1. Vikki

    Oksana Chusovitina Appreciation

    For those who don't know, gymnastics is mostly a young person sport. Aly Raisman was considered pretty old, and she was 23 in the Olympics. But Oksana Chusovitina is next level impressive. At 46, she's the oldest competitor for gymnastics at the Olympics, and it's her 8th Olympics. And she...
  2. Vikki

    Someone might be disappointed

    Based on what vaults she warmed up, it seems that she may go for her amanar and cheng on qualification day, not her double back :wimwim: Of course she might still go for it but she easily might not. Watch me be wrong
  3. Vikki

    Cheerleading gains full IOC recognition

  4. Vikki

    Olympic US Gymnastics Team Announced

    Team: Grace McCallum Jordan Chiles Simone Biles Sunisa Lee Additional ones: McKayla Skinner Jade Carey I'll post some videos of each competitor in the spoilers of the events they will likely compete. And now for the event specialists I think it's kind of stupid having 3 vaulters and...
  5. Vikki

    Is anyone paying attention to the Womens Gymnastics Olympic Trials?

    The race for the 4th team spot is intense, McKayla Skinner is making a case for herself but you never know what'll happen on the second day, especially with beam :susPepe: @Tickita I assume you're watching?
  6. Vikki

    Should cheerleading be included in the Olympics?

    I was originally a skeptic because I felt that cheerleading was too dominated by one country (the USA), but it turns out that there's over 70 countries who participated at the World Championships in 2019. However, there's still a couple points I feel like make me unsure of whether it should be...
  7. QueenB

    Is that Eric Nam? + EXO & CL

    ok, so I actually know it's Eric but I wanted a catchy headline. Anyways, I feel like the dude pops up everywhere and anywhere. Eric is out there making the fullest of his life and i'm jelly If anyone is curious he served as the Olympic ambassador so that's one reason he was there. Also, an...