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  1. taemkitten

    Comeback ✢ TAEMIN (태민) ✢ 3rd Mini Album「Famous」(ANNOUNCED)

    After much anticipation from Shawols and Taemints (and much teasing from the man himself, including scolding from his staff backstage after a recent concert), the announcement has been released that Taemin will be coming back with his 3rd mini album, 「Famous」 , in Japan! He's mentioned multiple...
  2. taemkitten

    Performance Onew Performing for Soldiers in Awe

    As anyone that has heard Onew sing before, it should come as no surprise that many are left in the wake in awe at his incredible vocal talent and soul-moving voice. While in the military thus far, Onew has performed on stage with other soldiers for a military production of musical theater...
  3. taemkitten

    Taemin Mentions Other SHINee Members During Concert

    Never one to leave behind the current going-ons of his fellow group mates, Taemin recently mentioned all three members that are currently in the military during one of his more recent concerts on a leg of his Arena Tour in Japan. Onew was the first name mentioned, Taemin impressed by the stage...
  4. taemkitten

    Appreciation Shiny Foundation: Sharing Jonghyun Forever

    It's no surprise that Jonghyun has a significant impact on Shiny Foundation, the foundation created by his mother and sister essentially in his name. But some photos from the office in Seoul reveal that the owners and staff really have gone above and beyond to honor the man as well as include...
  5. taemkitten

    Appreciation key being cute, what's new?

    Recently he finished his basics training and in closing gifted his platoon leader and the man's wife an autographed copy of his solo album:
  6. taemkitten

    Appreciation 💎 SHINee's Back 💎 // Mnet Mini Series \\

    SHINee's BACK - Mnet's Mini Series I was watching this again for the umpteenth time and wanted to share. I really enjoyed this little mini series of 10-minute episodes that SHINee did this past year during their first comeback after the loss. It was meaningful in so many ways, and only further...
  7. taemkitten

    Appreciation Key's Family

    Even while in the military, Key's holding his family close. It was shown in a recent photo taken of Kibum and his platoon in basic training that he's got three pictures on his locker. I can't contain how much this makes me uwu.
  8. taemkitten

    Appreciation 💎 SHINee 💎 // Appreciation Thread \\

    THIS IS SHINEE FIVE AND WE'RE RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE Welcome to the all-inclusive SHINee appreciation thread. Feel free to bask in the luxury and perfection that are the five men of SHINee, the best male group from South Korea that have been going strong since 2008. Feel free, as well, to drop off...
  9. taemkitten

    Teaser Minho's SM Station Single: I'm Home

  10. taemkitten

    SHINee's Key Cooks + Interview

    Our #1 Shawol Queen, Stacy, has done another interview with a member of SHINee - this time, Key! Enjoy watching him cook fresh food alongside a chef, along with questions from Shawol Queen herself.
  11. taemkitten


    Because sometimes, you really just need some random Taemin.
  12. taemkitten

    News 🔑 KEY 🔑 Giving Back Again

  13. Vikki

    Solo ☽☆ JONGHYUN (종현) ☆☾ Official Thread | UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION Disclaimer: This thread is going to be a memoriam of sorts for Jonghyun, his artistic career, and his impact on the entertainment industry of South Korea. When replying, please remember to use the utmost respect towards him as well as the other members of the forum that...
  14. taemkitten

    News ✣ TAEMIN ✣ // ⌜Everyone's Kitchen⌟\\

    Taemin recently visited the set of Olive TV's "Everyone's Kitchen" to show off his cooking skills (or...lack there of?). Olive TV posted a tweet about an upcoming appearance on their show, including images of SHINee's maknae cooking with his usual, princely charm. Look forward to Taemin's...
  15. taemkitten

    News 🔑 KEY 🔑 Donates to and Visits Hospital

    Before his upcoming mandatory military enlistment, SHINee's Key paid a visit to Kyungpook National University Hospital while making a monetary donation. While there, he visited the children's wing to take commemorative photos and encourage the young patients of the wing. Key said, "I visited...
  16. taemkitten

    Comeback 🔑 KEY 🔑 // I Wanna Be \\ (Feat. 소연 of (여자)아이들)

    SHINee's Key has released a teaser for his repackaged first mini album! The title, "I Wanna Be" feat. 소연 of (여자)아이들, is already doing well from the previews and is being anticipated by many. Check out the most recent teaser for the MV of this repack's title below. Key Official Website