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19 November 2018
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Translation of BAND-MAID and Passcode interview


Original interview.
So the 2 group of artists who have done a two man live together for the first time in 3 years and a half, Passcode and BAND-MAID. Recent years both artists have gained popularity, participating in festivals and pairing up with artists from many genres. And BAND-MAID has been touring overseas, with those experiences, their current positions, and the two man live please take a look of their interview together.

-The two man live of Passcode and BAND-MAID was last at Osaka MUSE, April 2016, three and a half years ago. Having a two man live after such a long interval, was there a change in the impression or not from each other.

Minami I had thought the technique was great from the start, but the sense of power was greater. We would go see them at festivals like as "How are they doing?", but then seeing them for such a long time is not done usually if not doing a two man live. So I thought "We have to do good as well since we have invited such a great band.", and I was happy that we could invite them.

-Yes, BAND-MAID that day was awesome. Shown that you would go "WOW!".

Takashima They had a great ability in moving the crowd, and had heated up the crowd so much it was a bit uncomfortable in getting on stage. Was thinking, "Is Passcode alright?". They were just that good.

-From the BAND-MAID side it was the first time you got to see Passcode with a band, well.

Kobato We had gone to peek at them at festivals, but had not got to see them especially for a long time span, so was overwhelmed. Was watching and talking with band members "So it's like this when it's together with band sounds po! It's Awesome po!” Also, we were thinking with so much shouting going on it was a miracle that their throats were OK po. Being overwhelmed all the time.

SAIKI There is no place to rest during the songs. And there is lots of change of paces, singing all the time must be so hard.

Minami We have 4 vocals, and what each of us does is different.(laughs) But then, since the earlier two man live was more than 3 years ago, the songs of both have changed. So I thought we had reached a place as if to say that we are a totally different group.


-Passcode and BAND-MAID are both groups that does not do many two man lives. If there aren't many two man lives it's hard to make so-called friends. Is that a problem?

Kobato Yes, that is po.

SAIKI Yeah, so even when we say "We want to do 2 man lives.", it goes like "There is no one we can invite!"(laughs)

Kobato 2 years ago we were mainly doing 2 man lives, so there were quite a few at that time.

SAIKI But now, most of them have stopped activities. So we are lonely...? (laughs)

-So they were gone when you realized.

Kobato But we still have talks all the time that we want to do a two man live tour.

SAIKI (In a small voice) For that, we have to become more social.

-"Saying we have to become more social" in a quite voice...(laughs)

Kobato There are connections that each member is friends with someone from some band po. But, as a whole band... That grows by doing two man lives, so it is a worrisome problem.

-Ms. Minami is nodding yes.

Minami We have the same problem. Doing two man lives, is good for both us and the other band, and always think we would like to make it a great night as not just plus but multiplying it. But the combination of bands is very difficult. Our fans are a bit unique, and the live floor is really chaotic during lives, so I am worried that the other bands fans would become annoyed.

-I see.

Minami Who to invite to do a two man live is also difficult. Inviting them just because we are close is wrong, and would like to invite a opponent who has the same temperatures in lives. For example in this times two man live, [Halo at Yonzyouhan] is a guitar rock band and totally different from us, but as its a 3 man live with KNOCK OUT MONKEY there is a temperature that can be made. We would like to do things with such groups, but as we are shy and do not have many friends.... It's really difficult, on what to do.

Takashima You know, let's start be getting out of the dressing room.

-That sounds like a Hikikomori(Social withdrawal) getting out of his room.


Minami When at a festival we totally keep in at the dressing room, and only go out to get something to eat at the catering.

Kobato We are also similar po. AKANE(Dr.) does go out to many places though.

SAIKI (AKANE is ) very socially active. Everyone knows who she is. Like "Oh, you mean AKANE."

Takashima Communication skills...!

Kobato But the other members freeze up all the time po.

SAIKI Yes, just like that. We aren't at the dressing room but are jumbled together at the catering area.

Kobato Usually, at festivals after our service ends MISA and SAIKI start drinking.

SAIKI It's OK after I drink! (laughs)

Kobato It's like they borrow strength from liquor po. (laughs)

-Do you go to talk to someone after that?

SAIKI Well... I use AKANE for that. (laughs)

ALL (laughs)

-That seems awkward. (laughs) But then, Passcode doesn't even have such a member.


Takashima Minami is barely adequate.

Minami But then, I can understand going out to say "Nice to meet you." when we are doing a two man live, But at a festival it seems strange to introduce other members to someone else, and I waste time thinking, and realize that the festival has ended.

