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  1. FaceMcShooty

    Which KPS emoji makes you...

    Which KPS emoji makes you trust the user more? Whenever I see this one: :pepeslippy:, I get the feeling that the person who posted it can be trusted somehow!
  2. Butterfly

    Appreciation Who are the most popular users on this site

    Heyy! I was just wondering... All the users on this site are wonderful, but who are popular? Really I am curious! Who are the ones who always get replies on their threads, Who seem to get along with EVERYONE. Who be they?
  3. GloriousHavoc

    Which users do you keep mixing up?

    Which users do you keep mixing up and why? :pepeslippy: ---
  4. Panda

    Official ☽ Event Suggestion Thread ☾

    Hi to anyone reading this! This is our Event Suggestion Thread! ☽ This is where you guys get to pitch and tell us ideas you think would make for good events! 🎉 ☽ If we like the idea you think up we will PM you and talk a bit more about the event and include you in the process of making it...
  5. Mayday

    Game GIFS for users

    Post a gif that a user would like/ describes a user. Ex: @baekk @JenJenLisa
  6. Mayday

    Users that come off blunt?

    I know that I come off pretty blunt for a fact. Are there any users who you were "scared of" or thought they were completely different at first?
  7. maruberry

    Game Describe your relationship with other users of this forum [Tagging game]

    Who do you associate and talk with and what are your interactions like? @Jiminish I love to hate you! You are just so annoyingly attatched to Dotae and I would love to ruin your dreams! Love ya babe! @Soleski The total opposite of jiminish, you are a sunshine and if I ever met you, I would give...
  8. maruberry

    Which users are most likely to get into an argument?

    And I don't mean a mean argument, I mean a fun one! Recently I would have said me and @Jiminish , but we have talked our differences through it seems... So now I have no idea!
  9. mirella

    which user would you want to hack?

    I want to hack @Soulless_Senpai Change his dp to Zico & his sig to Block B I would make him a bg stan mhwahahahhahaha :llama_squish:
  10. Discipline

    Intro Welcome new users!<3

    Hey! Welcome to KS, thank you so much for joining us! I hope that you will all stick with us and use the forums as I'd love to see all the new faces around the forum! If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask, we (staff) are more than willing to help! Once again, thank you for...
  11. MochiFace

    Who are you ????

    I'm so lost with all the allkpop users who cahnge their name on KPS WHO ARE YOU ON AKP ?
  12. Blacklily96

    Do you get curious?

    Do you get curious and check other users posts? To get to "know" them? :seokeyes:
  13. Koala

    ~❤️NekoYa Pick Me Pick Me Up~ Positivity for Users,Idols and friends and Family~

    🌟⭐️✨✨ In the wonderous world that is so large,we always have that one who supports us in our time of need. We all may have fear to say how much someone on forums means to us. Here you can be a silent support. You can tell how much you really root for someone,and things you admire about them. If...