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  1. the101

    Trading The101's Trading Truck Stop 🛻

    Common: Loona - Hyunjin - 8 / Jay Park - 1 Rare: Treasure Hyunsuk - 1 / TXT - Soobin - 2 / Weeekly - Jihan - 6 Whatcha got? I like NCT, EXO and Purple Kiss, also specific members from Pixy (Dia), Everglow (Aisha), Astro (Moonbin) and RV too (Joy, Seulgi).
  2. seoriverse

    Video Weeekly 위클리 2023 설 인사 메시지

    There are no subtitles available yet. @Daileee
  3. litc

    Appreciation Best duo Monday & Soeun

    Monday and Soeun, Kim Jimin and Park Soeun They are the same age and basically same height, and all-rounders, and comedians, the funniest duo:pepeheart: Main dancers and main and lead vocal:snatched: Soeun for Monday's birthday in 2021 When Monday had to describe each of the members in one...
  4. litc

    Rumor New member joining Weeekly (not replacing Jiyoon, she will never be replaced)

    That’s right, Weeekly has a new member! There’s another day! NOT replacing Jiyoon, forever Wednesday as if weeekly weren’t talented enough already:shockedcover: before this new addition came, weeekly released a song, stream And amazing covers And so much more, but most of y’all already...
  5. litc

    Appreciation Happy Boss Puppy Soojin Day

    Happy 21st birthday to Weeekly's Soojin! Ahhhh, I can't call her my baby any more:pepecry1: I have the absolute biggest biggest soft spot for Soojin. She's so young, but she's my favorite leader honestly:maheart: She's such a cutie, and she's been so through so much, she really deserves the...
  6. litc

    Teaser Yaoki the Cat made a Youtube Channel and lyric video #4 for Weeekly Hello Christmas

    Yaoki the cat made a youtube channel the previous 3 lyric video parts up on youtube and this one is new, number 4 when will they give us a new snippet, instead of the same one with just new imagery:chickill: @Daileee @Magician @OnlyCalB @Maze @Yili
  7. litc

    Photo Weeekly 2023 Season's Greetings (Teaser?)

  8. litc

    Photo Weeekly Seasons Greetings Teaser

  9. litc

    Teaser YAOKI Project X Weeekly Lyric Video Parts 1 -3 (Happy Christmas Sound Source Release Fri Dec 9th @ 6)

    " Yaoki Project 'YAOKI Project' to be released in relay format through K-POP artists 'YAOKI Project' is a story about a cat named Yaoki from outer space who learns human emotions through the medium of 'music'. .*December 9th (Fri) 6:00 Weeekly / Happy Christmas sound source release ♪" @Daileee...
  10. Abeamus

    Trading Treasure Mashiho & Weeekly Zoa Halloweens

    Looking for Ailee Halloween (or Irene & Seulgi Seulgi, EXO CBX Baekhyun or Miyeon Halloweens) or EXID Elly & Hyelin Halloweens
  11. litc

    Appreciation HAPPY SOEUN DAY

    Happy birthday Soeun! Cutest smile in the world Part of the best line in kpop, World Cup Babies:pepeheart::pepecry1: All-rounder! Beautiful voice and amazing dancing! Huge cutie but also gorgeous and charismatic Pulls off any concept, amazing stage presence:pepeheart: Sweetheart...
  12. litc

    Audio 빅워크 X Weeekly WALK PLAYLIST : 위클리는 가을이 좋아! ✨

    @Daileee I love when groups make youtube video playlists of their songs like this :maheart: Haven't listened to it yet, but will later I know Seventeen and Block B do it too at the very least. I've heard all of theirs. Some of SVT's were made by the different teams (vocal, hip-hop...
  13. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Happy to see Jiyoon still with a toe in the game.

    Hope she can feel better and find a path!!
  14. seoriverse

    Video Weeekly(위클리) : 2022 추석 인사 메시지

  15. litc

    Video [weeek:live🎞] 2022

  16. litc

    Video Weeekly Monday and Soeun cover Hi Suhyun's I'm Different

    @Nina ><> look at this! We need a hi suhyun comeback:chickill: And this duo needs an official subunit already:chickill:
  17. litc

    Video [weeek:live🎞] 2022