1. Darkseid

    Trading NCT Taeyong and Mark, BoA 4 and Zico 1 for trade, all offers considered

    I've got an NCT Taeyong, NCT Mark, Boa 4 and Zico 1 ready to be shipped out :susPepe: As long as it's a gg card I don't have I'll consider it, plz submit any and all offers below. Thanks :wimwim:
  2. Darkseid

    Quiz: Which Kpop song best sums up your 2020?

    I wish it was a more creative thread, alas it's just a quiz from Soompi :wimwim: https://www.soompi.com/article/1445396wpp/quiz-which-k-pop-song-sums-up-your-2020 Share your results here. I won't say I always agreed with all the available options in the quiz questions but the description in...
  3. milk


    i will literally take any you have for these two cards :saranghae: do it for zico oppa.... he needs all your support!
  4. Abeamus

    Gaons 2020 Half Year Chart

    Here are the top 5 of the digitals (made up of downloads + streaming) and physicals Digital 1. Zico - Any Song (736,320,347) 2. Changmo - Meteor (611,230,726) 3. Jang Beom June - Your Shampoo Scent In The Flowers (518,560,244) 4. IU - Blueming (513,208,833) 5. Red Velvet - Psycho (485,391,842)...
  5. Suzy

    MV ZICO - Cartoon

    This was actually really fun!
  6. LoveYooShaSha

    Comeback Zico feat. Rain, Summer Hate

    (ig KS users arent much into Zico, if anyone wants to takeover or merge this thread with theirs, welcome to it-im judt doing this to up my posts to get more badges faster; 3 more BP badges)
  7. Abeamus

    Zico released song of the decade already

    It's been just over 2 weeks since Zicos comeback and Any Song is still racking up PAKs enough to potentially pass Love Scenario and is still at 800k ULs on Melon so quite possibly the song of the decade for real.
  8. eclipsoul

    MV ZICO(지코) - Any song(아무노래)

  9. Riasama

    Appreciation Zico dropping a BOP (PDX101)

    MOVE IS SUCH A BOP btw stan kim hyunbin
  10. lexus

    Favorite song(s) from soloists?

    I'm bored if you can't tell. :welp: You don't have to name as many artist as I did, obviously. lol. I just listed as many songs as I could. Heize IU Zico Chungha Eric Nam Aliee Lee Hi
  11. mirella

    News ZICO INTERVIEW — "How Did You Do It?"

    Eng sub is available if you turn on captions. I'm really proud of Zico for making it this far and starting his own company. <if anyone wants me to tag them regarding Zico/Block B news, feel free to tell me>
  12. mirella

    News Zico opens KOZ Ent. and signs first artist—himself

    Yep, he signed himself. Must have been difficult. He's also working on a full album atm, which means more content. I'm hoping for more collabs, esp. FANXYCHILD ones. He plans to discover and help new artists, and KOZ will not be limited to *just* a hiphop label. Also, I think he's still a...
  13. WhiteWadeWilson

    Comeback (MV) Sam Kim feat. ZICO - It's You

    I miss Zico so much @mirella :maheart::hmm: Thoughts???
  14. mirella

    Audio Nafla X Zico [SMTM]

    Show Me the Money 777 final. Glad to hear Zico's voice on another track. Nafla was ok I guess I'm kiddinggg pls I love Nafla too lol. Also, listen to SuperbeewhY, Seonbbang, and NoNo plebs
  15. karina

    Look at what I have found stored in my phone 😍

    This I call friendship everyone
  16. bulletproof

    Rumor Zico is leaving Block b?

    What do you think? He will remew his contract? He will leave Block B? Somehow I expect him to leave, his solo activities are more successful than the group activities. And Block B are good anyway, but Zico is their most popular member and producer...