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  1. motorp77

    Embiid choose Team USA for Olympics

    the hardest road
  2. nadia

    Do you like watching sports on tv?

    Only the Olympics (specifically gymnastics, swimming, figure skating and snowboarding) is fascinating to me. College basketball isn’t too bad either.
  3. Vikki

    Let’s learn about: Figure Skating

    Figure skating involves individuals, pairs, or groups performing on figure skates. Figure skating originated in the mid 19th century. American skater Jackson Haines, often called the father of figure skating, introduced an expressive form of skating, which became more popular in Europe. There...
  4. Vikki

    Pretty late but finally someone has the right idea of the Simone Biles situation

    Imagine using the situation Kerri Strug sitiation as an example of what someone should do. Besides, we all know that probably all these people who are hating on Simone Biles and using Kerri Strug as part of their argument would be incapable of even walking without limping when they had a broken...
  5. Vikki

    Rumor How things change (figure skating)

    Yesterday: Today:
  6. Vikki

    People like this are inspirational

    Yet I would never start doing something like this, it seems too hard :wimwim:
  7. Vikki

    Simone Biles returns to competition

    And manages to win a bronze medal on beam :maheart: Congrats to her, I'm glad she's feeling at least a little better, and I'm glad she stood up for herself and did what she needed to.
  8. Vikki

    First day of Women's Gymnastics event finals

    I feel bad for Jade Carey on vault, she could have done so well. Nerves are a bitch. Congrats to MyKayla Skinner though, it must feel good to go from not competing to being a silver medalist. And of course congrats to Andrade for her gold, it was deserved. Bars was a bit of a mess. It's a shame...
  9. Vikki

    Simone Biles to pull out of all-around finals

  10. Vikki

    Well the gymnastics womens team competition did not go as expected

    I wasn't that surprised that Russia won, but I wasn't expecting Simone to pull out. With her they might have had a chance but without it was an easy victory for Russia. I wonder what'll happen for finals, Simone said she'd be back but we'll see how she does then ig :susPepe:
  11. Vikki

    Which Olympic sport are you most interested in?

    I think mines obvious, gymnastics :lisalaugh:
  12. Vikki

    Gymnastics Team Results Top 6 (spoilers)

    I think so many people are shocked by the fact that Russia is a full point ahead of the US, they've been so dominant no one expected this to happen. Hopefully they get it together for finals, it would be really disappointing if they have another meh day.
  13. Vikki

    Oksana Chusovitina Appreciation

    For those who don't know, gymnastics is mostly a young person sport. Aly Raisman was considered pretty old, and she was 23 in the Olympics. But Oksana Chusovitina is next level impressive. At 46, she's the oldest competitor for gymnastics at the Olympics, and it's her 8th Olympics. And she...
  14. Vikki

    Someone might be disappointed

    Based on what vaults she warmed up, it seems that she may go for her amanar and cheng on qualification day, not her double back :wimwim: Of course she might still go for it but she easily might not. Watch me be wrong
  15. Vikki

    Cheerleading gains full IOC recognition

  16. Vikki

    Olympic US Gymnastics Team Announced

    Team: Grace McCallum Jordan Chiles Simone Biles Sunisa Lee Additional ones: McKayla Skinner Jade Carey I'll post some videos of each competitor in the spoilers of the events they will likely compete. And now for the event specialists I think it's kind of stupid having 3 vaulters and...
  17. Vikki

    Is anyone paying attention to the Womens Gymnastics Olympic Trials?

    The race for the 4th team spot is intense, McKayla Skinner is making a case for herself but you never know what'll happen on the second day, especially with beam :susPepe: @Tickita I assume you're watching?