1. LoveYooShaSha

    Appreciation Winter is the cruelest month/Winter been robbed I Tell You true/How Winter been mistreated by the world n fate - a true life story of Winter of Aespa!

    So i been struck by the Winter blues-but you want to know: How has Winter been mistreated?(ok i admit iv misled the good people out there who came in expecting something else) Well it's simple rlly, out of the 4 Aespa members- Winter has the cruelest, most robbed fate in the world: when you...
  2. OnlyCalB

    Performance aespa @ KBS Music Bank [20.11.27]

    aespa @ KBS Music Bank 20.11.27 'Black Mamaba' Choreography Cam Individual Cams @My
  3. marublade

    Appreciation Giselle grabbing Winters ass

    I ship it @My
  4. Suzy

    Appreciation Winter & Karina are ADORABLE

    WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE?? EVEN THEIR SASSY ACTING WAS ADORABLE. I HAVE LITERALLY WATCHED THIS CLIP 1000 TIMES. Seriously I haven't looked into any group besides Aespa these days. I'm obsessed. @My Also there were rumours that Winter got some movie role already? No idea if it's true but I'm...
  5. SeulPika

    Performance Winter - Black Mamba fancams (Music Bank & Inkigayo)

    Stunning and talented. That's the ace of Aespa!!! :dab: And I also noticed that Winter's fancams are the most viewed out of all the Black Mamba 'fancams' that have been uploaded onto the KBS and SBS channels :nakypog: Top comments left by Knetz about Winter's fancam @My @Girl Group
  6. SeulPika

    Seulgi biased Reveluvs

    I want to see something... So if you could fill out this quick questionnaire, that would be amazing!! If your bias in Red Velvet is Seulgi, then I want to see how many Reveluvs have aespa's Winter as their bias, too.... @Reveluv @My Oh, and don't forget to continue streaming...
  7. Xeulgi

    Solo ♡。゚[Æspa] Winter 윈터 | Artist Thread.゚♡ °・❆

    ·͙⁺˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚⁺‧͙❆‧͙⁺˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚⁺‧͙ Winter Stage Name: Winter (윈터) Birth Name: Kim Min Jeong (김민정) Position: Visual, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer Birthday: January 1, 2001 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon Height: 165 cm (5’5’’) Blood Type: A Official Symbol: Star☆ Official...
  8. marublade

    Teaser aespa voice messages "Who is aespa?"

    They have such pretty voices! Karina, Winter & Ningning all sound SO CUTE!, meanwhile Giselle has that DEEP voice! (my trilingual queen) Winter esp. sounds SO YOUNG! She sounds like she's like.... 15 or smth!
  9. NeoSquare

    Teaser SAAY drops cinematic teaser for Winter

    QUEEN SAAY IS COMING BACK :queen: She will comeback on February 5th at 6 p.m. KST
  10. kingtae

    Thigh high boots time again!

    heey guys I just wanted to ask you guys if u like thigh high boots ...? I KNOW there was a thread before about thigh high boots but I felt like doing a new one :p I would like to buy one pair ^^ buuuut I dont know which boots I should buy :o Do you like the boots in the pictures? If not maybe...
  11. sandwich

    Favorite season?

    I choose autumn and spring! ☺ I love the autumn feeling, Halloween and doing bonfires :) Spring weather is just right :) What is your favorite season?
  12. mysteric

    Group 「Official ÆSPA Thread | Next Level」 ੈ ♡˳·˖✶

    ˗ˏˋ Official ÆSPA Thread ˎˊ˗ ❝ about ❞ ÆSPA is SM's newest girl group. Members include Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning. They debuted with single Black Mamba on November 20, 2020. They are all Hawaiian pizza, guo bao rou, and mint choco enthusiasts. Liberal Muhayo users. Note that this...
  13. Cream

    I thought I would never change my Profile picture and signature....

    But the Aproaching winter season tempted me and I gave in of course. If you’re wondering who the person is in my dp its CRUSH an RnB soloist who occasionally releases ballads
  14. Ryujin

    Announcement As We Approach our first winter for kpopsource

    To celebrate our first winter together, we have added a winter based theme for our forum, our giveaway event will start too soon. Thank you for all your support! Lets work together on making kpopsource the best kpop discussion forum there is. Happy Holidays all. Taeyeon