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  1. taemkitten

    News Taemin Opens Instagram Account on Birthday

    In addition to turning 27, Taemin has finally opened up the Instagram account that many fans have been excitedly awaiting for the past few weeks ever since it first started making a mysterious appearance and various official SHINee accounts followed it. It fell off the platform multiple times...
  2. taemkitten

    Appreciation Happy 27th Birthday, Taemin!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE TAEMIN! Today (190718) marks Taemin's 27th birthday (Korean age, 26 internationally)! Fans have already began to show their support and appreciation for Taemin with gifts in his name being given, donated, and made. In addition to preparing a cake for him during his stage in...
  3. taemkitten

    Performance ✯ ASTRO ✯ // Hanbok Performance of "All Night"

    ASTRO finally got to perform together in an all-Hanbok performance of their recent title release, "All Night!" The group had stated wanting to have a performance where they wore the traditional Hanbok attire, and during a special stage at Music Bank they got to do just that.
  4. taemkitten

    TV ✢ TAEMIN (태민) ✢ "Final Life" Web Drama - ENG Subbed

    The web drama that Taemin acted in, "Final Life," has finally been subbed in English and released on US Amazon Prime after nearly two years! Although Final Life was released exclusively on Japan Amazon Prime, the company has now officially subbed the show in English and released it for users of...
  5. taemkitten

    TV ✯ ASTRO's Sanha ✯ // Acting Debut in New Web Drama

    ASTRO's youngest member, Yoon Sanha, has been cast in his debut acting role in an upcoming web drama! Announced to be starring alongside AOA's Chanmi, the two are the leads in a romantic web drama entitled "Love Equation 11M." The story follows a young college student as she leads a life...
  6. taemkitten

    Comeback ✢ TAEMIN (태민) ✢ 3rd Mini Album「Famous」(ANNOUNCED)

    After much anticipation from Shawols and Taemints (and much teasing from the man himself, including scolding from his staff backstage after a recent concert), the announcement has been released that Taemin will be coming back with his 3rd mini album, 「Famous」 , in Japan! He's mentioned multiple...
  7. taemkitten


    UNDER CONSTRUCTION AARON YAN (炎亞綸) [Debut: March 2011] FAST FACTS Company/Label: HIM International Music (Taiwan) // WOW Music (Hong Kong) // Pony Canyon (Japan) Age at Debut: 25 Currently part of four-member group, Fahrenheit, of which he initially debuted with in September 2006. The group...
  8. taemkitten

    TV Aaron Yan in Dramas/Dramadies - I love him so much

    So to continue my happiness about getting back into dramas once again (it's been so long since any have interested me enough to have me sit and binge watch them - because it's impossible to not binge watch...I'm trying to get into Abyss, but the episodes are released every week and I'm not sure...
  9. taemkitten

    TV Accidentally in Love

    If you haven't taken the time to watch this M/C-Drama, you definitely should. A "Netflix Original," it's honestly one of the cutest things I've seen in a while that hooked me rather quickly. It has a lot of the expected and stereotyped cliches that you find in really any of the Asian dramas out...
  10. taemkitten

    Sanha for Law of the Jungle

    The second member of the boy group, ASTRO, to attend SBS' show Law of the Jungle, Sanha follows fellow member Eunwoo's steps in going to the jungle. Sanha will be part of the new crew going abroad for the show, this time to Myanmar, a country just north of Thailand. Jokes are running rampant...
  11. taemkitten

    Photo living for the mom pose

    i love when idols have a specific way they stand or move or pose that is so recognizably and point, Taemin's "mom pose" through the years: i can feel the disappointment for not doing my chores when asked coming from each and every pic
  12. taemkitten

    Photo ✣ TAEMIN ✣ // ⌜ARENA TOUR 2019 ~X~⌟\\

    Instagram Photographs Fan Photographs
  13. taemkitten

    Performance Onew Performing for Soldiers in Awe

    As anyone that has heard Onew sing before, it should come as no surprise that many are left in the wake in awe at his incredible vocal talent and soul-moving voice. While in the military thus far, Onew has performed on stage with other soldiers for a military production of musical theater...
  14. taemkitten

    Taemin Mentions Other SHINee Members During Concert

    Never one to leave behind the current going-ons of his fellow group mates, Taemin recently mentioned all three members that are currently in the military during one of his more recent concerts on a leg of his Arena Tour in Japan. Onew was the first name mentioned, Taemin impressed by the stage...
  15. taemkitten

    Taemin is Blond Again

    And you know what that likely means (or maybe not, considering Taemin has a habit of randomly dying his hair blond and then black and then back to blond) - could comeback season be upon us so quickly? It would make sense, as his arena tour is in full swing and there's a short gap between his...
  16. taemkitten

    🐾 a thousand miles from nowhere [ANON] 🐾

    TAEMKITTEN'S ANON I finally started my anon back up, and I'm opening it here for y'all! It's an anonymous confession thread, anonymous question thread, anything you please. If you are submitting something 18+, please put [M] at the start of your submission. If you are submitting something...
  17. taemkitten

    Appreciation look at all these chickens

    not really, but they're a gaggle of giggles. i love these idiots. jinjin's hair is such a ball of fluffy mop ;u;
  18. taemkitten

    Appreciation Shiny Foundation: Sharing Jonghyun Forever

    It's no surprise that Jonghyun has a significant impact on Shiny Foundation, the foundation created by his mother and sister essentially in his name. But some photos from the office in Seoul reveal that the owners and staff really have gone above and beyond to honor the man as well as include...
  19. taemkitten

    Appreciation key being cute, what's new?

    Recently he finished his basics training and in closing gifted his platoon leader and the man's wife an autographed copy of his solo album:
  20. taemkitten

    18+ Kpop Vines/Memes/Try Not to Laugh (and other funny compilations)

    NOTE: I'm being cautious with the 18+ because of some of the content in these. Fair warning. I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for some ridiculous Kpop Vines. Yeah, yeah, most are filled with the same old meme and inside fandom jokes, BUT! You can't argue that a lot of them are great...