-The festival ends. (laughs)

Minami I also start drinking after our lives, so maybe I should have borrowed strength from liquor and go out to talk.

Takashima Last time, when we were bunched up at the catering, in the next table BAND-MAID was also bunched up.

Kobato Yes po. We were bunched up eating and drinking po.

Takashima We were both bunched up by ourselves. (laughs)

-You don't mingle there. (laughs)

Minami It had already been decided that they would be at our tour, so I wanted to say hello, but was undecided "Now might not be a good time."

Kobato In the end they did talk to us so we said our greetings。

Minami I was nervous all the time.

-It's like that even though a two man live has been decided.


Takashima Like "They are eating now so it's bad manners to go now...!"

Kobato We were also looking for an opening, "Should we go now...?", "But they are talking to someone else now so now is not the timing po." Like that. (laughs) We seem similar.

-If you are so careful with both your relations, it must seem much harder to talk to other artists.

Kobato There is that po.

SAIKI Since we look like this, it's does seem hard to others to talk with us. Ahaha!

Minami Fufufu. (laughs)

Kobato They do look at us from afar, but do not get within 10 meters from us po.

SAIKI That's so far away.

Minami BAND-MAID has a aura on stage, but also looks sharp in the backyard so is hard to decide "Is it OK to go talk to them?" So I think that being looked at from the corner of the eye is because your atmosphere is complete.

Kobato That, that's not a good sign po. (laughs)

SAIKI The walls too high. (laughs) I would like to lower that.

Kobato Since we are maids we should be lower class than other people. Should we carry around drink servers po?

SAIKI Like "What would you like to drink." (laughs)

-Like a baseball stadium beer server girl.


Kobato Ahhh!

SAIKI Going "Would you like a beer?" (laughs)

Minami If you are going to do that you need to be paid from the festival. (laughs)

-A real serving.

Kobato Should we really do it po? "We will serve at festivals."

-Getting back serious, Passcode which is a cross of idol and band, and BAND-MAID which plays serious hard rock in maid outfits are special groups, but are there any dilemmas in that?

Minami Passcode is a dancing group, so in two man lives there were times in that there was prejudice. "Since you are idols, the performance isn't much? You are being told to do it?" But then what I think recently is that dancing is our strong point. In a band you can't tell what song is being done if you don't listen to it, but in our group it can be told by watching us. When I started thinking like that I thought dancing was our selling point, and went on to synchronize our dance more.

-So you had a change of perception.

Minami Our groups selling point is not a great voice or dance, and that is something we are still working on, but not get pessimistic about that. But to make the next live better than the earlier one and fans to look forward in the growth we show. And that is also a strong point of Passcode.

Takashima (grinning watching Minami)

Minami Whats with your face? (laughs)

-It's a face saying you say good things.


Takashima Yes. Of course it's our Minami.

Minami Isn't that so bad? (laughs) I get so embarrassed when told these things. (laughs)

Kobato We also, since we play hard rock with such outfits, are thought often that "Aren't being forced to wear that?" , "Aren't you forced to play hard rock?" , so there was trouble from the beginning. But now we think that is our strongest selling point po. "Our charm point is gap."

-What do you think about the current rock scene?


Kobato There are many people doing hard music, but not many women in the idol or band front scene, so we hope to raise expectations po. Also, BAND-MAID is often seen oversees, but there is a difference in overseas and Japan. In Japan there is prejudice, so I hope that becomes more clear.

-Overseas take you more at face.

Kobato They embrace us as music "It's a band like this." just like we are.

SAIKI In Japan its difficult. "Your female?" comes first, "But it's not that." we think.

Kobato The hurdle until we are listened to is high. If that's gone we can raise our expectations, and I also think Passcode can gain more fans like so.

SAIKI I hope people would listen to any music without prejudice.

Minami In Passcodes case, When a fan promotes "Passcodes is great" to someone, I think they are replied with "a 4 man idol group? they are just being promoted?" Our PA has also has had the mortifying experience of being asked "You are doing the vocal sounds from the PA?" So we are always talking, we hope we aren't seen that way any more.


Takashima BAND-MAID has been doing many oversea lives but how do you go on about it?

Minami We also sometimes do a oversea live but are uncertain on how to proceed. First, there is a language barrier, now as we have the power of music we can overcome that, but when we are doing more lives that won't work. Do you speak English at MC?

