1. raymondchouku

    Dream K-couples

    What two idols would you like to date? even if covertly... and why those two? For me I wouldn't hate if Jason (Byeongkwan--A.C.E.) were to start dating Bomi (Apink). They both have the same birthday, which is my birthday... and its the closest thing I would have to dating myself... Which.. I...
  2. marublade

    Are there any idols you don't find attractive?

    Are there idols you don't find attractive? (You don't need to mention names ofc if you don't want to) If yes... Do you stan them? For me there are a few idols I don't find particularly attractive. (Although even them are really pretty from some angles or with a certain styling) I don't bias...
  3. marublade

    Groups that are talented but are "bland"

    I've found a lot recently that there are more and more groups I find "bland" And it's pretty weird for me bcs it's like... Pretty idols, with pretty voices, dancing really prettily And that's all there is to it at times for me They all look similarly pretty and sing similarly well and dance...
  4. CherryBomb345

    What idols or groups you think should improve?

    Like the title says, what areas should they improve on? variety, stage presence, singing, dancing, etc.. Please be respectful and provide constructive criticism.
  5. marublade

    Appreciation Describe your bias in 4 words

    Describe your bias in 4 words and DO NOT SAY WHO IT IS! I repeat DO NOT SAY WHO IT IS For me, I think everybody knows who they are, but nevermind that! 1. Daddy, Man, Kind, Warm 2. Cute, Sexy, Fashion, Duality 3. Short, Buff, Talent, Comfort
  6. marublade

    I do not care about a lot of the content my faves release

    I will say any day of the week... I do not watch everything the groups I stan put out there! Nevermind what all the MEMBERS put out there! I'm not watching every behind the scenes, every weekly little thing, every variety show, every radio appearance and every vlive. I'm just not. And not even...
  7. marublade

    @american interviewers

    An idol won't spill the beans about who they are dating just bcs it is an american asking Yeah the western air does make some idols a bit wilder, but it does not make them idiots!
  8. marublade

    Match idols to seasons of the year

    This is kinda hard to explain, but assign every season of the year an idol to represent it. Which idol is most winter- , summer- , spring- , autumn-like in your opinion. For me.... Winter - Irene Spring - Woozi Summer - Rocket Punch's Sohee Autumn - Kai
  9. marublade

    New podcast feat. Maruberry as a guest

    I'm highkey shy, but my friend @DXTakamina wanted to launch a new podcast and asked me to be a guest on the pilot episode! I hope you all will be supportive!
  10. marublade

    Which groups are the purest forms of their concept

    There are a lot of concepts in kpop, but which groups in your opinion define a concept for me... Blackpink are the definition of Girlcrush ITZY - Teen-crush EXO - male sexy Seventeen - flowerboy (at least when they still do it..... they stray away from it these days mostly) What others would...
  11. marublade

    18+ Kun or Kai

    Kun or Kai Which one am I into today Which one do I fantasize about today? Do I dream about pegging Kai? Do I dream about being fucked by Kun? The choices.... the choices..... Do I stare at Kun or do I stare at Kai? Both are equally hot in their own ways. With Kai.... There are his adorable...
  12. marublade

    Do you call idols by nicknames?

    To be more specific, do you usually use the stage name, the real name or a totally separate nickname. Bcs for me, unless I really dislike the stage name, I'm going to use the stage name. bcs like... Kai, Woozi, Suho, Haechan, Suga etc if the stage name is good and fits, I like using them. The...
  13. marublade

    Most ppl are lying to themselves about not caring about visuals

    SO MANY kpop fans claim to not care about visuals... and I just call total BS on that. While I do think there are SOME fans out there for who visuals are of no importance.... I with my whole heart think they are of the minority. Do you stan ANY idols who you do not find attractive? If you...
  14. marublade

    Appreciation Why Mydoll ent. is the best company in kpop and all others should take note

    Mydoll is the best company in kpop. Simple as that. They are the only one who I can trust to have the idols best interests in heart. Their CEO is a former idol herself and created the company to support idols, not to make money. They picked idols to debut without considering age or visuals...
  15. marublade

    Comment your ult group and I will insult your faves!

    like the title says! Gimme the group and I will do my best to insult them enough to offend you! WARNING! Do not confuse what I say in this thread for my actual opinion, I'm just tryna hit where it hurts y'know! PS: PLZ no warning points for being toxic, this for shits and giggles!
  16. marublade

    Stanning underrated members of popular groups sucks

    I've been relatively lucky, bcs most of biases are on the popular end of the spectrum. but ever since I biased Kun I've started to understand how fucking awful it can be. It's plain shit seeing your fave getting overlooked again and again and this is the BETTER result. And even when ppl do...
  17. marublade

    A theory I have about SM

    I think SM will only kick out a member of their group if the members agree. The reason I first started thinking about it, is bcs when they made an announcement about Chen, they mentioned that they took the wishes of the EXO members into account. Which also insinuates that if EXO members wanted...
  18. marublade

    Sort your ult group into Hogwarts houses

    Sort your ult group members! I'll start with EXO: Suho - Slytherin - he is very very ambitious, as the other members of EXO will tell you. Xiumin - Ravenclaw - He is a good student and I think is even working towards getting himself a PhD Lay - Hufflepuff - This one isn't a discussion. Lay's...
  19. marublade

    18+ Pick 2 things....

    Your ideal type idol is next to you.... Down for anything you want to do next. On the table in front of you there are 3 items and you can pick 1-2 things: Handcuffs a candle a vibrator rope Condoms Which items would you pick?
  20. marublade

    Why I don't like many good performers in kpop

    There are a lot of idols in kpop who are considered to be good performers.... Whose performances I do not like. Among these are Hwasa, Ateez's San and Taeyong. Why don't I like them? They are strong performers afterall.... and that is what bothers me. They perform... strong. They have strong...