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  1. bunnyviolet

    Appreciation Happy Chanyeol day!

  2. litc

    Exo Badge Revamp 2021

    Hi exols! Welcome to the llama_twerkOfficial Exo 2021 Badge Revamp Threadllama_twerk Suggestion Period: November 11, 2021 to November 25, 2021 Voting Period: November 26, 2021 to December 10, 2021 Rules Badge size must be 77x77 Please use rounded corners [50] Use official photos Covered...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation These Chanyeol covers deserve the be remembered

    It's been so long since I listened to these and that is honestly criminal! PS: The Linkin Park one hit me really hard when it came out tbh, bcs I had no idea he was a Linkin Park fan (Altho it makes sense lmao) and I was just overall... emotional over LP.
  4. Suzy

    News Chanyeol to appear on Law of the Jungle!

    Finally some Chanyeol news @Exo-L
  5. VillageIdiot

    Rumor So What's REALLY Going On (Maybe?)

    Considering some of the assholes he was friends with, this wouldn't surprise me at all tbh
  6. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation Chanyeol: Prada Ambassador

    EXO snatching those brand deals :sj_weary: Baekhyun: Burberry, Privé Chanyeol: Tommy Hilfiger, Prada Sehun: Ermenegildo Zegna XXX, Berluti, Louis Vuitton, Cartier Kai: Gucci Suho: Bvlgari Lay: Daniel Wellington, Calvin Klein Jeans & Calvin Klein Underwear, Asia Pacific Ambassador for MAC...
  7. Suzy

    MV Lee Sunhee 'Anbu' feat EXO's Chanyeol

    This was very unexpected but I like it quite a lot. The song is a bit slow but their voices are STUNNING! They sound so beautiful together.
  8. Suzy

    News EXO's Sehun and Chanyeol are the new models for Cass Beer

    LOL after all that drama... Previous models of the brand include actress Jun Ji Hyun, Big Bang TOP, actor Ji Chang Wook, actor Lee Dong Wook, 2ne1 CL, actor Lee Minho and 2ne1 Dara among many more.
  9. Suzy

    Lol it really is only k-nets who are pressed over Chen

    I-fans love and support him and c-fans who were apparently the most hardcore also support him. This article was made yesterday and it has over 239k upvotes supporting him and EXO. Funnily, none of the hateful K-articles have over 1k upvotes. [WEIBO] Baekhyun was #1 on Inkigayo today, it's...
  10. dumbcore

    Who's your EXO bias?

    I have two Biases in EXO. They are Chanyeol and Baekhyun.
  11. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation PinkYeol Is Love

    Hello DADDY
  12. maruberry

    How TF did Chanyeol not choke?

    Bish WTF?
  13. maruberry

    Appreciation The way Chanyeol has changed

    Holy mother OF FJEUSHFKS
  14. maruberry

    Teaser Kai and Chanyeol spoiling Obsession choreo

    Looks like that at least!
  15. PrideInBaek


  16. PrideInBaek


  17. maruberry

    18+ ChanKaiSoo... I ship it!

    I used to not be able to decide if I should ship KaiSoo or ChanSoo... but now... I have seen the light! Because Kyungsoo has been absent, my eyes have opened to ChanKai and with that to the possiblity of ChanKaiSoo! I mean... This would obviously have Soo as the dom, Kai and Chanyeol as the...
  18. maruberry

    Appreciation Chanyeol says OT8 stans don't deserve rights

    He liked an OT9 EXO fanart + posted it on his insta story! Like really... Everybody who says Lay will never come back... Lay himself says he will come back, the members themselves act like he will come back. So stop being a bitch and just believe the members alright!
  19. maruberry

    Appreciation Somebody break Kyungsoo out of the military or I might just start to ship ChanKai

    I just can't... Chanyeol and Kai are being wayy too adorable together and I am not fine with it! Usually those 2 have Ksoo between them to distract them so we don't see this much, but now that Ksoo is in the military all that affection that would usually have gone to Kyungsoo is now going to the...