Kobato I don't speak much English po. Just a few phrases of greetings, the rest is the usual serving routine po. We show the same us as in Japan in our services po. Actually, there are many masters and princesses waiting for that, and they work hard to learn Japanese, and many sing along with us in Japanese. So there is no major difference from what we do in Japan po.

SAIKI We don't think on changing that.

Kobato We make sure on presenting this is our good stuff with confidence po. But there is differences in what songs are popular in each country.

Minami Yes, there is!

Kobato In Europe what songs are received well differ from country to country. So we make our set lists based on that.

Minami You get to know that gradually by doing things?

Kobato Yes po. We didn't understand anything in the beginning po?

SAIKI We didn't understand anything-.

Kobato It was like "What? This song was popular in Paris, but is not well received here in Germany po."

SAIKI The roots of music in each country differ.

-They are neighboring countries but Germany has an strong image of metal, while France fans are more Japan culture oriented.

Kobato Yes po. We were studying as we went on po.


-Is there anything BAND-MAID wants to ask?

SAIKI ....Why are you so thin? Our member AKANE has recently gained a lot of weight. I would like you to teach me your way of keeping in shape.

Minami Actually, haven't been able to be in shape so much. This year the tour ended in May, and there was a space of 3 months between the next live, and I gained 4-5 kilos during that time. If there are no lives we gain weight, and the body is heavy when there is time between lives. So I think lives were our diet program.

Takashima There are days that the next day after a live would be so tired I wouldn't eat anything. There would be a big difference in days I would eat nothing to days I would eat a lot. Recently I have gained weight, so I have been told by the manager "You are a bit thick so you should lose some weight."

Kobato Ahaha!

Minami We have been told that quite a few times. Oogami (Hinako) has been told "You eat too much."

Takashima She being told to much and cried.

Kobato She would cry!?

SAIKI What-!

Minami 2 years ago, she was 19 years old and the period when she ate the most. So she would be told by the manager "No more candies." but then we would be presented with such at times.

Kobato Yes we receive them.

Minami So she would want to eat them, but can't as the manager is watching and went, "Waaa-!" and started crying. Now she has slimmed up and is OK.

SAIKI OK then, we would have AKANE dance. Drum and dance.

-But then AKANE has gotten some muscles on her legs these couple years.


Kobato Compared from the beginning she has a lot more.

SAIKI In the beginning, her legs were like a foal.

Kobato I thought, "They would break!" po.

SAIKI Now there are powerful muscles.

Kobato Actually Kobato has even more muscles.

-Why does Kobato gain so much muscles?

Kobato It seems I genetically gain muscles easily. When I try just a bit I gain BAN! just like Popeye po.

Minami I can understand.

Takashima yes.

Minami We are asked "How do you get your abdominal six pack?", but no one has been doing sit ups.

-Oh, it comes naturally.

Kobato That's great... But I think its great that you are thin even though you have muscles. Cause when Kobato gains muscles I get thick!

SAIKI Muscles like a man.

Kobato Yes po! Not like a women's muscles po. I am usually asked from massage and trainers "Are you a athlete?" (laughs) So I think its great that you can be thin and train po.

Minami But then sometimes we are disappointed when watching our live performance videos. "Wait? Aren't we so muscular?" (laughs) So we try not to gain muscles on purpose...

Takashima It's a bit embarrassing.

Minami Yes. So we have the opposite problem on how to lose muscles. With to much muscles we would look too strong.

Kobato A girl with a six pack, is cool po.

SAIKI Yes, I think cool too.

Minami Isn't that look strong? Like battling.

-You are always battling so it's not to fault.


Minami We would like cuteness at least in our tummy! (laughs) All our members become "Muscular!" rather than thin. When we do an ego search after a festival all we get is " Great abdominal muscles!"

-So that does become a problem. Kobato was doing swimming right?

Kobato Yes po. I was doing it from 2 years old for 9 years, and quite when I was asked if I would like to enter the athlete course cause I thought "Not soo much..." But have become a swimmers body shape because of that.

SAIKI Her back looks really cool.

Kobato When I line up with the members, only my back looks like a man.

Minami A triangle?

Kobato Like a reverse triangle.

Takashima I am also quite rugged...

Kobato But you still have some cuteness. I don't have any cuteness po.

SAIKI The other time when I was intoxicated, I went "Lend me your shoulder?" and lent on it and went "It feels so safe..." (laughs)

Kobato Everyone sleeps on my shoulders po! So I want to know on how to become like Passcode in muscles po.

SAIKI There is no way.

Kobato There isn't-!

ALL (laughs)


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