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sm entertainment

  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    News So... NCT 2020 Might Be All NCT U songs!

    SM Entertainment announced that NCT 2020 will include the 21 members of NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV, along with two new members Shotaro and Sungchan who will be joining a new NCT team that will be launched in the future. Through NCT U, the 23 members will team up in various combinations and...
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation The English Version Just Hits Different...

  3. Darkseid

    News Songwriter Tiffany Red accuses SM Entertainment and EKKO Music Rights for unfair compensation

    Pretty shady from the looks of it. She only got paid like $9000 for Boss, arguably NCT's most popular song. She didn't get fairly compensated for Go either.
  4. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser AWAKEN KUN: 1011

    These teasers look SO GOOD so far... I can't take it!
  5. xdreamsandflames

    which upcoming girl group are you most excited for?

    yg's new gg, bighit's gg from the plus auditions, smngg, or play m's Weeekly? (i know that the plus auditions were literally last year and they probably won't be debuting any time soon, but still) edit: or red square, SECRET NUMBER, woo!ah or daylight (yuehua ent, the members are all chinese...
  6. Rumi

    I was right that SM would debut a boy group all along huh?

    I even doubted my own self, and yesterday I created @smgoldenboys and planned to post today... i got the best news I could get. SM NEW BOY GROUP IS COMING 2020 BITCHES LMFAO YALL WERE VOTING NO BUT LOOK AT...
  7. Belgizen

    Information Taeyong's bullying scandal: the other side

    I am writing this because I feel like there is more attention to the rumor side than the other side Call me biased or whatever you want, I feel like the other side should be known as well (which I would do to any idol who gets caught in a rumor) Fans are reporting any site that reports on this...
  8. Haolat

    News SM Entertainment A&R Chris Lee Talks 'Cultural Technology' & Creating K-Pop Hits (Long post)

    SM Entertainment's Head of A&R and CEO of CTGA Europe Chris Lee speaks during The True Value Of K-Pop at Lincoln Center on June 19, 2019 in New York City. A rare event took place recently at Lincoln Center. K-Factor, the first 50-piece orchestral performance of its kind put on in the iconic New...
  9. RavenHikari

    SM Screw Your Super Boy Group Idea And Talk About This Instead...

    The sm manager boy group the best project group. its been 6 years sm I want answers what happened to them :chickill:
  10. Rumi

    What would you like for the next SM BG?

    How many members, what debut concept, how many vocals, visual group or nah? Comment below what you would like for the next SM BG!
  11. Rumi

    Will SM debut a new boy group after NCT in 2020?

    I've been wondering about if SM will debut a NBG, after all almost all of EXO are enlisted next year so their main money maker is gone (Excluding TVXQ) and it seems like NCT is slowly building up which means there will be no harm towards them unless the BG becomes a big hit directly on their...
  12. Abeamus

    Who's the leading company now?

    Based more so on impact nowadays since I don't think anyone is getting past TVXQ for income
  13. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser WAYV - Take Off MV Teaser

  14. kuro

    Fanfiction rivaled | p.jy x y.hs

    rivaled | p.jy x y.hs basically yg x jyp angst shit ik how that sounds, believe me lol BUT GIVE IT A CHANCE! 1980.12.02 “hyun-suk! hyun-suk! it’s your birthday!” the nine-year old boy rushed towards his best friend. the eleven year old birthday boy grinned widely, a smile erupting on his face...
  15. Teudoongie

    News The History of: SM Entertainment Part 1 (1989-1995)

    So I did a History of: Series on another forum and it did well. I am back and have updated this new piece with even more information about SM's early days and how it shaped how SM developed its In-house system that eventually was used by the rest of Kpop. This is the first piece and it goes over...
  16. JakeyWantsCakey

    NCT Life: Camping Edition

    Basically, there's a new season of NCT Life that revolves around the members going camping in the woods for a weekend. Members would be paired up into teams and have to compete in challenges to decide things like who gets the coolest tents and the best equipment, nicest food etc. So I thought...
  17. Discipline

    Intro Welcome new users!<3

    Hey! Welcome to KS, thank you so much for joining us! I hope that you will all stick with us and use the forums as I'd love to see all the new faces around the forum! If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask, we (staff) are more than willing to help! Once again, thank you for...
  18. JakeyWantsCakey

    What's Your Favourite SM Station Song?

    What's your favourite song to come from SM Station? Personally, there are a few that I really love but I think my favourite has to be New Heroes!
  19. QueenGirlCrush


    While many groups such as Girls Generation, KARA, TVXQ, TWICE and BIGBANG have widely known and acclaimed Japanese discographies I feel like other iconic or popular acts don't. The first two groups that come to mind are 2NE1 and EXO. But to me their Japanese songs are great, and some even...