1. SoftGirlSummer

    News Luna x Marvel???

  2. Darkseid

    18+ f(x) Luna really been wildin' since leaving SM Entertainment!!

    I've known of Luna and f(x) for years although it's only been recently when I've started getting into their music big time. My bias is Krystal. Anyway, ever since Luna left SM Entertainment, she's been putting up some bold pics (by SK idol standards) on her SNS, and now her latest video is an...
  3. Darkseid

    Appreciation Say hello to the newest f(x) fanboy

    Alas it seems one of our favorite oppas and resident f(x) fanboy @DrewB 's time has come to an end :umjicry: But fear not, for in these difficult times, Ozy oppa will help y'all cope by taking over the mantle, slowly but surely...
  4. RandAlThor

    Luna Surprised me

    But i am much more surprised that she has not reached out since. Has anyone heard word one from her?
  5. E

    Appreciation 5 years ago today f(x) released

    AY AY it's a Red Light Fans and non fans were torn by experimental red light. They loved it, they hated it. And f(x) sold it. This was f(x)s final comeback as 5, and their most iconic concept yet. And the most painful era for the group and the fans. Stream Goblin and Even so...
  6. Midnight

    Performance f(x) reunion

    Give us the lightstick and comeback we deserve SM!! :pandamad:
  7. SoftGirlSummer

    I Didn't Need To Do This And I'm Not Sorry

    How y'all gonna sleep on TWO Park Sun-Youngs? :pandaannoyed: :pandaannoyed:
  8. SoftGirlSummer

    My Top 3 Songs for Q1 2019

    Cherry Bullet: Gay Anthem of The Year Gfriend: Bside of the Year Luna: Flop of the Year A lot of ballads lately :llama_panic:
  9. Rukia

    Appreciation Who's doing it like them? Quick!

    Feel like pure shit. I just want them back :pepecry1:
  10. arieam

    Appreciation best kpop vocal climaxes

    basically best build up to the highnote and then the highnote :sj_weary: of course it's the queens of sme 2:32 :sanapray: 2:15 :yolk: 3:12 :maheart: 3:10 :queen: 3:02 :llama_BLEED:
  11. SoftGirlSummer

    A Friendly Reminder From Your Neighborhood Spammer

    Luna flops for our sins. The gracious underappreciated queen wears the flop crown so that all our faves can succeed. Time for Us selling the way it did? Because Luna. Loona escaping the same-name curse? Because Luna Without her, BTSM and WHITEGREEN would not be relevant. Like at all. Luna She...
  12. Rukia

    Appreciation SM will never reach this level again I tell you

  13. SoftGirlSummer

    I'm So Disappointed

    Luna got an MV for every single on Even So and a dance practice. F(x) never got a dance practice video. She had 2-3 week notice as opposed to the 4 days we got when she debuted solo. SM only made it a digital release instead of physical. Plenty of teasers. SM really put in the effort If only...
  14. NeoSquare

    Teaser Luna drops another teaser for "Even So"

  15. SoftGirlSummer

    ☽☽☽☽☽LUNA Self-Composed Album "Even So" JANUARY 4TH|MV RELEASED☾☾☾☾☾

    Luna will release her self-composed album Even So on January 4th at 12PM KST. The Title Track Even So is said to contain a hopeful, healing message, inspired by diary entries of her fellow f(x) members and societial struggles. The Bside, Do You Love Me, is an R&B track featuring up-and-coming...
  16. SoftGirlSummer


    LUNA TO COME BACK JANUARY 4TH WITH A SELF-COMPOSED ALBUM :llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh: Source
  17. SoftGirlSummer

    News Luna's Family Next Victim KakaoTalk Scam

    Source: Soompi In the post, she revealed screenshots from her parents’ conversation with the scammer on the messaging app. In the caption, she wrote, “(These photos are only part of the whole conversation.) Hello~ This is Luna. The trend nowadays is voice phishing, but there is someone who has...
  18. M

    [APPRECIATION] Free Somebody

    One of the best kpop albums imo. All the songs are amazing (especially Breathe and Galaxy) and it's Luna! What else could you want in an album?
  19. SoftGirlSummer

    Group [OFFICIAL] ♡ f(x) Thread ♡ "f(x) is One)

    Note: I'll work on this when I have the time, but I may not be able to update all the time So yeah f(x) is a South Korean girl group hailing from SM Entertainment. Originally five, member Sulli left in August 2014. Since their debut in 2009, they have released four studio albums, two EPs, and...