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sm entertainment

  1. Belgizen

    News SM's donation to Shining Foundation

    This is SM's impressive donation to the foundation founded in Jonghyun's honor. I'd like to stress that this is purely a donation; Jonghyun's mom has already received Jonghyun's royalties. I'm so happy that the company donates money to help people. :sanapray:
  2. inverity

    the trainee in taemin's 'want' cb

    if you all have seen any of his comeback stages, seen the dance practice, or watched the mv you've seen the yoo jimin, girl who shows up for about 7 seconds for a dance thing and then disappears... honestly i don't understand exactly what sm was trying to do with her just sort of looking sexy(?)...
  3. Discipline

    EXO, SUJU and RV are failures

    BUT not in the sense that you think. SM has expressed interest in having a KPOP group system similar to JPOP groups since 2nd gen. They wanted SUJU to have a rotational unit which would change each year, every idol that debuted under SUJU would specialise in something (Eg. Leeteuk with MCing)...
  4. Discipline

    The real issue about NCT

    Unlike the popular complaint against NCT, which is the 'unlimited' concept, the real issue resides in the communication between the marketer and consumer, which in this case, is SM and the fans. The 'concept' of NCT had received mixed reactions, some fans loving it for the uniqueness (Or simply...
  5. Discipline

    Are inter-company groups the future of K-POP? (Long Post)

    By 'Inter-company groups', I mean groups that appear to or work as their own company within their own representative company, a literal example would be Super Junior with the SJ Label, whereas a non-literal example would be Seventeen which mostly produces most of their their stuff by themselves...
  6. Belgizen

    Uhhmmm what is SM doing?

    So a lot of people are now wondering what is happening in SM entertainment as a lot of things have happened and they remained quiet about it. Yesterday this article came out on Cherry Bullet having the exact same concept in their teasers as Cherry Bomb. While I normally think that some of these...
  7. Belgizen

    Debut WayV (NCT China) - January 17th!

    WayV is NCT's long awaited Chinese unit, consisting of ethnical Chinese members only! They are scheduled to debut in January (more info will be updated). In a few hours, the first teaser will drop.
  8. Belgizen

    News Haechan injured: SM Entertainment puts out official statement

    Poor boy TT I hope he rests well and gets better soon.
  9. Belgizen

    News SM trademarks possible ngg name?

    On December 3rd, SM has trademarked a new word, making people think this could be SM's new girl group. The word they trademarked is "SPRY" ('sprai'), which means agile/light/graceful A few weeks ago, JYP trademarked the name ITZY. This means both groups are set to debut soon so the 4th gen...
  10. Belgizen

    News NCT opens up a new YouTube channel

    NCT has been teasing for what looks to be a new Youtube-channel, channel NCT. The group already has a general Youtube-channel, one for NCT 127 and one for NCT Dream. Today, they added a 4th one, entitled NCT Dance. A video of Mark free styling marked the opening of the channel. You can find the...
  11. RainbowDevil

    MV Get the MV of your choice featured!

    Until now this thread has been about me posting a MV every day (even tho I haven't, whoops) and now we're gonna switch it to more of a user focused thing so if y'all post an mv I'll feature it in the OP every time You can't post more than once a day and I won't feature an MV until the previous...