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  1. raymondchouku

    Appreciation Love in the Ice

    There are no words:
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance BTS: 'Life Goes On' & 'Dynamite' -- Full Video

    I don't think anyone has posted this on here yet so here you go LOL @ARMY
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance New Girl Group STAYC Perform EPIC Medley of Kpop Hits!

    There voices are actually really strong and stable (granted they aren't dancing here but still). I really hope that Black Eyed Pilseung don't become one of those production teams that can make hits for every other group except for their own because these girls seem like they're brimming with...
  4. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance BTS: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

    I didn't see anyone post this yet so here you go @ARMY
  5. maruberry

    Cover Pink Fantasy Yechan live busking on youtube!

    A talented goddess!
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation Hendery cursed while Kun was doing a livestream!

    And look at the way Kun reacted! This man is raising his sons to be respectable people god damn it!
  7. nohhj


  8. D

    Audio Brand NEW 24/7 Kpop Radio Livestream

    If you would like to chat, chill and listen to some kpop, come check out our 24/7 live stream with a variety of kpop music! Thank you so much for the support, we are just a small channel hoping to promote a variety of Kpop band/music so that people can get to know the amazingness of different...
  9. maruberry

    Appreciation Pink Fantasy SeeA, SangA and Yechan are too good to be true

    Pink Fantasy is really interesting, not just for their hidden member concept, but also for their massive age gap (91-liner to 05-liner)... and on top of all that they also have a HUGE ability gap! SeeA and Yechan are AMAZING singers and amazingly stable! SangA was just added with this most...
  10. maruberry

    Kai's insta problem has been fixed!

    He had an insta live after the concert! he just used his old phone that automatically logged in! chanyeol also told him to bring his phone to him tomarrow so he can fix the forgotten password problem... That bish REALLY went a MONTH without instagram when the solution was just going to...
  11. Mayday

    Performance Day6 "The Time of Our Life" Live Performance

    Honestly, the live version really hites different. It gives you a different view of the song, as they aren't allowed to play live on music shows, due to the hassle of unplugging and plugging in the instruments. Vote for Day6 on Idol Champ! You can vote 3 times. They need their first win~
  12. maruberry

    Appreciation Proof that EXO has the best concerts

    Just their concert intro is enough to prove to y'all that they are just on another level!
  13. maruberry

    Pick any group and they will perform any 1 song of theirs live exclusively for you!

    You can pick any group! Temporary or not, disbanded or not, ANY group! They will reunite just for you if needed and they will perform that 1 song you ask for you. IOI can reunite, but just for you Lay will reunite with EXO, but JUST for you. I would ask for EXO's artificial love! For...
  14. SapphireBlueSea

    Comeback SUPER JUNIOR-D&E

    Danger live Gloomy live :pandahappy:
  15. kingtae

    Photo Irene sexy vibes (SM Town Chile)

  16. maruberry

    Performance Do any of you wish to be hit in the face by Seventeen?

    Because here you go! I had forgotten how powerful this performance is! Mingyu is dangerous S.Coups is too hype Wonwoo looks too perfect
  17. Emanresu

    Appreciation Who Needs ASMR? I've Got Yoona At The Sea!! - (*UPDATED W/ PHOTOS)

    Who Needs ASMR? I've Got Yoona At The Sea!! While all you folks be into those ASMR videos for sleeping or whatever it is. I just watch this. I'mma put this on loop for hours!!!! I can fall asleep to Yoona saying things I don't understand and being the cutest thing on the whole planet...
  18. Soleski

    Appreciation Post your favorite live perfomances

    I post this here because I wanted to post about MCR :pandalove: oh and when I say "live" it can be lip sync I totally don't care about these things Share yours :pandalove:
  19. Athena

    Appreciation "Red Velvet Have No Stage Presence"

    SAYS NO ONE. I'm shook. For the past months these queens have been dragged nonstop for having no stage presence and being bored on stage... and now? THEY'VE IMPROVED BY A TENFOLD. This was such an amazing performance, they were in perfect sync, they looked amazing, they did the choreography so...