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  1. LeeHoseok

    News Not only is Kihyun NOT a bully...He was straight up misidentified!

    He wasn't even the person the accuser was thinking of!!! So basically, someone really tried to ruin this man's career over not being able to remember. This is why jumping to conclusions and immediately believing accusations is incredibly harmful. This was in regards to the new accusation, not...
  2. LeeHoseok

    News MONSTA X Kihyun cleared of bullying accusations, Starship to sue false accuser

    I had no doubt this man was innocent. Also, while I generally dislike Starship, they went all out to make sure this was put to bed. The person who targeted him did the same in 2015, and Starship didn't pursue charges after they agreed to reflect. However, now that they've made the same false...
  3. LeeHoseok

    Audio I.M (MONSTA X) - DUALITY

    OH MY GOD, IT'S SO GOOD :yes: :pikagun:
  4. LeeHoseok

    MV I.M (MONSTA X) - 'GOD DAMN' MV [Possibly 18+? IDK HELP]

  5. Abeamus

    People say that Monsta X cards aren't wanted

    I traded my Kihyun to be owed a card which ended up being Key which I traded for Wendy for another trade where i'd be owed a card and got Jennie so indirectly I got Jennie from Kihyun :haylul:
  6. Ozymandias

    Trading Valentines Day Kihyun (Monsta X) for trade

    Idk how many Valentine’s cards are out but I’ll offer him for a Valentine’s card of one of the GG cards I already have or 2 normal cards. offers pls :sanapray:
  7. LeeHoseok

    Debut I.M (MONSTA X) | Solo Debut Mini Album 'DUALITY' | February 19th

  8. LeeHoseok

    News MONSTA X's I.M to release debut solo digital album, 'Duality' on Feb. 19th

    That title, perfection. Can't wait for Changkyun to wreck us all. :yes:
  9. RainbowDevil

    18+ Has music ever made you eargasm

    So I was going through Monsta X's recent album yesterday, finally, it took me a million years. And I got to this I set the time on the video but the moment wouldn't be as orgasm inducing if it wasn't for the rest of the song setting it up honestly. Just listening to Hyungwon alone isn't enough...
  10. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation #NakedforMonstaX trends, non-Monbebe stan twt be like: 👀

    I am just over here, laughing myself half to death right now: :lisalaugh:
  11. Ozymandias

    News Monsta X I.M to release first single in February

    From Soompi: @Monbebe
  12. RainbowDevil

    |Monsta X| Badge Revamp Thread

    I'll be OP'ing this years revamp once again. Let's do the boys justice. I'll make a ton of badges don't worry! BASIC RULES *Badge size should be 77x77 *All Badges must use Round Corner frames, set at 22 *No blurry or grainy photos; please use high quality and easy to see photos. *Only...
  13. Ozymandias

    Performance NCT X Stray Kids X Monsta X special stage (KBS Daechukje)

    It's just the rap line of all 3 groups but a pleasant surprise :nakypog: Would've preferred them performing with each other and a longer stage but all groups have pre recorded separately due to current circumstances, so understandable :maheart: @NCTzen @Stay @Monbebe
  14. Ozymandias


    I might have set up one of the best card trades till date :sj_weary: A 4 way trade :lisalaugh: 1. I gave NCT Renjun to @maruberry for IU 3. 2. I give IU 3 to @Yili for Wendy 3. @Yili gives IU 3 to @Xeulgi for Monsta X Wonho :wimwim: I feel so proud, Cards team plz see this through thanks...
  15. LeeHoseok

    News Monsta X & Snoop Dogg to release 'How We Do' for The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run OST

    No release date yet for the full track, but here's a clip from the film! @Monbebe
  16. raymondchouku

    K-Pop Alarm

    What songs do you think are good to wake up for or have you used as an alarm? I have had two songs in the past as my alarms:
  17. LeeHoseok


    :llama_shook: :llama_shook: :llama_shook:
  18. LeeHoseok

    Teaser JOOHONEY - 'SMOKY' | PSYCHE 10.09

    My heart isn't ready for this one. :sadcat: @Monbebe
  19. LeeHoseok

    Comeback Monsta X 3rd Album | Fatal Love | 11.02

    It's about that time again, @Monbebe!
  20. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation Open Mind Is A (Won)Hoe Anthem!!!

    Like it's basically just a song about how he'll be as kinky as you want for one night and then yeet you in the morning! lol