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  1. Ozymandias

    MV Weeekly- Zig Zag MV

    My fav rookies of 2020 are back, after their amazing debut Tag Me :pikahappy: @emanresu @RandAlThor @perhapz @Nekone @Girl Group
  2. Ozymandias

    Appreciation [B Side Appreciation]: Weeekly's Hello is one of the best B-sides of the year!!

    Weeekly are already my ROTY, their debut title Tag Me was really catchy, and their concept feels refreshing in a sea of girl crush/badass concepts. They are innocent, but not overly cute, and give off this fresh, energetic vibe that is becoming few and far between in Kpop today. For the most...
  3. Saythename17

    Discussion Do they look similar??

    Wonjin of Cravity and Jiyoon of Weeekly.
  4. Abeamus

    Teaser Bol4 "Two Five" Moving Teasers

  5. Rukia

    Appreciation This is my voice 1 month into Bolbbalgan4

    On a serious note, I'm now getting into their discography and I really love their songs. I can see why the public really likes them. Galaxy and Some are #On_A_Whole_Other_Level STREAM
  6. Abeamus

    Solo [Official] Blushing Youth Bol4 Idol Thread

    Bol4 is a female soloist under Shofar Music who made their debut on 22nd April 2016. Fandom Name - LoBoly Japanese Website Twitter Japanese Twitter Facebook Instagram Jiyoung Jiyoon YouTube Japanese YouTube Jiyoon Fan Cafe iTunes Spotify Members Profiles Jiyoung Real Name - Ahn Jiyoung...