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  1. Suzy

    MV EXO-SC 'Telephone' feat 10CM

  2. Suzy

    News EXO's Sehun and Chanyeol are the new models for Cass Beer

    LOL after all that drama... Previous models of the brand include actress Jun Ji Hyun, Big Bang TOP, actor Ji Chang Wook, actor Lee Dong Wook, 2ne1 CL, actor Lee Minho and 2ne1 Dara among many more.
  3. PrideInBaek


    CONGRATULATIONS SEHUNAH! but I still need Dokgo please
  4. Suzy

    Discussion Lol it really is only k-nets who are pressed over Chen

    I-fans love and support him and c-fans who were apparently the most hardcore also support him. This article was made yesterday and it has over 239k upvotes supporting him and EXO. Funnily, none of the hateful K-articles have over 1k upvotes. [WEIBO] Baekhyun was #1 on Inkigayo today, it's...
  5. eternallyrei

    Discussion Who's your EXO bias?

    I have two Biases in EXO. They are Chanyeol and Baekhyun.
  6. maruberry

    Discussion Twitter ARMY should be scared

    They touched the wrong person... So far they've stayed with going after EXO, going after Kai.... But now... they went after Sehun... And let me tell you... I-Aeries are ready to snitch. Ppl have screenshots ready to post on Weibo to show Sehunbar... ARMY should be scared... They boutta get...
  7. maruberry

    Appreciation Oh god they just WANT to hurt me!

    WHY did I stay up tonight! WHY! JUST TO BE HURT LIKE THIS? THIS IS NOT ALRIGHT! Who TF allowed this! WHO ALLOWED THIS! This is disrespect of the highest calibre and I am not ready to be attacked like this at 5 GOD DAMN AM! So I repeat... WHO TF ALLOWED THEM TO DO THIS! WHO GAVE THEM PERMISSION...
  8. maruberry

    Discussion Sehun's taste in men

    He seems to like the look of the avarage man! Maybe he likes being the pretty one in the relationship!
  9. PetitBonheur

    Discussion Which EXO songs should also get an MV?

    Aside from those that already have MVs, which EXO songs do you thing deserve an MV? If not an MV, then at least a dance practice video, live acoustic performance video, or performance video? 1. Oasis 2. Gravity 3. Been Through (personally I think these three songs deserve an MV because they...
  10. Haolat

    News [Breaking News] Vivi and Toben are dating

    scroll to see more
  11. maruberry

    Appreciation Some peeps were trying to tell me EXO don't own China

    I mean... What do you call this? This is the first mainland China event EXO members who aren't Lay have had in a while sooo.... Y'know...
  12. Suzy

    MV EXO-SC 'Closer To You' MV Released!

    I love it soooooo much! :pandalove::pandalove::pandalove:
  13. maruberry

    Appreciation Sehun is the most adorable

    Him an chanyeol were on a radio show.... and damn I still can't get over how adorable it is that he is scared of sleeping alone! He is such an adorable baby and I love him so much!
  14. maruberry

    Appreciation EXO love Sehun so much

    Just look at the way they are all looking at him... I just can't... My heart...
  15. Vampire

    Appreciation My SeBaek-Loving Heart Is Pleased

    i was just looking through some exo pics when i came across sehun's madame figaro shoot from earlier this year and i realized—oh em gee, baekhyun wears basically the same outfit for some of his city lights pics! my handsome men! :sakUwu:
  16. baekhyunUWU


    [THEQOO] BAEKHYUN'S HOUSEWARMING GIFT FOR XIUMIN Baekhyun : Hyung, what do you want as a housewarming gift? Xiumin : A scented candle! You choose the scent~ Baekhyun : Then I'll buy you the same scent as your perfume ㅋㅋ 2.1 kg 4 wick candle During the housewarming party, he...
  17. baekhyunUWU

    News EXO's Chanyeol and Sehun will debut as a unit in July

    Throwback to their station last year. now we will get an album :
  18. baekhyunUWU


    [INSTIZ] THE WORDS YOU HEAR THE MOST ON EXO'S INSTAGRAM LIVES Chanyeol: If you're sleepy, you can just sleep / this broadcast is to ask you guys to sleep Suho: Right now I'm in (insert foreign country name). The weather is nice Jongin: Moongyu-ya, Wonsik-ah, Taemin-ah / My phone is running...
  19. maruberry

    Discussion Sehunbar did it again, now we have a Sehun plane!

    Sehunbar is absurdly rich, they really are the mafia of kpop fandoms!
  20. maruberry

    Appreciation It must be snowing in hell... Lay posted a picture with Sehun!

    I am so happy and dying and still so happy and I just can't! OHMYGOSH THANK YOU LAY!