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  1. mirella

    "divisive" songs that you loved this year

    RV's Zimzalabim, SuperM's Jopping, and LOONA's Butterfly (to some extent) were all met with pretty mixed opinions. Most of the dislike aimed toward the songs is due to how cringeworthy or annoying they are in some way, i.e., Zimzalabim's chants, Jopping's lyrics (self-explanatory), and LOONA's...
  2. Haolat

    What do you think of this Zimzalabim Icy mashdown?

  3. Mayday

    GFX The Month Of Red Velvet: Day 2

    The Month Of Red Velvet: Day 1 Feedback is appreciated~
  4. Ashla_K

    Y'all don't deserve Red Velvet...

    ZIMZALABIM!! Since you're not appreciating this era as you should, I will make serious questions that need to be answered and discussed. Has Irene finally turnt into a Goddess? Why is Wendy snapping so hard on the dance break? Why their skin is so flawless? Why is their makeup so cute? How...
  5. amourpinks

    reveluvs when zimzalabim came out

    absolutely nobody: reveluvs:
  6. VillageIdiot

    Blackpink vs Twice vs Red Velvet

    Blackpink Twice Red Velvet
  7. Mayday

    MV (Red Velvet) Zimzalabim Era Analysis

    As many of you have seen, despite Zimzalabim being deemed as a "weird" song, it does, in fact, have an overall concept. Though the concept may not be very specific, the "vibe" of Zimzalabim was intended to be a combination of every era, which became quite clear after the first comeback poster...
  8. Wonder_530948

    Zimzalabim sounds so weird

    It's one of the weirdest and most bland K-Pop songs I've heard tbh, especially the drop parts where they repeat the title name. Even the MV looked weird. Back then I used to find Twice songs worse than RV's but nowadays they're on par, there even are some Twice songs that I think beat this song...
  9. Mayday

    Audio I think we can all agree that the best part of the ReveFestival Day1 was...

    Joy's "Shake it, shake, shake it, shake, shake it, shake, shake it" in Milkshake at 3:15