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  1. Heesoo

    Give me two idols! :)

    Give me two idols and I will give you a surprise! :sanapray: (Keep in mind, I am not a master at this craft/surprise yet, but I’ve seen some improvement lolll)
  2. alo

    bangs on idols - yay or nay?

    now, i know the answer to the title is "depends"... so which idols look better with bangs, and which don't? while sana looks cool with natural bangs i personally am not a fan of how she looks with the thick clip-ons she's worn recently soobin from wjsn looks great with her bangs but idk...
  3. maruberry

    Have you ever fallen in love with an idol at first sight

    And I don't mean that they were your first and only bias in the group I mean you saw them and were their fan from that point forward For me...SVT Woozi, EXO's Kai and Sakuzaka's Kira were that I still remember the moment I fell in love with all of them With Woozi and Kai it was from MVs With...
  4. alo

    idols that remind you of people you know around you?

    title ^^ could be anything, from facial features to mannerisms for me, well, luda of wjsn reminds me a LOT of a friend's sister. especially their smiles. wbu?
  5. alo

    favourite dimples on idols?

    i know @Juniverse posted a thread on fave features on one's bias (thank you li for the thread, bookmarking it for eyebleach), but i'm going to ask about a very specific feature - idols' dimples! post your favourite dimples on idols, i'd love to see your picks! as for me, well, i'm stupidly in...
  6. Heesoo

    Game What Idol embodies __ song?

    How to play: Person A: Jisoo (Blackpink) Person B: Mariage D’Amour! Tzuyu (Twice)? Basically you link/say a song that you think fits that idol, then you give another idol for the next person! Then it continues! :) Can be any genre of music!! First Idol is: Yuna (Itzy)
  7. baejin

    make your own kdrama using your last saved photos

    ...In your camera roll Found this from Tumblr and I found it kind of fun Mine: My Lead character I end up with (Jerome from TO1) My other lead who never had a chance (A-Min from EPEX) My Best Friend (J.You from TO1) My Arch Nemesis (Sangwon from Trainee A) My ost: 😳😳 My recent meme...
  8. maruberry

    Comment an idol and I'll tell you what I think about them

    title says it all lmao
  9. maruberry

    Breaking down SVT members appeal: SVT is the most perfect group in kpop

    I love analyzing kpop groups To think about WHY a certain member is in the group A good group should be well rounded and all the members should have their own appeal and reason to be in the group without overlapping with any of the others and the larger a group is, the harder it is to make it...
  10. maruberry

    What do you look for in a bias?

    I am not talking about what all your biases have in common etc I'm talking about when you are getting into a new group, what features are you looking out for that make you interested What gives you that first reason to look deeper into an idol to see if they COULD be a bias For me it's...
  11. raymondchouku

    Dream K-couples

    What two idols would you like to date? even if covertly... and why those two? For me I wouldn't hate if Jason (Byeongkwan--A.C.E.) were to start dating Bomi (Apink). They both have the same birthday, which is my birthday... and its the closest thing I would have to dating myself... Which.. I...
  12. maruberry

    Are there any idols you don't find attractive?

    Are there idols you don't find attractive? (You don't need to mention names ofc if you don't want to) If yes... Do you stan them? For me there are a few idols I don't find particularly attractive. (Although even them are really pretty from some angles or with a certain styling) I don't bias...
  13. maruberry

    Groups that are talented but are "bland"

    I've found a lot recently that there are more and more groups I find "bland" And it's pretty weird for me bcs it's like... Pretty idols, with pretty voices, dancing really prettily And that's all there is to it at times for me They all look similarly pretty and sing similarly well and dance...
  14. CherryBomb345

    What idols or groups you think should improve?

    Like the title says, what areas should they improve on? variety, stage presence, singing, dancing, etc.. Please be respectful and provide constructive criticism.
  15. maruberry

    Appreciation Describe your bias in 4 words

    Describe your bias in 4 words and DO NOT SAY WHO IT IS! I repeat DO NOT SAY WHO IT IS For me, I think everybody knows who they are, but nevermind that! 1. Daddy, Man, Kind, Warm 2. Cute, Sexy, Fashion, Duality 3. Short, Buff, Talent, Comfort
  16. maruberry

    I do not care about a lot of the content my faves release

    I will say any day of the week... I do not watch everything the groups I stan put out there! Nevermind what all the MEMBERS put out there! I'm not watching every behind the scenes, every weekly little thing, every variety show, every radio appearance and every vlive. I'm just not. And not even...
  17. maruberry

    @american interviewers

    An idol won't spill the beans about who they are dating just bcs it is an american asking Yeah the western air does make some idols a bit wilder, but it does not make them idiots!
  18. maruberry

    Match idols to seasons of the year

    This is kinda hard to explain, but assign every season of the year an idol to represent it. Which idol is most winter- , summer- , spring- , autumn-like in your opinion. For me.... Winter - Irene Spring - Woozi Summer - Rocket Punch's Sohee Autumn - Kai
  19. maruberry

    New podcast feat. Maruberry as a guest

    I'm highkey shy, but my friend @DXTakamina wanted to launch a new podcast and asked me to be a guest on the pilot episode! I hope you all will be supportive!
  20. maruberry

    Which groups are the purest forms of their concept

    There are a lot of concepts in kpop, but which groups in your opinion define a concept for me... Blackpink are the definition of Girlcrush ITZY - Teen-crush EXO - male sexy Seventeen - flowerboy (at least when they still do it..... they stray away from it these days mostly) What others would...