1. taemkitten

    Appreciation ASTRO Angels

    As promised (if they received a win during their "All Light" album promotions), ASTRO wore angel wings for their fans during their final fanmeet of the promotion period! Below are some preview images taken at the final fanmeets.
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    News KEYLAND Concert: Final Day

    The final concert of Key's KEYLAND was held, in which Taemin was able to attend. Key expressed his happiness to be able to enlist while continuing to do what he loves (performing/making music etc) and told Shawols he'd see them soon/that it wouldn't be that long. The following are some accounts...
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    Teaser TAEMIN //WANT// More Releases

    TEASER EIGHT [19.02.01] TEASER NINE [19.02.01] TEASER TEN [19.02.01] ALBUM DETAILS [19.02.01] CONCEPT SIGNATURE FILM [19.02.01]
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    Teaser Taemin //WANT// Teasers [Day 3]

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    News ASTRO's //BLACK// 3rd Aroha Festival

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    Appreciation ASTRO FIRST WIN - I'm still beaming ;u;

    (I know some of you saw me elsewhere with this same exact thread advised I will praise them to the high heavens here too) THE BOYS FINALLY GOT THEIR FIRST MUSIC SHOW WIN AFTER THREE YEARS! SUPER PROUD!!! THEY ARE CURRENTLY TRENDING SECOND WORLDWIDE ON TWITTER #ASTRO1stWin
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    Group ✯ ASTRO ✯ // 아스트로 \\ Official Thread | UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    Currently under construction. ASTRO (아스트로) MJ + JinJin + Cha Eunwoo + Moonbin + Rocky + Sanha [Debut: 160223] FAST FACTS Company/Label: Fantagio Official Color(s): Vivid Plum & Space Violet Fandom: AROHA (ASTRO | Heart | All Fans) Age Range at Debut: 16 - 22 OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS Twitter...