcohol, The Kind Of Lyrics He Wants To Write, And More @The B Damn! This guy’s multitalented!
  10. Yuzuru

    News THE BOYZ Announces 2023 World Tour “ZENERATION” @The B Will you be lucky to see them? Idk about myself.
  11. Yuzuru

    Chart March Idol Group Brand Reputation Rankings Announced
  12. RockyGoose

    Kpop songs that are "royalcore"

    Or at least those kpop songs or music videos that give you royal vibes. Starting with KINGDOM, where royal is the group's concept. and I'm excited for their comeback "Dystopia" Some other songs
  13. Yuzuru

    Video [ OFF THE BOYZ ] tmrw Magazine Behind

    @The B
  14. Yuzuru

    Chart TXT, BTS, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, NewJeans, TWICE, And NCT 127 Claim Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart @Moa @ARMY @Stay @The B @Atiny @Bunnies @Once @NCTzen Congratulations to all groups!
  15. Yuzuru

    Performance THE BOYZ Takes “ROAR” 5th Win On “Music Bank” @The B Congratulations! Roar is an awesome song!