1. raymondchouku

    Searching What I'm looking for

    edit: All prior cards have been traded. I do however have the following up for trade: The following are the ones I'd be willing to trade these for: High priorities SVT: Woozi, DK, Vernon, Dino. Shinee: Minho Infinite: Hoya, Woohyun, Sunggyu, Sungyeol, Dongwoo Exo: Everything except...
  2. Abeamus

    Which post I.O.I group title track is your favourite?

    Which one out of them all is your favourite? :susPepe:
  3. Abeamus

    News Mimi and Soyee leave Jellyfish Entertainment

    On March 31, Mimi and Soyee took to Instagram to write letters for their fans announcing their decision to leave the agency. Mimi Hello everyone, this is Mimi. It’s been a long time since I’ve greeted you. I said that I would speak soon, but instead I made Danjjak [fan club name] worry about...
  4. Darkseid

    4TH SET COMPLETED!! Even more challenging than AKMU!!

    First I finished ITZY, then I became the only one to finish Twice :sj_weary: Yet these accomplishments would pale in comparison to my masterpiece- the AKMU set :sj_weary: I never thought I would outdo myself but I just did :sj_weary: Behold, my latest set: But Ozy, Gugudan has 9 members- I...
  5. Darkseid

    Searching SVT Woozi for trade, will trade for Blackpink, Twice, Loona, IOI, T-ara and many other offers!!

    I have a wide range of cards I'm looking for in exchange of Woozi, so if anyone's interested, please hit me up :sanapray: My preferences: 1. Blackpink Jennie 2. Twice Momo 3. Loona- Yves, Haseul, Chuu or Olivia Hye 4. T-ara- except Ahreum 5. IOI- except Kyulkyung and Yeonjung 6. SuperM- except...
  6. Suzy

    TV Busted Season 3 will air Jan 22, 2021!!

    @Exo-L @Dan-jakkn Lee Kwang Soo is returning for the season (he skipped s2) and the rest of the cast hasn't changed. Only Ahn Jae Wook won't be in s3. The best cast with the best chemistry I can't wait! I'm glad Lee Seunggi also returned. He was hilarious in s2! The rest of the cast members...
  7. Darkseid

    Songs that deserved better aka flops that were actually bops

    What the title says. Post a song/some songs that got nowhere near the love it deserved- actual bops that didn't get any attention or underperformed. I'll start: Lots of people dismiss this wacky masterpiece that is actually peak Kpop as something too "cute" or terrible and they need to wake...
  8. VillageIdiot

    News Gugudan Sejeong Comeback

  9. NeoSquare

    News gugudan's status: Sally tells what's up

    Member Sally currently participates in Produce Camp 2020. There she revealed a bit more on gugudan's status. The group hasn't had a cb since 2018. She revealed Members packed their stuff from the dorms, some resisted but ultimately gave up and left. The company still hasn't released an...
  10. Suzy

    Teaser 'Return' Military Musical Teaser Released - with EXO Kyungsoo and Xiumin

    Teaser 1 - with Kyungsoo & Yoon Jisung (Wanna 1) amongst others Teaser 2 - with Xiumin, Sungyeol, Hongki and Gugudan Sejeong
  11. RandAlThor

    Comeback Sejeong wins and makes new friends.

    I did not see this and thought i would share. She is such a sweetie. DC is very nice to hang with her so she is not alone since there is no audience ect. Good job Sejeong!!
  12. RandAlThor

    2019 combined most listened too and Watched kpop

    SNSD and member solos sub groups Red Velvet IZONE Apink Gfriend Lovelyz fx bol 4 gugudan Fromis_9 Pl i listen too while driving or at work as its all on my mp3 player on perma random so thoe will be a function of number of tracks. Watching is dominated by Izone /RV wich pushes IZone above...
  13. Abeamus

    Sejeong auditioned for SM

    On the latest episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” gugudan’s Kim Sejeong revealed how she unexpectedly ended up auditioning for her current agency! Kim Sejeong appeared as a guest on the December 6 broadcast of the KBS 2TV music talk show, where she talked about her experience auditioning...
  14. Abeamus

    News Sejeong to make solo debut

    Rip Gugudan
  15. Darkseid

    News Kim Sejeong (IOI/Gugudan) opens Instagram account

    What a glorious day, such a long time coming :sj_weary: God Sejeong finally on Instagram, I swear she's the last IOI girl to open her personal account lmao. Better late than never. Everyone go follow the most wholesome and all round best girl of Kpop to bless your lives, thanks :sanapray...
  16. Yoohyeon

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournament] fromis_9/SF9 VS Gugudan/VAV 3rd & 4th Place

    Hello everyone! Welcome to 3rd & 4th place of the BG/GG Team Tournament. We are now at the 3rd and 4th place match and for this match and the final match, I will do repeats of the MV's. Thank you all for taking part. Don't forget that there is still a 5-minute rule and if you vote before 5...
  17. Yoohyeon

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournament] 3rd & 4th Place and the Final Match. [Coming Soon]

    Anticipate these two matches! 3rd & 4th Place! fromis_9/SF9 VS Gugudan/VAV Final Match Girl's Day/SHINee VS Gfriend/The Rose
  18. Yoohyeon

    Tourney [BG/GG Team Tournamant] Gugudan/VAV VS Gfriend/The Rose Semifinal, Match 2 [Rematch]

    Ok, so since this match ended up as 7-7, this thread is the rematch thread and I will give them 2 hours of voting time. There is also no 5-minute rule, so you can vote straight away. I will do the same MV's, but if it still lands in a draw, then I'll give this another 3 hours. The winner will be...
  19. lexus

    News I.O.I members have been confirmed to be discussing a reunion

    "On June 28, reports emerged that I.O.I was gearing up for a reunion. A source related to the group responded by stating, “It’s true that a reunion is in the works, but no details have been decided. We’re currently in talks over scheduling and we will share news on this soon.” This response is...